Pick the Right Boots for Your Body Type

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Fall season means getting your fashionable winter shoes ready, and wearing closed-toe shoes and boots require some work to make the body look sexy. Not every pair of boots will work for all body types and shapes, because every body shape is different. Some shoes or boots could help the body look sexy by complementing it, and others could lead to misery. You should also be aware of picking the right heels for you that will make your body look its best. Most women want to be perfectly dressed while hiding the areas of their bodies that they are insecure about, and no matter how cold it is, being fashionable is a must.

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You don't have to suffer while you are trying to buy a pair of boots, but you also shouldn't go to the store and just buy any pair you see and like. The reason you shouldn't do that is because you need to choose wisely the type of boots you get. The right type of boots will help you walk with confidence. In order to know what type of boots will suit you best, you will need to read the following guide to make the right choice while shopping for winter boots. This way you will have a killer sense of fashion because you won't only have a cute or stylish pair of boots, but you will also have the right ones that make you look like a fashion expert and a model.

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Know Your Body Type

  1. 1
    The first thing you need to do is know your height category.
    It is simple because all you will need to do is figure out whether you count as a short or tall person. This is something that you probably have known since you hit puberty, and the people around you must have told you how tall or short you are. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height of a woman is around 1.63 m, but you need to understand that every country's average is different from the others.
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  2. 2
    Then, you will have to consider your body shape.
    It is something that you can figure out by looking in the mirror and taking a good look at your body. If you do find yourself puzzled about your body shape, then you focus on knowing where you gain weight, like if you have a certain body area that gains weight the most or the easiest. Taking your measurements while standing in front of the mirror in your underwear will also help you understand your body type, so start by measuring your shoulder width, then measure the circumference of your bust, waist and hips. Based on those measurements you took and wrote down, you can determine your body shape.
    You can know what your body shape is by the following:
    1. If your body measurements are proportional around the hips and bust, and you gain weight proportionally in these areas, while having a small or narrow waist line; then you are one of the curvy women with an Hourglass figure, which is also known as the 8 body shape.
    2. If your body measures wider at the upper part from bust, to shoulders, while having a flat waist line and narrower hips, or you gain weight faster around the bust area; then you have an Inverted Triangle body shape.
    3. If your body measures bigger around the hips, thighs and rear area, and you gain weight at these places easily, while having a smaller waist, bust and shoulders; then you are one of the curvy people who have a Pear or Triangle body shape.
    4. If you find your hips, waist, bust and shoulders are equal in measures, and you gain weight around the stomach and your whole body equally, with no defined curve lines, then you are one of the people who have a Banana body shape, which is also called Rectangle.
    5. If your body gains weight around the midsection (that is the stomach, waistline and rear), and face, and you have bigger measurements from the waist and up to your shoulders, with smaller hips and slimmer legs; then you have the body shape of an Apple.
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Picking the Right Boots

  1. 1
    Ankle Boots.jpg
    Ankle Length Boots.
    This popular type of boots gives women the practicality, and style they are looking for, as they can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion. Ankle boots suit different body types, and they will compliment your body whether you are short and curvy, tall and thin, or tall and curvy, but if you are short and thin, then you will want to pair them with same color pants, jeans or leggings, and heels, to create the illusion of longer legs; otherwise they could backfire and make you look shorter.
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  2. 2
    Calf high boots.jpg
    Calf Length Boots.
    The boots for rectangular women, whether you are short and thin, or tall and thin, and these boots will add some volume to your calves and ankles, which will give your body shape sexy curvy calves. Try wearing heeled calf length boots for more of a feminine look and it will help give you some extra length if you are short.
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  3. 3
    Knee Length Boots.
    The perfect type for a woman with a curvy body, and you will really appreciate the knee high boots effect if you are one of the women with a pear shaped body. The knee high boots will help you have longer and slimmer looking legs. You can wear knee high heeled boots for a classic look, and it will look perfect over a knee length dress or skirt, or you can wear knee high flat boots with your jeans tucked in for a causal look.
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  4. 4
    Over the knee boots.jpg
    Over the Knee Boots.
    These boots were designed for tall and thin women, who are looking for an edgy and sexy look. If you are short then avoid the Over-the-Knee boots, because you will find yourself appearing shorter, and if you are curvy, they won't work for you because the boots will just emphasize the size of your legs and make them appear bigger while shortening you.
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  • Apple body shapes love wedges with wide heels, as they are great for giving your thin feet some volume to create a balance.
  • Curvy bodies love stacked heels as they compliment its curves.
  • If you have short legs, avoid wearing knee high boots with horizontal buckles or straps, because such details will cut off the length that the knee high boots are supposed to give you.
  • Stiletto heels compliment a body with no curves and look great on thin calves and ankles.
  • If you want to have longer and slimmer looking feet and legs, then you should try wearing pointed toe shoes, and they will give you that illusion.
  • If you have small feet, try wearing kitten heels, as they are flattering to small feet, and they are comfortable as well.
  • No matter what your body looks like, the best fashion accessory you can wear is your confidence. So love your body, channel your inner rock star, walk tall, and you will glow.

Questions and Answers

Pear shaped knee high boots?

After looking into the internet well there are few boots that best suites a pear shaped knee, if that's what you are looking for. Here are some that I found that will surely looks good to you.

  • Dune Timpleton Two Buckle Elastic Riding Boots
  • Linea Sudbury Plain Hi Leg Boots
  • Steve Madden Renegade Wrap Around Strap Heeled Knee High Boots

You can surely try to visit some boutiques to try some of the boots for best results.

Is black "Aquatalia Sweetie" short quilted motorcycle type boot OK for my body type?

I'm 5'8" and have curvy body. 36-26-41 and. I wonder if I can pull off wearing a short, round toe, stylish motorcycle boot.

Yes you could pull off a short ankle boot with your frame.

Work dress boots help please?

I need low heeled boots no more than say 2" that look elegant to work with dresses and suitable for an office. I think I want at least a 10/11/12 inch boot opening as closed boots - like the close fit to ankle look at the top of a combat boot for example) don't seem right though, not sure on that. I have a short torso and longer legs (5'6") and I am slim. dresses look better if stretchy and tight or dropped waist or wide bodice ... higher necklines and boat necks in particular or shirt dress style are best for me. I need to wear more dresses. I look great in leggings and any height heel but need to watch my posture, therefore I don't want too high a heel for all day wear as well. I need a chunkier heel for balance - I cannot handle at all stilettos or narrow heels ...I have a balance problem as it is from a brain injury so have to really be careful with short boots. Even pumps are a problem - I feel more secure if my foot is in a boot. I do not like pumps much anyway when they are the heel height I need and I fall out of pumps too easily. so I need a description of the type of shoe that will work best shape wise or what to Google exactly or if it has a name...whatever you can advise me I would appreciate it or which websites to go to read up, anything you can tell me would be great. If there other elegant types of shoes that you can give me a style type or name to search for that have these elements and still look good with dresses please advise. Thank you!

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Wedge boots and shoes with wedge heels will give you a stylish option while maintaining comfort and balance because the wedge heel is flat on the ground yet give you height. Look for lace up wedge heels that you can wear in the warmer months. You will feel more secure as you lace the shoe up around your ankles almost like a boot.

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Would like to purchase some ankle boots that is right for my shape?

I am apple shaped but fat-5ft3' tall and 141/2 stones and would like a pair of the right ankle boots to wear on a daily basis Look for an ankle boot with a stiletto heel as it will lengthen your frame. If you pick a different type of heel try to find a heel that tapers in even if it is a wedge style.

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My body type is rectangular, which boots best fit me?

Which length is better for my legs, in order to look taller and slimmer, calf length or knee length

Calf length would work the best. You want the boot to accentuate you and not be an extension of you.

I'm wondering should I really stay from mid calf boots? Is there a way I can look good in them? I figured my height and long legs would help? I guess I'm wondering what kind of mid calf boots can I wear if any?

Hello! I am a 5'10-11 pear shape woman and I am trying to find the right fall boots for my body type. The thing is, I LOVE the cute mid calf boots, and they are all over the place in really cute styles. Thanks! I hope that made sense!. I have tried: I was always under the impression that mid calf looked better on me than ankle types...and so I've invested more in mid calf a lot of the time. But now I am thinking that I can see how the mid calf boots might not be as flattering after all, as they accentuate my thighs more, but ID really love to wear them and look "good" in them!. I think it was caused by: Um....my body! LOL! I'm not an extreme pear shape body. When I'm getting in the shower, I can definitely tell I gain my weight in my hips, thighs, and calves but I'm still more of a slim/athletic build. Like, I'm the pear shape type that gets comments form friends and family like, "you're skinny!" or "don't get any skinnier!"

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If you seem to love your calf boots so much then try wearing accessories and tops that bring focus to your head and shoulders area.

Hi, I am apple shape and 5feet 6inches tall?

I want to buy some boots but I am not sure which style will suit me most. I have tried: Calf length boots with some buckles on the side and some slouchy ones

Answer #1: Ankle boots would be a great option for you.

Answer #2: Experts can give several recommendations on foot wear for people of your body type, which will ensure comfort for your feet. If you have to stay on your feet for the whole day, then you need a sturdy heel and, hence, wide, which, unlike a thin heel, will complement your legs. Pick jean pants or other pants according to the hue of the boots, which will lengthen the legs visually; and your body will look slimmer. Give your preference to classic styles: calm and cold colors and unsophisticated design. Avoid brooches, frills, belts, and ruches. Belts may overemphasize the thickness of your foot and ankle.

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If you are choosing between a heel or a flat sole, then it is preferable to pick the former. The absence of heels will not add grace. You may wish to give up on massive platforms. Pick sturdy material like fake leather. Select boots with a slightly tapering toe box to narrow the foot visually. You may wish to opt for a medium-height and medium-thickness heels and a soft and elegant toe box. Vertical patterns and stripes can make the legs look longer.

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You should not pick boots with wide or crumpled top as they make legs look thicker. Avoid short boots. Short boots visually shorten the leg at the point where they start so that the leg overall looks as thick as the part coming above the boot, which is, ordinarily, the thickest part of the shank. Longer boots will be a good choice for you (even as high as up to the knee).

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How to dress up formally for winters in woolen coat and boots?

I am 5.1" tall slim 40 year old female .my chest size is 34 B and my waist is 28" . I want to know what should be the length of my woolen coat and how should I pair them with my ankle length boots You could wear ankle boots with your coat however a very classic look is calf boots and leggings paired with a coat.

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I am 5.4 ft tall with normal figure, not slim should I go for knee length boots?

I am 5.4 ft tall with normal figure, not slim should I go for knee length boots

Yes just be careful that the knee length boot does not give you a shorter appearance.

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Best boots for thin ankles but large thighs?

I have thin ankles and fat thighs, whats the best boots to wear? Preferably not heels

Look for a mid calf boot with a flat heel.

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Tall, 5' 9.5" person hourglass figure, slender body?

Boots 8" high vs. boots 14" high-hits mid calf for long leggy look?

Go with the 14" to accentuate the length that you already have.

What to dress for apple shape body with short height?

I need to know what to dress in western for short height or apple shape body

An A line style of dress paired with mid calf boots would be perfect.

Wide foot, skinny leg over knee boots. Shortish, thin legs. Stockist for these details?

After over the knee skinny leg boots for petite height range. Also need a wider boot for comfort. Any ideas?

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How can I make my one size big boots look a size smaller as in my size?

I am size 6 but I bought size 7 knee length wedge boots that looks a bit big on me. Don't know what to do because they are pretty

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I'm 6' tall. I want a pair or true cowgirl boots but the are only 12" tall and bearly make it mid calt?

If I wear them with a skirt, they look too short don't they? Should tall women stay away from mid calf cowgirl boots?. I have tried: Nothing, they are too short. I am asking about what looks right. I think it was caused by: Haha.. my height!

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If I have thick thighs and rear end, which type of boot works best to slim my larger areas? I am also tall, 5'10". Or would it be best just to wear sandals/flats. I don't like wearing heels?

If I have thick thighs and rear end, which type of boot works best to slim my larger areas? I am also tall, 5'10". Or would it be best just to wear sandals/flats. I don't like wearing heels.

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