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This article will be on how you can go about buying music rights which is something that is frequently done today. Purchasing music rights are for if you want to use the music in a film, music video or any work that you will be presenting to an audience. In order to use another person's music in any of your works you must buy rights to their music first or you will be liable to be sued for using their rights without their permission. A lot of buying rights will have a numerous number of steps for buying rights will involve either one person or multiple people you will have to go through in order to successfully purchase the rights to the music you are wishing to purchase.

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Find and Purchase Music Rights

  1. 1
    Figure out which use you are wanting to purchase the music right for whether it be for film, video or presentational purposes
    In the music industry you can purchase right for a number of things but some owners will only allow certain uses for their music to be used so figure out exactly why you are wishing to use the music before moving on with your steps. Below are the basic reasons for purchasing rights of music:
    1. Theatrical Rights. Involve using the music in a movie or film, most times when music is used in a film it is also used in the making of the soundtrack for the movie also so if you are looking to put it in a movie take this route when asking for purchasing rights.
    2. TV Rights. If you are looking to have music in a television show then ask for this option for this deal will vary in price depending on the nature of your television show, also the price for if reruns of the show are done the price to pay will be recurring.
    3. Music Video Rights. Will allow you to put their music into a music video as either a remix or as original song in a video. Most people use this option when they take a sample of a previous recorded track and input it into their music video as well as song.
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  2. 2
    Internet Rights
    Option used when you are putting a song onto your website or onto a CD. If you have a website and wish to use a song in the background of your site then you will need these rights in order to run the music on your site. Also these CD rights are incorporated when you purchase music from an online site where you have to pay to download music, you are contributing to the music rights to place the music on a CD for future play and this is a big issue for some sites allow use of downloading music to place on CD's violating the music right of the person who has produced the music.
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    Presentation Rights
    Using the music in a presentation to an audience will require you to buy these rights for without the purchase of these rights in order to do your presentation you will be violating the publisher's rights.
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    Figure out whether or not you want to purchase the original music track or if you wish to buy the track to re-record the track instead
    The difference is that if you are wishing to re-record the track it will be cheaper for you will not be using the original song in its entirety but instead you will be adding some of your own musical components to the track. If you wish to purchase the original track it will cost you more for you will be using all components dealing with the publisher, artist and record label with the track in question, so figure out exactly which option you will want to take so that you can know exactly what to ask for when approaching the owner of the music you are wishing to purchase.
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    Figure out how much of the music you are willing to use in your project for the prices may change depending on the length of the music you are wishing to use in your project
    A sample is the cheapest way to go when purchasing musical rights for you will only be using a short piece of the music instead of the whole track. The sample includes the song and the vocals you will be using to produce your music, also you will need to discuss whether or not you will be using this sample once or many more times in the future. It may be cheap to use it one time but may cost more to use the sample multiple times so if you feel as if you will be using the sample again in the future it is best that you purchase the rights to use the sample more than once to save you money from purchasing the rights all over again.
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  6. 6
    Decide the location of use for the music you are looking into purchasing
    The different types of locations will vary in price depending on where you are presenting your project. If you are presenting the music on a stage then it will be cheaper if you are presenting it in a film. Also when purchasing rights if you are presenting the music in the geographical location in which it was produced then it is also cheap but if you are presenting the music in a location where it was not produced then it will be relatively higher. Have this in order when beginning the proposition of purchasing rights to music.
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  7. 7
    Find the information on the publisher for the music you are wishing to create in order to begin the process of purchasing the rights to the music
    The publisher is the person whom you will need to contact in order to buy the rights to the song, you can contact them by finding their website and utilizing their contact information to contact them. You may also find the information about the publisher on a CD if you have the Album from which you are looking to rip either the song or album. Ensure you do enough research on the music rights you are looking to purchase for it may not only be one publisher you will have to contact but multiple publishers.
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    Make contact with the publishers you are wishing to talk to about the rights, but include all the information in steps 1 - 4 to make the process smooth
    By including all the information you also lessen the time it will take for the publisher or publishers to make up their mind for you will have all the information they need stopping them from having to ask you a lot of questions about the reason for wanting to purchase the rights to the music. So contact them with all the information not leaving anything out to speed the process up for approval.
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    Play the waiting game with the publisher which can take from weeks to months but do not give up and stay firm about the deal
    Most of the times the publisher will contact you indefinitely but understand that the deal might not be exactly what you expected but you can always talk to the publisher to gain some wiggle room on the options at stake. When the publisher contacts you about the deal think it over and make the best decision for you to purchase the rights, but being disrespectful will not help at all when closing the deal.
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Questions and Answers

Do I need to buy the rights to a television theme song?

Looking for the Brady Bunch theme instrumental

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I'd like to purchase the rights to use a song in my video?

Is there a site to purchase the rights?

You have to find the copyright holder, which can be either the label or the author. The web site will offer the contacts, to which you need to send a message of your wish to purchase the right.

You can also use a web site to search for music and purchase it. Open http://www.youlicense.com/RegisterUser.aspx and register there. Then, open http://www.youlicense.com/Searchpage.aspx and select what you are looking for. Click the criterion for the search, for example, "Genre". Then, select the parameter value and click "Find". You can listen to the tracks by clicking the play icon. Then, click "License this music" next to the song for which you want to purchase the rights.

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Hello there. I would like to purchase the rights to a song first as a presentation. In hope to expand for a commercial?

I am wondering what the correct wording to ask this record label. I am first wanting it as a presentation. Then in hopes to agreements do a commercial. I have tried: I have not tried anything as of yet. Only because I don't know the correct wording to apply from the record label. I think it was caused by: I would just like to have my stuff together to ask them the appropriate question

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How to purchase music only, not the lyrics. how much?

I am rewriting the lyrics, so I need only the music track.

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