Organize a Christmas Party for Your Office

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Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in Christian countries. Celebrating Christmas varies from culture to culture. It also varies in form as well as dependent on the type of people celebrating it. Most of the time, a party is held. During this time, bonds of friendship and family ties are renewed and rekindled. Business offices usually celebrate this in the form of parties.

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Entrepreneurs and business management gurus believe that office socialization supports and strengthens harmonious interpersonal relationship. When employees enjoy their work and colleagues' company, loyalty is more likely to develop. Productivity is also high and there is lesser employee turnover. As such, companies take pains in making the Holiday season an enjoyable one for their employees.

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Business companies give emphasis on the Holiday season with Christmas parties. They are usually held in office socialization halls. For companies with bigger budgets, it is usually held in restaurants or event tents and gardens. Most companies prefer to hold the event outside the business premises not only to prevent working while at the party, but for lesser tasks of clean up as well.

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While parties such as these can be fun, being given the task of organizing it is tedious. As an organizer, be ready to accept the stress of planning and preparing, aside from the regular office workload that you should accomplish. Now that you were given the task, the question is, are you ready to take on the task? Most of the time, it is the Human Resources Department that takes care of all the preparation. But if you were included in the Christmas Party committee, you should take it as a challenge and a learning experience as well.

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In order to make it easier for you to go through this assignment, divide the task into phases:


Planning Phase:

The bulk of the work is in the planning stage. Remember that if you don't plan, you plan to fail.

  1. 1
    Think of a concept.
    There should be a theme for this year's Christmas party. Having a theme or concept will make it easier for you to think of related activities, contests, food and decorations. If you are having a hard time in concocting a theme, get some ideas from employees. It gives a personal touch to it. Have them vote on a list that they suggested.
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  2. 2
    Request the budget allocation for the party.
    Budget Allocation.jpg
    Working on a budget is easier than none at all. It will give you a better view as to the company's limitations when it comes to spending on the Christmas party event. If there are sponsors or pledges from supervisors or higher management, ascertain whether it is as a prize or sponsorship of a particular aspect of the party like food, transportation or venue.
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  3. 3
    Ask price quotations for food and venue.
    Price Quotation.jpg
    Get quotations and suggestions for food menu. It is best that you have it printed and compared. Consult with other committee members so that it is a group's decision. Remember, two heads are better than one �" in this case, a majority is better than one.
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  4. 4
    Once the venue and food menu has been settled, assign committee heads for food, venue, program, prizes, contest, contingency and after care.
    This part is vital during the implementation phase of the Christmas party plan.
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  5. 5
    When you received the basic details of the party like date, place, time and theme, you will be responsible for printing out and distributing invitations to guests and employees.
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    You should make a list and confer with the Human Resources department as well as the Administration so that you won't leave anyone out in sending out the invitations.
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Implementation Phase:

During the implementation phase, the assigned committee leaders and members will now go through the process of their tasks. They are as follows:

  1. 1
    Food Committee.
    Christmas Party Food.jpg
    The food committee will take care of choosing the menu, food tasting, food budget approval and food checks during the actual Christmas party. They are at a liberty to call and set appointments with the caterer or food provider for food tasting, food serving style and other special instructions pertaining to food.
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  2. 2
    Venue Committee.
    Christmas Party Venue.jpg
    The venue committee will be responsible for the appropriateness of the venue. They should know the actual number of employees that will arrive. During the implementation, they will be responsible for seating the employees at their respective tables. It is imperative that ushers and usherettes be assigned by the venue committee to prevent departmental seating. Departmental seating means employees of the same department are seated together. This will prevent interaction. Everyone should have an opportunity to meet employees from other departments and interact with them as well.
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  3. 3
    Program Committee.
    Christmas Party Program.jpg
    This is the committee that will keep the ball rolling during the actual event
    They will take care of the emcee, introduction of guest speakers, acknowledgement of prominent guests and other itinerary pertaining to the flow of the Christmas party.
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  4. 4
    Contest and Prizes Committee.
    This committee will be responsible for soliciting or organizing the prizes. If there are sponsors that pledged prizes, they have to make sure that these people are acknowledged during the program. They should provide necessary information to the program committee not only with sponsors but with mechanics of each game they plan to do during the party. It is advisable that the mechanics be printed out so that there would be less running to and fro or gaps in the program flow because of misunderstanding of the game mechanics.
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  5. 5
    After Care Committee.
    Clean up.jpg
    This will be the committee that will take care that everything is settled before everyone leaves the party. By the word "settled" pertains to payments to the catering service, the venue, plaques that were awarded to speakers or employees as well as prizes by different attendees. If the party is held at the office, cleaning up is also the responsibility of this committee.
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  6. 6
    Contingency Committee.
    This is the committee that will take care of the things that were not considered during the planning stage. In short, this group will see to it that everything is in order and any shortage of anything will be answered right away.
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Evaluation Phase:

The evaluation phase comprises mainly of liquidation by each committee's spending. This is important as this will give the business owners a better perspective on how much was actually spent in the party. This will also add credibility to you as employees assigned with an extra task of making the Christmas party a successful one. In addition, the transparency of the total costs of the event will build trust between you, your colleagues and the administration.

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Important Things to Consider in Arranging Office Christmas Party

  • Include a map at the back of the invitation so that individuals who are not familiar with the place will be able to estimate their travel time.
  • Indicate in the invitation if employees are allowed to bring non-employees to the party. This is to avoid shortage of seating and food as well.
  • The date of the Christmas party should be a date where everyone is available.
  • Make sure that you ask quotations from reputable and trusted catering and food providers.
  • Communicate the theme of the party so that guests will wear appropriate attire to the party.
  • The date and time of the party should be approved by the manager or administration to avoid problems later on.
  • Make sure that all guests and employees participate and enjoy the party.
  • Set the limit for alcohol. Alcohol definitely adds fun to parties but as much as possible limit it. People can get wild sometimes when they are under the spirit of alcohol. Avoid fights or arguments by limiting the serving of alcoholic drinks.
  • Plan games that are generally known by everyone, if not, make sure that the instructions are easy to understand and follow.

The success of an event relies not only in planning, but also on the coordination and cooperation of each committee during the implementation phase. Supporting each other is a vital element in making a joyous event like the office Christmas party memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

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Questions and Answers

Need to put together a really memorable Christmas party?

I have no idea on how to throw a Christmas party at the office

Popular themes are ones like the Ugly Sweater contest. Contestants put together ugly sweaters and then are judged for prizes. This is an easy theme which you can decorate by making Ugly Christmas stockings out of supplies from the dollar store.

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What is the best title for Christmas party for denim party?

What is the best title for Christmas party for denim party?

  • Have A Blue Christmas Denim Party
  • Ho Ho Ho Down Christmas Party
  • Glitter Your Denim Christmas Party

Since you are going with a denim theme, you can have your guests either go tacky or formal with their attire. Make it fun and incorporate the theme with glitter, sequins and denim as decor.

How will I come up in a good Christmas party which I want it to be simple yet well organized?? thank you sir?

I want a well organized yet simple Christmas party for my office mates.

Simple and well organized are done by keeping the decor to a minimum such as a bit of tinsel here and there with Christmas lights. Then you can have a White Elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a gift under $10 in a gift bag. Every person draws a number and can choose a gift in that order either from the group of presents or from someone who already chose a gift. You can make this a timed event. Another option is to host a movie night where you watch something like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story with a popcord and ice cream bar.

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My questions is how can I make a mc script?

Because I can't understand to what I can say thiers a lot of program that I lead?please help me :). I have tried: Ammpp.thiers nothing I'm only busy for this week make a mc script. I think it was caused by: I think it can be cause with my brain because thinking a lot I can't do that I'm not a smart students but I'm a top 1 but I don't have a lot of thinking so that is why I need help with you :) :(

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You would write out the introduction to the event. Then add any presenter announcements or musical interludes. The MC should keep the event flowing and guests entertained. Jokes interjected throughout are always a good idea. The host should be able to go off script if something comes to mind during the event.

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I need a program of events for a get-together party?

I am trying to organize a Christmas party/get together party for my senior colleagues at work and I don't really know how to go about it, any idea?

The VisiHow article on this page has suggestions. If you wish to make this a more formal event then book a table at a restaurant. You also could have the event catered at the office. Pinterest Office Christmas Party Ideas is a board of 1,000's of ideas to get you started. Check it out if you get stuck on what to do for games or decor.

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Hello, I am planning to organize a Christmas party for 2 hours?

Can you help me make a plan..thanks

After you have followed all of the steps in the article and defined the number of people, the budget, and the location, start creating a plan that should be comprised of several parts. Time everything in your written plan according to the two-hour limit you have with some extra minutes: the venue may need you to clean up after you have finished. Find out what venue can offer you in terms of entertainment, furniture, and food. Visualize the event from a guest's point of view. Time all of the actions. Guests should have time to leave work and get ready for the party. Serving food and preparing for contests will take time as well.

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The first part is scenario: your actions as the host and a list of entertainment games and contests: indicate their sequence, content (who will participate and the names of the games), and an approximate duration. You may want to include every guest in the games and contests, which should be planned as well. Find out the overall theme for your party, which may include colors, wild west, Chicago jazz, the '80s, vintage, general Christmas, etc. Choose the music that will suit everyone at the party. If you cannot pick it, play neutral quiet music on background. Hiring a band for two hours will not be effective. Setting up sound takes a lot of time. You may want to hire a photographer, though there might be some people uncomfortable around them.

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The second part includes items for the event, which should be prepared beforehand. These can be balloons, blindfolds, bags with small presents, and speeches with wishes. They may fit the overall theme, your office professional direction, or just be sporadic and festive.

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The third part includes food if the venue does not provide you with it. It is not always possible to book a venue that serves food, so you have to decide what to buy your guests. This includes dishes and drinks.

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See more questions like this: I am tasked with organizing a company Christmas party,please develop for me this work?

What are the important concepts to include in writing a Christmas program?

Sir, I need a step by step words to create a Christmas Party Program for our office.. I have tried: Writing a draft. I think it was caused by: I wanted to learn the concepts used?

You would list what events are going to happen in order. Such as: Dinner from 6 to 7 p.m. Christmas Carol Sing A Long from 7 to 8 p.m. Ugly Sweater Competition at 8 p.m.

It does not have to be super structured. You want to be able to let those attending interact with each other without feeling like they are at work still.

I am the emcee and looking for ideas to make it fun?

My staff members are kind of dull when it comes to such programs so I want a way to make them stay and also let them partake in the end of year party. I have tried: So far we have tried exchange of gifts and making people act out based on the character they picked. I think it was caused by: I think the motivation from management is low and the staff seems to be here because all they care about is working and getting paid at the end of the month

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Comedy is always a good moral booster. You could have a Roast The Manager event if you think the manager could take it lightly. Perhaps look into hiring a comedian for one hour. If that is not in the budget then make it a movie night of a Christmas comedy.

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We are having a family/clan party, what is the best food to serve?

Want to be simple but with a touch of class, wondering what is the best food to serve, how about the theme, the contests, the games

When feeding a large group of people you can ask for sides as a potluck and provide the main. One easy one is barbecued shredded beef, chicken or pork sandwiches. These can be made in a crockpot and all you would need is the rolls. You also could do themes like Hawaiin Christmas where everyone needs to come in Hawaiin dress.

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I am organizing a staff event in which I will be bringing in staff from different regions to one region to celebrate 35 years of company existence?

1. We want it to be fun; and engaging - A lot of activities 2. We want the beach for this event. 3. We want to celebrate the founders 4. We do not want speeches but want to record a documentary which will captures speeches/opinions etc. 5. We want the Board's interaction with shop floor staff.

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  1. 1
    Beach Ball Relay, Limbo, and a sandcastle competition.
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  2. 2
    Beach Ideas:
    If you could have a fire then roast marshmallows and smores. Think about doing a Clam Bake. You could also have something like a decorate your beach blanket contests. Provide White sheets and trinkets.
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  3. 3
    Write the founder's names in the sand and draw big boxes around these names.
    Make those the sections for activities.
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  4. 4
    Take wood or bamboo stakes and make a movie screen with a large sheet.
    Then using a projector, show the documentary.
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  5. 5
    Management and employee interaction will happen with the activities and games.
    Consider doing some Team Building activities to pair off employees with management.
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What are all games that can be introduced during Christmas days?

List of Christmas games. What are the new games in Christmas celeb days?

Here is a list of 25 of the most popular Christmas Games. These are minute to win it themed games that get everyone to interact! Fun and humorous.


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