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Start a Call Center or Bpo Company

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Need full steps to setup a tech support BPO?

Tech support BPO setup, costing, and managing in details


The details are outlined in the main VisiHow article about starting a call center or BPO. As for funding, that will depend on how many staff you will need but most start ups require 10x the salaries for employees in the first year. This will include a contingency plan should you not get enough clients to support the business initially. Also, if you can't afford a manager on salary it will be solely up to you to train and manage as well as try to attract clients to the business.

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I want to open my own BPO company in Bangalore, so with whom I need to contact and how?

In future I want to open my own company as I am having 4 years experience in airport and currently working with 1 BPO so planing to open my own so I need your help and guidance. I have tried: I am trying to open own but not yet started. I think it was caused by: Might not stable, thinking about one particular business

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The first thing you will need to do is register with NASSCOM. Make a comprehensive business plan and because you have doubts about stability, provide steps in the plan to negate this. This will include having in hand a year's salary for each employee you hire.

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I am new to call center field and I want to know how to develop customer base and call center?

I want to start my call center in India, how to start or is there any BPO or KPO franchise available?


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For a BPO services business plan, what is the table of contents?

As I start to consider building a BPO service, I know I can go in a variety of directions of services. I imagine the on thing common about all approaches is the table of contents on the business plan. What are the probable items in this table of contents?. I have tried: I'm an experienced CEO in a small company. I think it was caused by: No problem

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Since you are looking to purchase a franchise, FranchiseIndia currently shows 18 BPO franchises available in the Consultant section of the industry. There are also companies like BPO Project World advertising for franchise buyers. These do not come cheap though so you will need to have the capital and prove you can sustain the business because you will be using their name. It will be higher financial scrutiny than if you were just registering with NASSCOM but at the same time, they can provide you with name recognition and possible clients that would take years to achieve on your own. Look for a company that will provide you with training and potential/initial clients.

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The above questions are from the following wiki...
Start a Call Center or Bpo Company
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BPO operations, Sales, techniques?

How is the market for a BPO startup?. How to start one?. Who is the decision maker in an organization to outsource work related activities in BPO?. How to get clients?

Depending on what country you live in, the government is the initial decision maker on whether you will own a BPO. To start one you need to come up with a business plan and the necessary capital to support a year's worth of salary for all employees. You can hire an intermediary company to gain clients for you or go after them yourself as the business owner. These clients will not seek you out, you will have to hustle like you never have before to get yourself in the door of these companies.

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Give me a detailed description on how can I start a BPO company in Bangalore India?

What I am mainly looking for is, how to incorporate my company, what licenses should I get to get the business up and running, how to get in touch with clients

To incorporate in India, you need to fill out the applications and submit to NASSCOM for initial approval. Then you will move forward with Telecommunications India and complete their approval process. For these applications, you will need to provide a business plan.

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Getting in touch with clients is all about marketing to gain name recognition. You can send an email with your business profile to prospective clients or go door to door with your brochures to companies that you can provide service to. Keep in mind that you will be not the only one doing this on a daily basis so make your approach stand out above the rest.

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How to find customers who wants data entry outsource?

I have my BPO, want customers who want his data entry outsource

Create a profile on Freelancer and bid on projects for data entry. You will also want to make a website with contact information and get some Google Ads directed to your target market. Catchy lines in the advertisement like just $2 a day help with click rates.

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Freelancer can help you gain name recognition with reviews/ratings from past clients on Freelancer. You will also get some income coming in while you start to build your regular client list. If you can come familiar with US medical data entry, you may have better success by marketing to the healthcare industry in the US. They largely outsource data entry.

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I want to start a BPO/call center and I am unaware of how to get customers for the contract?

How to get a contract for BPO company. I have tried: Nill. I think it was caused by: Insufficient knowledge

It is purely about your sales hustle in terms of getting clients. If you are still unaware of how to go about it, purchasing a franchise with established name recognition and client list might be a better fit for you.

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Please share project plan for BPO start up business in rural area?

BPO project marketing and getting clients

Only you know the details but you should include:

  1. 1
    Number of employees.
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  2. 2
    Training outline.
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  3. 3
    Capital Funding.
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  4. 4
    Start up costs such as leasing office space or machinery.
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  5. 5
    List of potential clients and their contact person.
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  6. 6
    Vision of where you want to be in 5 years.
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  7. 7
    Contingency plans for financial/natural disaster.
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Which sites can you recommend for a start up BPO company like us to get clients and market our services?

We are trying to create a Virtual assistant services company similar to the BPO setting but we want to know which sites are we able to post our company description and services to attract possible clients.

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Odesk and Freelancer are the giants of the virtual assistant job market. Establish a profile for your company on both websites and bid on projects even if they are small so you can start establishing a rating. You can also look at websites like Kijiji (Canada), Gumtree (UK) and Craigslist (US) to post ads of availability on and reply to job postings.

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You can also check out websites like Indeed and Monster to see if there are any postings that you can offer your services on.

I would like to purchase a BPO company of data processing,what should I need to ask the selling person ,before I purchase?

Purchasing a BPO data processing company

You want to see their financial books as well as a statement of revenue projections from clients. You should also ask for permission to speak with their largest clients directly or that they provide you with a contract from the client stating that the client will stay for at least 6 months after the transition of ownership.

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What is the minimum number of seats a call center must have to be able to provide services for customers in USA and Europe?

We want to start a call center. Our target market is USA and Europe. What is the minimum number of seats we must have to be able to provide services for customers in USA and Europe? Can we get customers that will sign for at least 6 months contracts and buy call center service per seat?. I have tried: We are working on a Business Plan. I think it was caused by: None

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Call Centers in North America hire around an average of 150 people. These are usually for one company such as a credit card or banking institution. Instead of determining what the US market will need, make your list based on qualified applicants that you know you can hire. So if the number is only 10 then go after smaller clients such as a medical office call center that covers doctor pages and messages when the office is closed.

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A six-month contract might be attainable if you can prove that you have qualified applicants. Only small clients will agree to a per seat basis usually. Then again small clients can turn into larger clients over time. If you establish a good relationship with them it is likely that as they grow so will you by providing for their needs.

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