Organize a Teambuilding Event for Work

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Building Team Unity

Cohesiveness in the workplace is important for every business. It helps to push the company toward its maximum potential. This principle does not only apply in the workplace, it is also a principle that's applicable for every type of relationship. Just as trust and unity between husband and wife are crucial for binding the family unit together, they are also essential for every organization, whether business, political, familial or socially-oriented.

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Team building events are great avenues to build rapport and synergy among groups of people. It helps to focus the group on a common purpose or goal and to align people toward the company's mission, vision, values and culture. A team-building event may be considered a social event, and although it is, in part, as it draws on the social aspect of play and competition with a goal in mind to bring the team together and establish rapport between workers.

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What is Team Building?

The phrase, team building, is comprised of two words.

  1. 1
    A team, simply put, is a group of people working together and cooperating with one another, reporting to one governing body, while striving to reach a goal.
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    To build means to construct or to make.
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Therefore, the phrase "team building" means to make a cohesive group of people that work and strive to achieve a common goal. As such, the activities in a team-building event are geared towards strengthening and empowering the team to meet a particular goal.

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The main objectives of team building and the activities involved help improve the overall team performance. Where and how you build your team of people will determine how they will function and perform in the workplace. Activities for team building can come in the form of:

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    For the most successful team-building strategy, try to include games that include unity, resourcefulness, leadership, cooperation, coordination and other desirable characteristics that will make both the team, and individuals stronger. By making sure that each member of the team participates, the activity slowly brings out the best in everyone.
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    Problem solving activities.
    A team leader or supervisor can create an imaginary situation. This way, innate characteristics of each individual member of the team are revealed. This is helpful if a leadership transition is in process.
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    Training, seminars and workshops.
    One of the usual ways to build character and integrity in teams is to bring them to one location and provide them adequate time to learn a skill. This prepares an organization in times of large number of employee turnovers.
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Benefits of Team-Building Events

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    Contented Workforce.
    Contented Workforce
    Conducting team building events and activities help people achieve unity and greater productivity in the work environment. It's also important that employees are happy and content within the working environment. This way, employers will be able to establish a long-standing connection, which will benefit both parties. When workers are happy in the workplace, it will generate a sense of security, devotion and dedication towards the owners of the company and the company itself.
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    Harmonious Working Relationships.
    Harmonious Working Relationships
    Team building events are excellent avenues for establishing a harmonious working relationship within the office setting
    Through the team-building activities, the rapport and trust between employees is established. These benefits will last long after the team-building event is finished. Employees will begin communicating and working more effectively. Since there are various types of personalities participating in each working unit or team, conflicts are expected to arise. The team-building event is also valuable for employees getting to know each other better through challenge, and also playful activities – thus understanding each other better.  
    1. Know Yourself. Team building events and activities can become a reflective venue for people to learn more about themselves. Through the activities, you can reflect and analyze how you respond to people and circumstances. They can be a great eye-opener regarding your character, attitude, response and even your reactions to certain stimulus.
    2. Understand People. It can also be a valuable tool for you to see people in a different light. There may be some circumstances in your workplace that hinder you from seeing and understanding people. These activities can pave the way for you, as an individual, to understand your peers, why they say things or how they feel and react to situations around them.
    3. Your Differences. Each human being is unique. No two people have exactly the same character or perception. A team-building event helps to understand the reason for someone's emotional response over a particular situation that perhaps you can't relate to. Through the set of activities, you and other members learn to recognize and accept individual differences between you all, and respect them as well. When employees respect one another, conflict is minimal. People's energy is focused on finishing work, thus more allowing for more productivity for the organization or business.
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Leadership Potential Development.

Leadership Potential Development

Activities conducted during these events are great ways to unleash and recognize the leadership potential of certain people in your organization. It's a great way to urge people to step up and take on certain tasks. It also brings into play certain employee skills that the management may have overlooked. This will create an opportunity for identification and development of those people who have leadership potential.

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    Collective Agreement.
    Jmgf Collective-Agreement.jpg
    Last, but never least, team-building activities are simply the company's way of revealing its core values, establishing goals and objectives as well as implementing their mission and vision
    This is one way to clearly communicate to the workforce the direction in which the company wishes to go. The main purpose of the team building activity is to bring the workers together to agree and strive as a team, and to achieve the vision and mission the company has set for the group. The activities during team building events are also a means to generate the support of the employees towards the business organization.
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4 Parts of Team Building Events

Team-building events and activities are often conducted to ensure synergy and harmony between the teams is achieved and maintained. Team-building events and activities are not just a bunch of games that are just about fun. They all serve a purpose. There are four parts that are essential for every team-building event or activity:

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  1. 1
    Insightful Planning and Preparations.
    Behind every successful team-building session is a lot of planning. This is the crucial stage that will help ensure the success of the team-building event. Insight regarding the current situation of your team members is vital in determining the kinds of activities you'll choose, and achieving the objectives for conducting the event. Gather some data as to suggestions and recommendations from your co-workers so it would be a team effort.
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    Team Building Activities.
    The next part would be the actual team building activities, which usually come in the form of games, problem solving activities, seminars and even workshops.
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  3. 3
    This is an important aspect of team-building that should follow every activity or event. Afterward, it's important to gather the participants and gain their feedback from the activities. This will help you establish their learning and experiences as well as gauge if you've achieved the objectives of the team-building event. The de-briefing stage basically sums up the lessons, values and principles that you want to the participants to remember. It is, in fact, one of the important parts other than the activity itself because it helps you know your employees better, and if you're smart, you'll pick up a few things to improve the company.
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    Ongoing Follow-Ups.
    Team building events and activities should not be left hanging. It's the task of leaders and managers to keep track of the progress of the team after the activities. This is to ensure that what they have acquired through the team-building event will be applied in the workplace.
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Organizing a Team Building Event

To organize a team building event for your office is all hard work. Here's a list to guide you through:

  • Plan ahead.
  • Set the purpose, goals and objectives.
  • Set a budget.
  • Settle the venue and date
  • Plan the program
  • Gather feedback
  • If it's a weekend event, plan social activities as well.

Questions and Answers

How to organize a team building (small team) without external resources (specialized company)?

We have a team building event next weekend (small team - 15 persons) and due to external reasons we cannot use an external specialized company to help. We want to do it light (no heavy stuff, 1/2-3/4 day), but we don't know how to do it. The main idea is to strengthen the idea of team, especially in troubled/changing times (merger announced in the near future). Any input is highly appreciated.

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Playing a game is one of the best ways to strengthen the idea of a team with your employees. Three teams of five people -- each person from a different department -- will also strengthen the idea that it's not just your department you work with during the day, it's the entire company. That could take half of the day, and then you could set aside the rest of the idea to get feedback from them about how they think things are running. This will show that you also care about them and they are more likely to make it through your merger.

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I am supposed to conduct a team building for workers in sport department but I don't know how to do it.

Please assist me in doing so if you can.

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How can I arrange the office with team building?

I want to show that our work place is in with One Team, where all are under one roof as one family. Wherever the staff is moving it has to be hit the mindset of staff

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Steps to get it done in time and the budget?

Steps in which this can be executed. I have tried: I am busy with the preparation - I want to give people tasks. I think it was caused by: No problem as yet

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How to contact a venue that does team building events and book the venue?

You have to arrange a team building event for your department and the event will last two days.

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