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Insert and Remove the Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Phone says your phone has no SD card inserted?

I connected it to a PC of my friends to transfer data ! but then it wasn't detected in my phone! :(


You may have corrupted your SD card. First, try restarting your phone. You can also remove your battery and reinsert it into the device. Attempt the SD card in different devices to make sure the error does not lie with the card itself. If you're able to use your existing SD card, try formatting it on another device and see if you can then use it on your phone. You should also attempt a different SD card in your phone to see if that works.

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Depending on your result, you'll be able to see if the error is in your card or the phone.

Is it mandatory that I format my SD card after I insert it? I don't want to lose the info stored on it?

Is formatting required? I don't want to lose the stored info/pictures/music on it.


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Insert and Remove the Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy S4

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