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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Resetting Android without the original credentials?

How can I reset the Android 2.1 OS on a mobile phone without any of the original credentials?


Here are the steps on how you can reset your device back to factory settings. However, this will wipe the data or erased. See on how:

1. Turn off the phone, by simply taking the battery out or press and hold power and select shut down or turn off.

2. Press and hold any of the following accordingly:

Press and Hold Volume Down+ Power

Press and Hold Volume Up + Power

Press and Hold Volume Down + Home + Power

Press and Hold Volume Up + Home + Power

Once you see an Android logo on screen, let go to the buttons then wait for the menu to come up. If you also feel a vibration while holding the buttons, let go to the power and keep holding the others and let go once you see a menu.

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3. You can highlight options in the menu by using the volume buttons and home or power to select it. Look for Wipe data and reset then select and YES to start the process on resetting the device to default values.

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4. Once the process for the reset has been completed. Simply go back then select reboot or restart for the phone to refresh its system then start all over like when you first got the phone.

I am not sure which phone you have but the steps given above is the generic way of resetting an Android device or Hard Reset. If you have a Sony Xperia phone, the steps will be different as you need to use your PC Companion to re-install the firmware on your phone. This is equivalent to reset as well.

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If you have access to your phone. You can reset it by simply going to the settings for Factory Reset. Just go to Settings then Privacy then Factory data reset for an Android 2.1 version.

Depending on which Android device you have, there are ways to Hard Reset it to factory original settings using built in recovery mode. On most Android phones, it's usually a combination of button presses to access the recovery menu. You will need to find the brand and model of your Android device and check the manufacturer's site for such a method, if it exists. If not, you'll want to check also if you can install an updated or existing firmware to reset the device.

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No command on a Motorola model XT1021?

No command on a Motorola model XT1021


No Command sometimes can be remedied by removing the SIM card, SD card and battery and then once you have inserted them again, turn on the phone. If that does not work then make sure your phone is fully charged or close to it and hard reset your phone. You can then start with a factory reset phone.

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NO username and password for my new internal memory?

Hi, please my Samsung S1 internal memory got bad, so I went to a technician for it could be fixed, he replaced the internal memory. When I put on the phone, it asks for a Gmail username and password, I entered mine, and was unsuccessful. The new internal memory was registered with a Gmail account that I or the technician do not know. Please, what can I do? I cannot factory reset because my volume buttons are bad. help please.. I have tried: Used ADB fast boot, but I got confused on how to use it. I think it was caused by: Change of internal memory

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Take the phone back to the technician. They may still be able to hard reset the phone without the volume buttons or Perform a factory reset on Android Device is a VisiHow article that has codes for trying to boot the phone and other solutions used for tablets that may be able to be done on your phone. The technician you hired though should also know about these methods and how to hard reset your phone using a PC.

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I have a Binatone Homesurf 744 for which my friend's little girl forgot password. Can I perform a Hard Reset?

I have a Binatone Homesurf 744 for which my friend's little girl forgot password. Can I perform a Hard Reset?

Before you perform a hard reset, try first to use Google Account Recovery that is explained in the VisiHow article on this page. If that still does not work you can hard reset the tablet. Usually there is a small little hole on the back of the tablet that can be pressed with a pin to hard reset a tablet and enter recovery mode.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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I'm in the middle of generating then this happened?

I can't find the "Generate New Application-Specific Password" option at the bottom. I need help because I just lost the access to Gmail.

Use the subtokens option mentioned in the VisiHow article on this page. You should also contact Google Support to let them know that your generation failed. You may have been locked out for 72 hours and this is the reason for the failure notice.

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I have recently purchased Lenovo a6000plus?

I was just having slide lock. but children have made an attempt for the pattern lock and succeeded, but forgot the lock. I have not even entered my Google account in that. Please help me to recover it safely

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Your Google Account should still work even if you have not synced it with the pin lock. If it does not then you will have to hard reset the tablet which means you will lose all apps but at least be able to access the tablet again.

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The VisiHow website is free to use. If you do not remember your Gmail password, contact support and tell them that the number provided for that account is old. They will give you other options for recovering your Gmail account. Try the Google Account Recovery methods mentioned in the VisiHow article on this page. These should allow you to reset your password.

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I suffer from short term memory loss from a construction accident?

Yesterday I seem to have forgotten the pattern and my email as well I searched for my email that I had written down on line and it says can't be found,,,I never use that one anyway

Google Accounts Recovery is where you can get your password again. In the future, you will want to leave these passwords within your house in a drawer so that you can access them. Because you have short term memory loss the location should be obvious like on the back of a kitchen cupboard you open on a regular basis.

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How can I retrieve my question?

I installed an app for locking my phone and have forgotten the app's name and password! How can I retrieve the password

You can retrieve the app password by going into the app's settings but you may eventually have to hard reset your phone. Third party apps for locking devices are unreliable and really should not be used on a long term basis.

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I have xTouch brand model X8, need firmware?

Somebody put a password in my phone. Now I am not able to unlock. I did not configure any Google account or pin code. Help, what to do?

NeedRom.com has the updated firmware you need for your xTouch. Should first try to hard reset the device before installing new firmware or purchase an unlock tool software option.

How to flash my Micromax Funbook p560?

How to flash my Micromax Funbook p560. I don't know the password

You need to hard reset the Micromax which is shown in this Youtube Tutorial. It uses the volume up, down and power to hard reset. It will delete all of the information on the tablet so you will have to install all apps again.

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Hi, thank you for your respond?

It was my brother phone I don't know his email and account number but I want to use it for a few days till I get my new phone

Ask your brother to give you the email information or use Google Account Recovery or the method in the VisiHow article on this page that explains how to recover the phone without those Google credentials.

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