Repair an Ortlieb Pannier Bag

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today I'm going to show you how to repair a hole in an Ortlieb waterproof Pannier bag for cycle tourists. These are great bags, great for cycle touring. It can happen, if you have an accident or fall off the bike and crash, then bags can get holes in them.

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    If we look inside this bag, you can see the light at the bottom because there is a small hole caused by a small crash somewhere in Albania
    To repair this bag, I'm going to be using Tear-Aid.
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    Tear-Aid is like a plaster for all materials
    We can stick it over the hole and hope it does the job. The first important thing is to clean the area. The bag is really dirty, I've already tried to fix one hole with duct tape, which was surprisingly effective.
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    Make sure the area is clean
    You can see the hole here, it's quite a big one. Wash it with some soap as that will help the Tear-Aid stick.
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    Next, you'll have to measure out an area of how much Tear-Aid you will need
    Tear-Aid is very expensive so you'll want to use as little as possible. Take some scissors and cut an area that you need.
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    Now, take off the plastic from the Tear-Aid and place the Tear-Aid over the hole
    You want to press down on it and apply as much pressure as you can. If you can, push from the bottom of the bag so you get pressure on both sides. Give it some time to dry. This is one method to repair the bag.
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    The other option, because one part is canvas, and the other part is more of a waterproof material, it is possible to sew
    You can sew the canvas with a needle and thread, and that will help to keep it waterproof. This is how to repair a hole in an Ortlieb waterproof Pannier bag. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the section below. Thank you for choosing VisiHow.
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