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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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Nice messages for a hard working boyfriend?


Any of the following messages will make him feel loved:

  • Hi,! I was thinking about you today. I'm proud of you for working so hard. Have a great day! :)
  • Hi, sweetie, have a great day at work today. Text me when you're done!
  • You're very important to me and I can't wait to talk to you when you're off of work!
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Anything along these lines will make him feel appreciated and loved.

I need sweet and caring messages for my boyfriend?

I want him to feel that I love him so much.


There are several examples you can use to come up with your own messages that are straight from your heart. The most important thing when expressing your love is that it comes from a genuine place. He will appreciate these encouraging words if you take the time to write up a few before hand. Then personalize them further before you send them.

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How can I adjust about my boyfriend? he is always busy or working?

He always busy, and he does not text me and call me, what can I do now? He said I try to adjust about his work, he tells me he loves me more, but I can't control myself, I want him always to text me and call me! That's why we are always arguing each other, please help me on how to mange this, thank you

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If the texting and calling is not working for him, then suggest that the two of you meet more often in person. If he turns down the chance to see you in person every single time, then it could be that he is not interested in having a relationship at all and does not have any easy way to let you down. It could be that you have displayed so much drama and separation anxiety around the idea of texting and calling that he is now avoiding you just for that. If that is the case, then ease up on the demands as the tight leash you are putting him on is making him feel smothered and like you don't trust him.

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How do I make him know, I have been very busy at work and still make him know I care?

No problem just been texting less than before to him.

One of the most charming things you can do for your boyfriend is send him flowers. You can write something warm and humorous on the card that indicates that you miss him along with a promise to spend more quality time with him in the future. You can also buy tickets for a holiday or book a vacation in a hotel for the two of you for a naughty weekend and send him an email asking him to confirm his reservation for having an amazing time with you.

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Not bother your busy boyfriend
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My boyfriend is busy with his college work and I miss him. What should I do?

We don't live together. I'm 19 and he is 20. He has been busy with his college schedule for about a week and now I miss him terribly. I just want to talk to him for some time since its not possible for us to meet today because of his schedule. We both have a off from college today. He must be sleeping right now because the week must have been tiring for him. But I desperately want some of his time. I would love if he messages me sweet texts sometimes but he doesn't like doing that.

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The best way to show you support all the effort he is making, is by letting him relax today. Pushing yourself into his day will only make him resent the time spent. Be understanding that he has been putting all of his efforts into his college studies. One thing you could do is request a date for when you have college break in semesters. Then plan it around things that you know he would like to do.

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How do I message my boyfriend from another country?

We are far away from each other and this June 20 he will come...

It is great that you two have made plans to be in the same location. Since you probably are on different time zones, use an app like SMS Scheduler to set up messages such as Good Morning but on his time zone for waking up. This will show him that you are making an effort to be in his life from another country.

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My boyfriend is so busy what kind of text message should I send him?

Give me some examples of sweet text messages to send to my boyfriend even though he is so busy

Sweet messages to busy boyfriend is a VisiHow article that has more than 100 SMS examples for a busy boyfriend. Just be understandable if he does not reply right away and try not to make an issue about the lack of time you are spending together. Instead, plan dates around quality time and not quantity. Perhaps offer to take over some of his regular daily life tasks like laundry for a week. Making these little efforts will show him that you care about him and are understanding of his time constraints.

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What to text to my 17 year old boyfriend coming late from work?

My boyfriend always text me after coming from work but this time I want to surprise him, I want to text him something that will make him smile

Search on YouTube for some funny videos to share with him via text message. This will make him smile and entertain him.

How to get him in my side when he has more work?

He is an engineering student, so he have to do lots of work. he has no time to see me

Get a Busy Boyfriend's Attention is a VisiHow article with some suggestions for you. The most important thing right now in his life is to carry on his education. You will have to support and understand this if you want to stay in this relationship. Perhaps start doing more hobbies you enjoy or spend more time with your group of friends. This will help to take your mind off of being alone while he is studying.

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My girlfriend is busy studying?

My girlfriend is busy studying. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Offer to bring her a snack or just show up with one. Leave it outside of her door with a note and knock on the door. Let her know that you are just dropping this off and do not expect to stay. Showing up will show her that you care about her.

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How to encourage him when he is struggling with problems and busy in work?

How to encourage him when he is struggling with problems and busy in work?

He is probably under a lot of stress. Some things you can do are to give him a shoulder rub. We often carry all of our stress within the zones of our necks and shoulders. Listen to him when he vents and offer solutions without sounding critical. For now, drop any issues within your relationship that you normally would bring up. Schedule a date night at a Comedy Club or watch a funny movie.

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Actually we don't get much time to spend together and he is quite disturbed because of this, I want a cute long message to comfort him?

Actually, we don't get much time to spend together and he is quite disturbed because of this, I want a cute long message to comfort him

The good news is that he is communicating that he wishes he had more time to spend with you. Give him some text messages in the forms of coupons. Things like This message entails you to 15 minutes of time with me redeemable at your discretion" or "This message entails you a lunch date on Saturday". Giving him these will show him that you also want to spend time with him. It will also give him a sense of control in the matter which will help with the situation.

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