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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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Pan cake to hide dark circles?


Pancake makeup is good to hide dark circles. What you will do is rub a thin layer first on the area around your eyes.

However, if the area around your eyes have some wrinkles, it is not advisable to use pancake makeup. What will happen is that the makeup will seep into those wrinkles, making them all more obvious. Not only will the dark circles become more enhanced because of the wrinkles, it will also look more messy because of the unbalanced application caused by the creases. Therefore, pancake makeup is ideal for dark circles only when you don't have wrinkles.

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Does pan cake makeup cover acne?


Yes it can help you properly cover your acne. Pancake makeup is a full-coverage and thick foundation makeup that is commonly used to hide skin discolorations, even skin tones, hides skin scars, pimples and acne. Most people used pancake makeup because of its thick consistency and it can be applied in several layers which effectively conceals any skin imperfections like scars, pimples and acne. To properly conceal your acne, you need to choose the correct shade of pancake makeup in regards to your skin tone, properly wash and exfoliate your face, pat your face dry with clean towel, apply a light moisturizer before using the makeup then apply the pancake makeup in several layers. Using pancake makeup can effectively cover pimples and acne, however, using it frequently can interfere with the acne treatment on your face making your acne heals slowly.

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Should I mix the pancake with water first?

Should I mix water first? Then what to do?


If your pancake makeup is in a compact type container you should spray it with water lightly. If however, your pancake makeup is in a tube application of water isn't necessary.

After spritzing with water you apply the pancake makeup to the problem areas you wish to cover. Allowing it to dry fully before adding other makeup over it.

I am a beginner in using makeup and I don't know how to go about it?

How to use makeup, what to do, when to wear it

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I know how to do an eye makeup but how do I highlight my makeup for skin?

What pancake or foundation should I use to make my skin look shiny just as bridal makeup.. I want to highlight my cheeks skin. I have tried: I have tried pancake but after some time it melts on skin and patches are seen. I think it was caused by: I want to know what actually they use in makeup as concealers, powders which makes their skin a texture of shiny / plastic look

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