Prevent Laptop From Over Heating

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It is not uncommon to place our Laptop or notebook on our lap and start writing or surfing away.
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However, you will notice that, when using your Laptop or notebook in this way, your thighs eventually become hot and red, and even slightly burned by the heat coming from the bottom of the Laptop. The Laptop efficiency also slows down and the fan outlet starts sending out huge amounts of heat and makes whirring noises, as the fan rotates. The best way to prevent your Laptop from overheating is to NEVER use it on your lap.
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    Using your Laptop on your lap blocks the air vents and does not allow the equipment to cool while being used.
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    It's for the reason that refrigerators and other electronic appliances are placed slightly away from the wall to allow for adequate air circulation, prevent overheating and maximize the efficiency of the appliance. So, while using a Laptop, always use it on a table or stand. And, even if you use it on the bed, place it on a thick book or a box to prevent blockage of the air vents.
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    You could also use your Laptop on a small folding table that can be placed on the bed.
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    There are also a lot of products available on the market to support the cooling of the Laptop. There is, for example, a cooling lap table or a cooling case that keeps the Laptop cooled down and does not allow its internal temperature to increase. Another such device is a cooling fan that can be attached to the Laptop base and it has four to six small fans running to keep good airflow between the Laptop and surroundings.
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    There is a variety of cooling products available, depending on the Laptop maker.
    They range from cooling pads, cooling fans, lap-pads that have cooling crystals, lap gel packs that keep the lap and thighs cool as well as the Laptop. They also have raising stands for the Laptop that keep them at a slightly higher level �" one to two inches above the base on which the Laptop is placed.
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    The best possible solution to prevent overheating of your Laptop is to buy one of these cooling products.
    They are not expensive, starting from $10. The next best solution is to always use your Laptop on a proper Laptop desk or on any desk. This will, as stated before, prevent your lap become hot and red and also keep your Laptop in top working condition. Remember, laptops tend to slow down and work less efficiently when overheated.
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What Happens When Your Laptop Overheats

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    It could burn the other important components of a Laptop such as the motherboard.
    When a Laptop overheats, it's not just about how it feels hot from outside. It's not as simple as just letting it cool down for a bit. You should consider that there are too many small components inside the Laptop which can be easily damaged by too much heat. Also, heat can start a small fire inside or a simple short circuit, which could disable certain functions in your Laptop.
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    It could damage your files.
    When a Laptop overheats and hits your drive, that is rather risky for you to actually lose your important files. When a file is burned, it may be rather difficult to retrieve it afterwards.
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Other Factors that Can Lead to Overheating

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    Not putting down the monitor carefully when you just close the lid and not shut down.
    This means that your Laptop is still working, since you do not really shut it down. If you happen not to close the lid properly, let's say it's a bit slighted on the hinges, it can actually damage some of the wires there. It will get hot after a while because your computer is still running and it will eventually burn those hinges and wires which will create too much heat to your Laptop.
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    Working in a place that is not well-ventilated.
    Overheating does not only happen when the environment is rather hot. It also happens when there is not too much air going around in the room. If you keep your Laptop open in a very small room without any Windows, you will notice that when you pick it up, it's rather hot at the base already.
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    Use of rubber pads for the keyboard.
    This has become rather popular through the years as a protection for keyboards to avoid spillage or having drops of food inside the keyboard, in case you are eating in front of the computer. It has indeed been very useful for this particular purpose. However, since it is made of rubber, it also prevents air from actually entering into the computer. Therefore, it can make your Laptop hot after only a short period of time.
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