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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Real spy on my boyfriend app to download?


The software that you can download on the device will be from the website that I will provide to your below:


Please follow the below instructions so that you can download the software directly to the device in order to begin the tracking process on the device:

1. On the target device visit http://www.gizmoquip.com/smslog/

2. On the site click on the download link

3. Download the application to the device

4. Once the download is complete you will be asked to create an account with the site

5. Create the account

6. From now on you can monitor the activity of the device through the website either on your computer or device

Here again is the link to the site:


The application will track the calls, SMS messages, websites visited and also data that is used through the other applications that he is using on his device. Compare SMS Tracker with other spy apps like FlexiSpy and mSpy before you make your final decision. These apps monitor social media as well if you need to monitor third party apps then choose one of the two.

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I would like to know if my boyfriend is cheating?

Hello I would like to know how can I receive my boyfriend's calls and messages without him knowing anything.


Spy apps like Highster Mobile can help you determine if your boyfriend is cheating. This app and others like it will give you all the data from his cell phone. You also can use mSpy to download a spy program to his tablet or PC if you think he is using those devices as well to communicate. He will not be aware these spy programs are monitoring him but do read the uninstall instructions so that you can remove the apps quickly if he starts to suspect. Here are more VisiHow articles about cheating:

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How do you know when your step dad is cheating?

I think he is cheating on my mom because he got a box of cookies from Louisianan and were in LA and he says that it is just a friend but her name is Jane Dough which is a fake name.


There is a Promotional Cookie Company Jane Dough Baked Goods that is located in Arizona but there are also public records for a Jane Dough in Louisiana so at this point you need to have a conversation with your mother. You may be wrong but you should, at least, let her know that you are suspecting something. She will be able to handle the issue and you should suggest that she install a spy app like any of the ones suggested on this page to his phone. Tell Your Dad You Know He's Cheating on Your Mom is a VisiHow article you should read.

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Spy on my girlfriend WhatsApp by just using computer?

Hello how to spy on my girlfriend WhatsApp just by using computer

Any of the spy apps mentioned on this page has a link that you can login to from you computer. Make sure that whatever spy app you choose that it states that it is compatible with WhatsApp. Some of the spy apps say that they can monitor WhatsApp but those are scams so compare first the vetted spy apps from this page.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Is there no way i can send my girl a spy app without her knowing

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I want to spy on my boyfriend?

I caught him cheating once and want to know if he's still cheating

Old habits die hard; so, you have to talk to your boyfriend and ask him to let you install a spy application on his phone. You can find reasons that it should be done. Once you gain access to his phone, find out the operating system of the phone. You can spy on Android, Symbian, iOS, and Blackberry devices. As we are not sure what operating system is on your boyfriend's phone, we can recommend FlexiSPY, which will let you install the spy application on any of these phones. For Android, you will need to perform an operation called rooting first (you can do it online too at this location, for example. For iOS phones you will need jailbreaking (click here to do it). Then, pay for the spy application on the FlexiSPY page by clicking "BUY NOW". Select one of the subscription offers and click "BUY NOW" again. You will be given further instructions on how to install the spy application onto your boyfriend's phone.

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My girlfriend is chatting with someone on Kik app?

She never talk to a guy who would abuse her but this has happened for the first time that she is been talking to him for about 5 days now. I love her but I don't want her to know that I am doing this.

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People that have been abused often have a strange attachment to their abuser. This does not mean that she will cheat on you but it does mean that she has not had a healthy detachment from him. The abuse can make a person feel that they need that person's approval much like an alcoholic needs a shot of whiskey to get out of bed in the morning. If you do install a spy app on her phone you first should have a discussion with her about how you are concerned that she is going back into a toxic environment with her and give her suggestions of abuse survivor groups that she can join. Call your local women's abuse shelter to ask for suggestions of possible therapists or therapy groups. Ask one of her friends or family to be with you during this conversation.

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Looking for a free app to see if boyfriend is cheating?

Hi, I'm looking for a free app for an iPhone 4 to catch my boyfriend cheating, is there any apps that I can just put my boyfriend number and all his information like texts and web history will get sent to my phone? thanks

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Auto Forward and Highster Mobile work like that with iPhone but you will need his apple ID logins possibly. mSpy can monitor an iPhone even if it is not jailbroken. Make sure before you choose a spy app that you read the install instructions for iPhones.

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I want a free app to know what my girlfriend is doing?

The app which is based on reading messages from my girlfriend mobile

TruthSpy sometimes has a free 48 hour trial period. If you want reliability you will need to choose a paid spy app. Some are not extremely expensive and if you really do suspect cheating then you can pay for one. Before you install anything check for laws about spy apps in your area. Some places have laws against spying on an adult's phone without their permission.

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What app to spy on girlfriend that will not involve her phone?

My girlfriend has been hiding her text from me and she deletes them

All spy apps that work involve her phone in some capacity. Check out the instructions on installation from FlexiSpy and Auto Forward. See which install method works best for you. If she is deleting the messages you will definitely want a reliable spy app.

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Is using this app free? What is the app name? Will my girlfriend phone detect it?

I don't have money to spend on apps like this, but I want to know if my girlfriend is cheating on me

No good spy apps are free. Some like the top answer are in Google play and have nominal fees sort of like a pay as you go car wash where you put in a few extra coins to get more time to rinse your car. Others like FlexiSpy, mSpy and Appmia are not super expensive and if you really need to know if your girlfriend is cheating then the money spent will be worth it.

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I wanted to know if my ex girlfriend is at work?

Is my ex girlfriend with someone right now?

Because she is your ex, it is none of your business where she is right now. You are heading into charges for stalking and harassment if you are monitoring her locations and who she is seeing. If she finds a spy app on her phone the cops will be knocking on your door and if you do get charged and convicted of stalking then say goodbye to any future jobs because that conviction will appear on background checks. Walk away. Here are some VisiHow articles about coping with the end of a relationship:

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Deleting number from my girlfriend mobile?

Hi, I want to delete all numbers from my girlfriend mobile without taking her phone in my hand

Sorry but that is not possible. Even with a spy app you can't edit the content of the phone you are tracking. If you have her Google account passwords you could access Google Accounts Recovery and wipe all data and lock her phone as if it was lost but even that is underhanded and traceable.

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I suspect that my boyfriend is cheating, he holds on to his phone all the time. Can I spy on his WhatsApp messages without physically installing a program to his phone?

Lots of apps require to install the app on the target phone, but I don't have an access to target phone

To monitor a third party app like WhatsApp you will have to have access to the phone. Auto Forward says that they can be installed with just a cell number but to get the full features of the app you will eventually have to touch his phone.

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