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Okay, you've long been planning and saving money for that grand vacation. You have worked extra hours and skipped the regular Saturday night rave party for the trip. The problem is, where do you want to spend your few days off from work? You've got the beautiful Europe in mind, but where? If you have not decided yet, here is a suggestion. Why not explore and enjoy Northern Ireland?

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Not many people are aware that Ireland is divided into two: Southern Ireland, which is also called Republic of Ireland, and Northern Island, which is a part of the United Kingdom.

Both Ireland countries have so much to offer their guests, but if you think that the North interests you more, here are some tips on how you can plan a perfect North Ireland vacation getaway.


Planning for Your North Ireland Trip

Just like any other overseas trips, there are things that you need to check before you travel.

  • Inquire about visa. Make sure you have all the requirements for your visa application. Inquire early to give yourself ample preparation time.
  • Check your passport. Maybe, it had been years since you last used your passport. Make sure it has not expired yet. If it has, renew it as soon as possible so as not to delay your trip.
  • Know what to expect. You should research the background of the country you are visiting. This way, you will not be breaking any of the local rules and laws. Also, you will get to learn and be able to cope with cultural differences. Attractions, modes of transportation, accommodations and embassies are just a few of the things on the list.
  • Check for promo fares. Depending on the time of the year, promotional fares to Northern Ireland that are cheaper may be offered. Check with your agent so you can plan which date to leave.

When you have checked all the documents needed, and have your flight tickets booked, as well as your accommodations, next will be your itinerary. Seeing the local attractions of a country is the main reason for visiting a place. Check out the famous tourist attractions in Ireland with the list prepared for you.

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Places to Visit When in North Ireland


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If you visit during a summer season, you can get refreshed on one of the world-class beaches that awaits you.

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    Tyrella Beach.
    The beach is located in dune complex, which is enclosed and within the proximity of Dundrum Bay. Enjoy the two-kilometer beach water in a 25-hectare dune conservation area.
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    Portrush West Strand Beach.
    The waters of Portrush Beach is alive with sailing, windsurfing and canoeing fanatics in summer. Besides the very breath-taking view of the coast, the beach is also close to all the city amenities.
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    Ballycastle Marina.
    Located at the North Antrim Coast, Ballycastle can offer its visitors unforgettable travel around Ireland, and to Scotland as well.
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If you've only seen castles in books, now, you can see real life castles and even get a photo. There is not just one castle, either, but several that you can visit if you wish.

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    Carrickfergus Castle.
    For centuries, the Castle is considered to be the country's formidable stronghold. Even at present, Carrickfergus Castle still seem as if it is ready for any battle coming.
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    Harry Avery's Castle.
    Believed to have been constructed in 1320, the castle was named after Harry Avery (Henry Aimbreidh) O'Neill. It has a very unusual design which looks as if it is a gatehouse.
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    Enniskillen Castle.
    This was built in the 16th century, and at present, houses the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.
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Other Attractions

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    Ghost Walk Belfast.
    Want to feel that creepy experience? Have the guts to discover and explore the alleyways of the haunted shadow of Belfast? Heard of the body snatcher and Jack the Ripper? Try the walk, if you dare.
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    Wolfhound is a small-sized group of bikers and hikers. Having a Wolfhound experience means you get to enjoy different kinds of adventures and historical tours.
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Important Reminders When in North Ireland

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    Avoid Political Topics.
    Never get yourself in a political discussion or argument with someone you are not too familiar with. The North is generally safe, but politics are quite a sensitive topic here. In fact, it is has the second lowest crime rate in Europe.
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    Travel with a Guide.
    Should you want to have a tour at the Shankill and Falls, be sure to go there with a professional tourist guide.
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    Go for the Miles.
    While in most countries, the metric system is used to measure distance, miles are used in Ireland, and not kilometers. Though both the English and the Metric system are shown on signage, miles are mostly used.
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    Travel with British Pounds.
    British Pounds are the currency used in the country, though at times the Euro is accepted - unofficially though.
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