Relieve Some Stress from our Daily Life

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There are times in our working life that what we do love to do is not want we have to do. If we like what we are doing it would not be as stressful as something we hate to do. I am not suggesting leaving your current job that you do not like.

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But to find ways to redirect what you are doing to something you like. If you are in a situation that your current job is not to your liking, then do something about it. It could be that invest your spare time to study and be more marketable in the field that you want. An education or training could make you suffer short term stress because of the added responsibility but in the long run it would make you more in control and hopeful in the future which will reduce your stress. Stress is something unavoidable in our life but we could at least lessen it effect in our personal and family life.

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Here are some steps we could do to at least reduce its debilitating effects on us.

  1. 1
    Reduce your work week - If you find yourself more and more stress working 5 days a week you could negotiate for a four day work week if it is possible.
    You could raise the option of doing 4 day work with extended hours to compensate for the extra 1 day of vacation. If this is not possible, you could schedule your stressful work within the first 4 day so as to lessen any stress on your 5th day of work within the week.
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    Give that e-stress a break- E- stress as those electronic gadgets that give us some stress even when we are at home or on vacation.
    Like emails, cellphones, voice mails and the like. Especially for those people that can't seems to live without being connected 24/7, always online on the internet or always checking on their emails while answering their phones. I would suggest taking at least sometime out within the week to relieve yourself of some technological devices that will add to your stress.
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    Eliminate energy conflicts – These can come from your personal relationships, friends or even family members.
    We at sometime feel that there are some persons that seem to drain out energy instead of giving us some support; this could give us some stress in our life. For family members it is wise to settle and conflict as soon as possible as this will make a toll in your stress free living. Try to learn when a person is giving you constructive criticism or just always pointing to you your flaws and stay away from them if possible. You should surround yourself with positive people, people that will make you feel positive about yourself.
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    Restructure your finances - another thing that could give you stress is your every day finances.
    A nagging debt could be stressful. Unpaid mortgages, credit cards and other bills. Live on the lifestyle you are capable of. Limiting unneeded expenses could save you some money that unpaid bill that always at your doorstep. For utility bills it would be wise if you arrange it so that it will be automatically paid by debit card or credit card, this way you only receive the monthly statement of your card or debit card. Having too many credit cards could also be stressful; keeping one or two credit card at most would certainly cut the stress greatly.
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    Overeating - Avoid overeating when we are stress some of us will eat compulsively.
    Some people eat more than they have to because of stress. But in return feels bad about it because of the resulting weight gain or anxiety because of feeling bad about it. Thus, added to more stress, the cycle keeps on and on. The best solution for this is to watch actively when eating when feeling stressed. It should be an active effort not to eat especially high carbohydrate food which could disrupt normal blood sugar which in turn creates mood swing.
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    Get more sleep – Lack of sleep is one of the factors that aggravates stress.
    Sleep deprivation will affect our immune system and promotes the aging process. When we are lacking sleep it would increase the levels of our cortical which is a stress hormone. One way to have enough sleep is to take some daytime nap when possible. Stay away from caffeinated drinks before going to sleep so that we can sleep more deeply which in turn replenish our body energy.
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    Do some workouts - Regular exercise will help curb stress?
    If you have not exercise for a long period of it could be difficult to stay on a schedule especially if you are alone. Find someone a friend or a workout buddy that both of you could schedule at least twice a week exercise or workout. This will relieve stress and the same time keeps your body and mind fit.
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If we could at least do and follow some of this step it would greatly help us to reduce not only stress but other illness emotionally and physically.

How to Beat Stress

Beating stress is relatively easy provided the sufferer utilizes the strategy that is most convenient or suitable. When selecting an anti-stress activity, make sure to consider the following: the need, preference, level of physical fitness, and the manner by which the body reacts during a stressful situation. The appropriate weapon that one can use to combat stress can come in the form of medication, sports activities or other significant anti-stress hobbies.

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Anyone can beat anxiety through the use of the following remedies:

  1. 1
    Use the natural remedy to control panic attack.
    There are various medications in the form of herbs like passionflower. This plant can be used to treat stress, sleeplessness and the most common behavioral disorder which is attention deficit hyperactivity. Organic medicine is still the most effective although there are several anti-stress drugs. Most of these synthetic drugs can be found in the market. Going for natural products is the best method for relieving stress. Natural remedies are not that expensive when compared with synthetic drugs. Moreover, one will not even worry about the negative effects. Passionflower has always been utilized by people, and this herb has proven its worth. Browse the net. There are various herbal medicines that can cure anxiety disorder. Nobody deserves to lead an abnormal life just because of this emotional illness. It would be best for the sufferer to find an immediate cure. If one feels that he is under too much stress, he should take the initiative to use natural medicine. Several studies show that passionflower or Passiflora Incarnata can have the same effect as benzodiazepine synthetic drug. Both items can cure stress as well as insomnia. Most sufferers say that they had experienced significant improvement when they began using natural forms of medication. The sufferer will not feel too much drowsiness with passionflower.
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    Make use of stress relaxation techniques.
    Even though, an individual is always busy with several daily chores, it is always beneficial to take a break. Sit in front of the television and enjoy an entertaining show. Going to the mall and shopping for clothes and several items is also a marvellous activity. The negative effects of stress are quite damaging both on one's physical and mental wellbeing. The body has a natural way of activating its anti-stress potentials. Visualize the goals and focus on performing all the physical activities which will make the mind busy. Avoid thinking about life's problems and troubles or the cause of misery. In due time, all will fall into place. Running and cycling are effective ways of reducing high stress levels. Find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle for this is the key to getting rid of anxiety disorders.
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    Always remember to stay calm even if too many stressful situations would come.
    The more an individual gets affected by outside forces, the greater will be the chance that he will encounter damaging effects. Oftentimes, negative impact occurs on both mental and physical health.
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    Sleep is also extremely beneficial.
    The sufferer has to obtain enough rest. This way, the mind will stay clear, and the person will be able to think straight.
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