Put a Guy You Like in Friendzone

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New words are created all the time - words that aren't found in the dictionary but are regularly used and understood by people. Among them, is the term; Friendzone.

You have probably come across this word before, but you many not have known what it meant unless... YOU GOT FRIENDZONED!

Being in the friendzone is when a person, say a friend (you have fallen for) or someone who you've been dating for a while, has decided to respond to your feelings with a NO. That definitely hurts, especially if you have to hear your friend say this overused line: "I love you but only as a friend." So technically, it's a "NO" with a but…

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Putting a guy into friendzone is not always an easy thing to do, especially for ladies. Being the more softhearted of the two genders, females especially may have a hard time breaking the not-so-good news.

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Girls, stop giving guys false hopes with these tips on how you can put them in the friendzone.


How to Politely Tell A Guy He is JUST a Friend

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    Back Off.
    If you are regularly hanging out with a guy and he starts to think that you are moving to the next level of the relationship, temporarily distance yourself. Sometimes you don't need to verbally tell him he's just a friend. Your actions alone could be used to send him the signal. You can start to do this by politely declining invitations from him.
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    Make Him Realize the Value of Your Friendship.
    One friend falling for another friend, or both falling for each other, is one of the dilemmas in a male-female friendship. If your friend is behaving differently and showing some romantic interest; try to get him to realize how much you value your friendship. Make it as discreet as possible. Give him some hints that you can't afford to lose the friendship that you both have. He'll hopefully start reading between the lines.
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    Be Careful with Your Actions.
    You should be careful with your actions. Do not do things that will make him think that you are reciprocating the feelings he has for you. When he's sad, you can console him by giving him comforting words. Hugging him is not necessary to make him feel that you are there as a friend. Your sincere words will be enough.
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    Share stories about other guys.
    Talk about this guy who you think you are starting to like. Keep talking about this every time you are together until the topic tires him. Regular repetition could make him realize that you don't have any romantic feelings for him.
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    Show him that negative side of you.
    More often than not, a guy falls for a female friend or likes a girl because of the good traits he sees in her. Make yourself undesirable by showing the bad you. It may be a little hard for you, but if you really want to set things straight, try to do or be the opposite of what he likes so much about you. Wait and see if it works.
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    The above advice.
    It's the same as a woman pretending to be dumb to attract a man. For goodness sake, we are not in the Middle Ages! You don't have to have a relationship with anyone if you don't want to. Please, don't show your worse side to a guy because you don't have enough moxy to tell him you don't feel the same way.
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    Talk Things Out.
    If he still has chosen to be blind to all the hints you have been giving him, it is time to have the talk. Politely tell him that you only see him as a friend, no more than that. Be as polite as possible so as not to give him a feeling double jeopardy; getting busted and being embarrassed at the same time.
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    Guys are actually NOT very good at reading body language, and they aren't good at guessing or picking up on hints, or reading between the lines.
    Be direct. Make sure there is no hope left hanging in the air. You don't want it to turn it into stalking.
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Why Do Girls Put Guys in the Friendzone?

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    Girls value the friendship more than anything else.
    (This is when friends start falling for each other.)
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    She is interested in someone else and she sees you only as a friend.
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    She is in a relationship and is very much happy with him.
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    The guy is a bit obsessed, and is having a difficult time hearing no – although at that point – she should put him on the "danger" list.
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Remain kind and polite when you are dealing with guys you consider putting in the friendzone. Many guys have a delicate ego by nature, and they have their pride.

Questions and Answers

What are the signs she is putting you in the friend zone temporarily?

Don't let being "Friend zoned" scare you; sometimes the friend zone is just temporary. To know it is a temporary phase, you need to pay attention to the signs before losing hope. You will find signs such as:

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  • Special introduction. When she is introducing you to someone, she won't refer to you as a friend. She will make sure to introduce you in a way that shows how special you are to her.
  • The less friends, the better. You don't always hang out with a lot of friends, and she enjoys spending time with you even when she's not in the mood for hanging out with other friends. She may even seem annoyed when others are around, or show that she was hoping it would be just the two of you.
  • No Boy Interest. She shows no interest in other guys, and whether she is dating or not, she won't mention other guys and details about her dates. If she mentions her dating details, she won't talk about it like how she does with her girlfriends. She will just mention it to make you jealous.
  • Undeniable Attraction. You just can't miss the signs of physical attraction, from innocent touches to flirtation. She may even mention the chemistry that the two of you have.
  • Looking for More than a Friend. She always looks good and smells like a sexy lady. It's her way of keeping you interested and attracted to her.
  • Direct Hidden Hints. Sometimes, you may find yourself in the situation where someone mistakes you and her as a couple, or the possibility of dating comes up. If she doesn't respond in a flattering, positive way, or give you the shy denial response, then there are hidden hints that you need to recognize, and she may also say something directly.
  • She's There. If she makes time to see you even when she can't or has no time, then there's definitely something here that you need to pay attention to.
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You should consider that sometimes she could put you in the friend zone because she appreciates your presence and worries about risking your friendship. Be patient and take the chance of being in the friend zone, and make it bring you closer.

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All of the above are about you grasping for straws. Sometimes, a banana is just a banana – she likes you, but there's no chemistry. Sometimes women put men into the Friendzone, because she's afraid of them, so much so that she can't just tell the guy she doesn't want him in her life. Women make very poor choices when they are more concerned with the fragile ego of a man, and his pride, than what they need, or don't need in their life. Just a women's point of view.

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