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This article will be on how you can prevent yourself from getting a hangover. Drinking is getting to become a regular act that everyone partakes in to have fun and enjoy any activity. Even though drinking is not the only way to have fun some people feel as if it gives you a boost to unwind a bit more and enjoy yourself "more". With drinking come great responsibility to be safe while doing it and also keeping others safe from harm as well. The main effect that drinking has on people are not only unsafe acts but the effect called a "hangover". A hangover in laymen terms is when the drinking effects your performance after you have went to sleep and have woken up the next day. A hangover carries into the next day with effects such as fatigue, headaches, vomiting and a case of the sweats. There are more effects but these are the main effects that people feel during a hangover, this article will help a person prevent from having a hangover and these effects the next day when they awake.

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    Stick to what you know and this being the limit that you have when indulging in alcohol, some get lost in the moment and consume more than past their limit which can prove to be a problem.
    In this day in age up to 80% of people indulge past their limits and only 5% out of this group wake up without having a hangover. A hangover acts as a cleaner of all the toxins in your body through vomiting, sweating, feeling hot (sweating) and the headaches (comes from the feeling out of the sweating). So for the hangover understand that the more alcohol you pour into your body the more you will go through with the hangover and its cleaning process. There is not set limit for everyone who drinks, the limit lies within the person who will be drinking the beverage. When going to some bars the bartenders help you out a bit to keep you from reaching your limit but outside of a bar it is up to you to set your limit and abide by the limit. The average for all people is to not have more than three drinks in an hour to two hours in order to keep yourself from being heavily intoxicated. Also another general rule to drinking to have no more than six alcoholic beverages in one night, but these set limits are passed everyday and even passed in an hour of drinking so knowing your limit is key to preventing a hangover from occurring. In a nutshell stop drinking at your limit and if you desire to drink some more at least wait an hour before jumping back to the drinking. Below are some more set limits for people that may be a rule of thumb to help in setting limits.
    1. If you have a fast metabolism it is a good idea to have less to drink than the average person who has a slow metabolism as it may increase your chances of having a hangover due to the fact having a fast metabolism mean that you have less fat cells, fat cells soak up the alcohol in the body so if you have fat cells it will take longer to get drunk and less chances of getting a hangover.
    2. It is also proven that some alcoholic beverages have greater effects than some other types of alcohol according to your body but here are some generic rules when it comes to drinking effect depending on the beverage.  
      1. Dark Liquor-tends to get a person drunk and intoxicated faster than white liquor
      2. White Liquor- tends to take a longer time to get a person drunk than dark liquor
      3. Beer- has a lower alcohol volume than liquor which takes longer than the two to get intoxicated to their levels.
      4. Corn Liquor or Moonshine- these types of alcoholic beverages are the worst to drink if you are not use to drinking or know your limit because they have an unknown number of proof and alcohol volume for they are homemade, at times it will only take one drink to get you past the limit of all the other types of alcohol.
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    Eat prior to the consumption of alcohol for the food in your body will absorb the alcohol which will in turn prevent you from getting too intoxicated while drinking.
    The better the meal you eat the better your chances of not getting hung-over are in return. When eating your meal ensure that it is a completely healthy meal not just fast food, throw in some vegetable or greens to get a complete meal before drinking. In addition to this step do not try to get your meal while drinking for it is better to get a meal before you consume alcohol, after you have done this then feel free to eat and drink but only after you have had a complete meal prior to drinking. Another suggestion that will help is to drink a glass of milk before drinking alcohol to slow down the absorption of alcohol. All of this will prevent the unpleasant hangover that could have occurred in the morning or when you awake.
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    Stay in one lane when drinking meaning only one type of alcohol for the night and not every alcohol beverage you can get your hand on at the time.
    If you wish to drink beer then only drink beer as well as liquor and mixed drinks. The objective is to not mix all these types of alcohol up for it will bring upon different absorptions rates in your body. If you mix all different types of alcohol up in your body then you will greatly increase your chances of having a hangover. Sticking to one alcoholic beverage will help you to stick to your limit and also to one volume of alcohol decreasing the chance of having a hangover. Do your best to not mix up your alcoholic beverages while drinking, just stick to one type and continue through on your night at your limit. Sticking to one beverage will put you at the percentage of the drink during your limit but if you mix them all together your volume consumption can be up to 128.8 % of alcohol volume consumption for at least 2 hours if all of these drinks are mixed together versus the single percentage of the beverage. Sticking to one is much safer for your limit and the chance of a hangover instead of drinking them all. The danger of mixing your alcohol is as follow:  
    1. White liquor- 36 % alcohol Volume
    2. Dark Liquor- 58 % alcohol volume
    3. Beer- 7.8 % alcohol volume
    4. Mixed Drink- 27 % alcohol + 6g of sugar
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    Pick white liquor over the dark ones as stated in step 1 for white liquors (light liquor) have the chemicals that contribute to hangovers less than the dark liquors.
    It has been tested that there are different levels to alcohols that can affect the body. If you are not a solid drinker or have a fast metabolism then you would be better off sticking with either beer or light liquor. It's all in what you pick as an individual for a person is going to drink what they want but knowing this will help them to understand what steps to take to be safe or at least help come up with their limits on these types of drinks.
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    Watch out for champagne for it is the worst of them all to give a person a hangover for sure.
    We all know that bubbles rise to the top even in water as this is a plain fact and can be proven. Champagne has bubbles in it from its acidity so it will be good conclusion that the bubble will rise just as fast to your brain. This will also cause you to get a hangover faster than the other alcoholic beverages. So when drinking champagne do not over consume for this will have a great effect on you having a hangover in the future so be careful and drink in more moderation than when you are drinking any other type of alcohol.
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    Drink water while you are drinking your alcohol for alcohol causing dehydration so drinking at least a glass of water while drinking alcohol can help you to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol.
    If you can get your hand on Gatorade, Powerade or any drinks that can provide electrolytes to the body. The drinking of alcohol breaks down the electrolytes and the sugar in the body so drinking these types of beverages can help balance out the sugar in the body. Alcohol already makes you urinate during your drinking which causes dehydration also by pushing all the water and etc. out of the body so be careful of having this liquids released without having the right amount of fluids in your body. Stay away from anything that has caffeine in it while drinking although the idea is to drink water and stay hydrated caffeine can cause diarrhea and stuffiness while drinking alcohol. Drinking water can help decrease the chances of a hangover if drank while drinking and at least a full glass before going to bed.
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    Stay positive for being positive while drinking can also help you to not have a hangover the next day.
    It is proven that a person who is the angry drunk or depressed will suffer from a hangover more than a person who drinks happily. When a person is happy the body produces "endorphins" which allow the brain the send messages faster and successfully so in a nutshell these endorphins help the brain to communicate with yourself better which in turn reduce the chances of getting hangovers for your brain is functioning at its peak levels. When drinking and you are unhappy your brain is not producing endorphins to its peak leaving your brain and body open to a hangover, so stay happy and active while drinking to produce as much endorphins as you can to decrease your chances for a hangover.
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    Eat again when you awake the next morning to keep the hangover from forming later on in the day.
    Some hangovers do not occur as soon as you wake up but are dormant when you arise and try to function regularly and the body is not fully restored. The hangover can hit you from up to an hour once you have awaken so to be careful eat a good breakfast when you wake up. The best type of breakfast to eat will be protein, wheat and fruit but not so much of anything that contain grease in it for this will not help you at all in the end. Eat a great breakfast and enjoy a glass of juice with as less acid as you can find.
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Questions and Answers

Does having a fast metabolism mean less of a hangover?

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Not entirely. As you can see, getting less or no hangover at all depends on your genes, age, tolerance to alcohol, weight and gender. Make sure that you eat something before consuming alcohol. Sometimes, it also depends on what you drink. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated (drink water when you can) as it helps lessen hangovers.

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