Push a girl into the friendzone

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Friend zone, or friendzone, is a contemporary term used to describe a situation in which an individual turns back another individual's plans of advancing an erstwhile friendly relationship into a romantic one. Getting friend zoned is an unenviable situation, especially if the friend zoned is particularly obsessed with the friend zoner, or if the two had established a strong relationship as friends. Because sympathy is almost always awarded to the friend zoned person, most people fail to realize that the situation can be just as challenging for the friend zoner as well. Saying "no" is nearly as difficult as accepting it.

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If you are a guy who is longing to push a girl into the friendzone in the most ideal way, this article is for you. The steps herein cover the different approaches you could take, based on the category of relationship your case falls into.

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However, before you go on with the following steps, you should ascertain that you do not have any romantic feeling for the girl in question. Things could get even more complicated if you become indecisive with your feelings.

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How to friendzone a Girl Who is a Longtime Close Friend

Pushing a girl you have just known a couple of days or weeks back to the friend zone can be quite a challenge if you set off with the wrong foot. What is more challenging is pushing a girl, who you thought was comfortably in the zone for years, back into the friend zone.

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  1. 1
    Tell her straight up.
    If your close girlfriend has finally admitted her romantic feelings toward you, or has shown actions indicative of advanced interest, be man enough to tell her the true score in the gentlest way and at the earliest time possible. Giving false hope only adds to the agony your girlfriend will have to bear the moment you officially reject her. It could even put your friendship in an unrecoverable state.

    You don't have to mince words. Be clear, concise, direct and to the point, but deliver it in a gentle manner. Explain honestly the bounds of your feelings for her. You can even thank her for liking you and being honest about what she feels, but be sure you get your point across at the end of the conversation. Tell her how much you value her friendship and how much you want it to remain as it is, despite her confession.

    You can even try to inject some humor into what could be a serious and sentimental mood by offering to help her find a guy that is more worthy than you are.
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  2. 2
    Proceed based on her reaction.
    The next steps that you should take are influenced by how your girlfriend reacts to the rejection. If your explanation sets well with her and she agrees to try as hard as possible to forget whatever romantic feelings she has in order to preserve your friendship, then you should try to treat the incident as an isolated case not worthy of recollection, and proceed with your friendship like nothing has happened. That is if you really can't afford to lose your friendship.

    However, if she decides to continue stepping on the gas pedal despite the red light and turns into an obsessive admirer, then you will have to carry out more stringent measures, like gradual avoidance or worse, even total disappearance from her life. Not only does this step free you up of the extra baggage, but it could also make her realize the kind of friendship she is losing by continuing to try and act on her romantic feelings.
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  3. 3
    Seek assistance from your mutual friends or her parents if she becomes emotionally unstable.
    If she has reacted terribly to the rejection, you can try to ask your common friends to help her understand the situation and console her. If possible, try and talk with her parents, and do not be afraid to discuss the matter with them. They could be the most capable people to guide her out of this emotional trouble. This is also one way of showing that you still genuinely care for your friend's well-being.
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How to friendzone a Girl Who is an Acquaintance

It is relatively easier to friendzone a girl with whom you have not established any form of genuine relationship yet. She could be that girl in your biology class who sneaks in a wink or two during lab sessions, or that chick you met at your friend's party who instantaneously developed an obsession with you and beats your alarm clock with a text each morning.

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Apparently, good looks and oozing sex appeal often comes with unwanted perks. One good skill to have when you possess these characteristics is the ability to push girls into the friend zone, granted, of course, that you still want to maintain a "friendly" relationship with them. If you don't, you can simply dump them altogether and be as mean as you want, but as long as you can, you should try to be as diplomatic as possible. Here are some steps that could help you carry out this endeavor.

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  1. 1
    Stay aloof.
    While there are girls who become even more attracted to a man who projects an aloof aura toward them, they will eventually grow tired of the aloof game if you commit to consistently playing it, day-in and day-out, or at least whenever she is around. Interest begets interest. So if you don't show interest, your girlfriend will eventually reciprocate.
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  2. 2
    Be constantly away.
    If you are a frequent traveler, then this is a pretty easy step. This is a good way to cool down whatever intensifying romantic feelings she has for you. You can expect to maintain that casual friendship you have with her whenever you meet each other only every month or two. Distance is one of the most notorious relationship-breakers on Earth. Many longtime relationships have faltered due to prolonged absence of visual and physical contact. Imagine how potent this situation could be for destroying a juvenile one.
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  3. 3
    Flirt with other girls in her presence.
    Little explanation is needed here. Few girls could withstand the sight of the man they are interested with flirting with other girls. You can even introduce your girlfriend to the one you are flirting with by saying, " By the way, this is [insert your girl friend's name] �" a good friend of mine." The effect of that statement may or may not immediately reflect on your girlfriend's reaction, but it will probably leave a lasting impact to her psyche.
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  4. 4
    Talk about your previous relationships and on how you toyed with the girls of your past.
    The goal here is to turn her off and cause her to have second thoughts about pursuing any serious romantic relationship with you. Think of having a conversation with one of your close guy buddies where you brag about how you hit-and-run with women whenever you want to. The key here is to sound natural. Of course one way to sound natural is if you have actually walked your talk, but it is not necessary to be a bad guy in order to look or sound like one. So make up stories; you are your own scriptwriter this time.
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  5. 5
    Show your Yin.
    They say when it comes to romantic attraction, physical appearance is half of the battle. The other half is personality. Now that you have unintentionally won half of the battle after you have attracted her with your visual aura, try to intentionally lose the battle by projecting a bad personality. There are a couple of ways to do this. Here are some of the common ones:  
    1. Show off your vices. This is particularly easy if you actually have vices to show and if your girlfriend actually hates the vices you have. If the former doesn't hold water, well, you have to remember that you are both the scriptwriter and the leading man of this show �" you can always make things up if you will.
    2. Show off your bad habits or mannerisms. A good example is picking your nose in front of her. You can always come up with and project your own set of habits for her to abhor.
    3. Scare her off with odd and scary interests. Talk about your obsession for serial killer movies and books, or anything that could bring chills down her spine. Fear is a good way to stop romance in its tracks.
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  6. 6
    Never go out with her without common friends around.
    Agreeing to go to an event with her as your sole companion only adds fuel to her romantic fire. It will always be a step backward and should therefore be avoided.
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  7. 7
    Pretend to be gay.
    Well, this is sort of a last resort. This step requires a lot of courage, as it could affect your reputation if not set up carefully. However, this is certainly one of the most effective methods. Girl's instincts sometimes lead them to befriend gays, so if you act like one, they will likely see you as a "friend" and not as boyfriend material. Be sure to effectively perform the role. If your girlfriend discovers your pretense, she will find a way to break through it and you will have to consistently repel her advances until she eventually decides to surrender.
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Questions and Answers

My question is quite simple. How do you push away a girl who is expressing love to you through messages?

This one girl is telling me how I'm her number 1 etc. But she isn't my type. I'd love to be friends with her because she tells me that I keep her strong, but I don't want anything more than that. Help?

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Just keep telling her how you value such a person who is a good friend and express your gratitude of putting you as her number 1 acquaintance. Tell her that you have many unique friends, and that you are proud that she is among them. Tell her how you like some girl a lot and ask for advice. Hypothesize on her being a great company with her boyfriend (even if she does not have one) if you had a girlfriend and went out to a cafe, museum, or library together, for example.

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How do I friendzone my own girlfriend?

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