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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Can I look at text messages on the wife's phone without putting an application on her phone?

I want spyware like SMS-peeper.


You can, if your wife owns an iPhone smartphone, if it has back-up to iCloud enabled, if she agrees to being monitored by you, and if she types her Apple ID (iCloud) credentials when you ask her. Get mSpy first (click here to see how). After you have your mSpy credentials in your email inbox, log in to your mSpy dashboard with them. Click "Set up new phone" twice. Click "1. Platform selection". Choose "iPhone (without Jailbreak)". Click "3. Registration Code" and ask your wife to enter her Apple ID credentials. Click "Verify" to set them up. Click "Continue" and "Finish" to finalize setting up the spy program. This will allow you to track your wife's messages without putting an application onto her smartphone.

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My wife has never had a pass code on her phone. I want to see her texts?

How can I see her texts on my computer


You will have to bypass the screenlock to install a spy app. Since she is your wife, ask her what the valid reason is for you to not have the screenlock code. For instance, my husband and I both know each other's screenlock in the event of an emergency. Then again, we also have a solid base of trust in our relationship. Try to explain to your wife that you would like the code so that if ever you needed access to her phone in an emergency, you could quickly access to call 911. If she refuses then stay calm and ask her why she does not trust you with the code yet trusted you enough to make the lifetime commitment of marriage. Do not appear defensive or on a mission. This may allow her to feel comfortable and not view you as having nefarious plans for access to her device.

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Is there any way I can see my wife's texts on her phone without actually having the phone? She is connected to our WiFi and she has an iPhone 6 I am concerned as she was scammed a while back?

She was scammed and is texting a lot of strange people


Contact FlexiSpy and Spyera on how to remotely install a spy app over WiFi on an iOS device. To install properly, you need the iOS credentials for their Apple Account. Since your wife has been scammed, you should tell her that you want to put a monitoring app on her phone for both of your safety. Let her know that financial apps and banking information can easily become attained from a person with that intent.

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I know my wife's password and I can get on her email and Facebook, how can I get the messages she gets when she gets them?

I know my wife's password and I can get on her email and Facebook, how can I get the messages she gets when she gets them?

To access your wife's messages when she receives them, you can try installing one of the spy apps listed on Get Access to Your Husband's Facebook Chats. You can view text messages, chat messages, and much more with mSpy, FlexiSPY or Mobile Spy.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is it possible to read my fiance's text without downloading anything to her phone?

Before I get married I want to make sure its just her family she is talking to and not an old boyfriend.

You can only do that if you have access to her phone. If you have significant doubts about trust in your relationship then you should call the wedding off. For a marriage to survive, both partners need to have strong security in the other's fidelity. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for a toxic relationship of doubt and control. Stress such as this can lead to long-term health deterioration. Perhaps you should suggest pre-marital counseling. Some officiants require this before they officiate a marriage ceremony. It is best to squash all doubts and issues in a relationship before moving forward with a lifetime vow.

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Monitoring my son's activities via his phone?

Hi, I want to monitor my son's phone while he is at college, I bought the phone but I do not have access to install anything on it, can I do I that remotely?

You need physical access to effectively monitor third party apps such as social media. Wait for him to come home for a visit. Then install a spy app. If you are paying for his cell phone plan, you may be able to see his call logs and the SMS contact information from within your carrier's website. Depending on who your carrier is, some cellphone service providers offer a nominal fee monitoring plan although that is not as detailed as a spy app.

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I want to access and be allowed to read SMS messages and other private Facebook messages on my wife's phone as I am very sure she is having an affair. Phone is always in her possession even when using the shower?

I cannot get phone access to load a spy program on her phone. I need to be able to read SMS messages she receives

It is unfortunate that you have such a strong suspicion. Some people take their phone into the shower to play music or just out of habit. If you have other proof such as the unaccounted time where she is not responding to your calls or texts or away from the house, then I suggest tailing her to see if she is meeting with someone. You could wait until she was sleeping to gain access to her phone and install a spy app.

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Can I check my hubby phone without telling him?

My hubby is always doing something on his phone. He keeps it always locked with pattern password and theft tracker

As mentioned in an above answer, request the code. You are married and should have that level of trust in the relationship but do not approach the suggestion as an accusation. Instead, explain that you would like to know the code in the event of an emergency or if something tragically happens to him. If he is hiding something he will deny that which would come off as ridiculous if you base your claim on solid safety merits.

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I want to know to read past text messages and future texts without anyone knowing it or having to install any apps into their phones for free any kind of phone to any kind of phone only knowing it's number

I think I have cheating spouse

No reputable Spy App is free. The Truth Spy has a 48-hour free trial offer but you would need access to the device to install the app. While some spy apps claim they can be remotely installed with just the phone number, in the fine print, there is an explanation that the app will not completely monitor the device. What you are requesting is a monitoring agent reserved for law enforcement and government agencies. Even then, text is not monitored the same ways as a voice call.

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My husband and I are separated and he recently blocked me so that I can't follow or find his cellphone?

How can I find out who he has been calling or texting?

Unfortunately, you are separated which means that you need to respect his boundaries and personal space. If you really must see what he is up to then you can try to gain access to his device during a meeting. This will not help your case, though, and you risk ending up with a Temporary Restraining Order against you or jail time if a monitoring app is illegal without consent.

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He has been texting two women for the past week?

I went out with him to a friend party and took a picture with a guy. I took it as a friend but I was a little drunk. Next thing I see a message on his phone with pictures of the woman and they said his picture is nice, when can we meet

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Are you in a defined committed relationship with this guy? If not, then you are both free to see other people. Take this time to have a conversation with him about becoming a committed relationship if this is what you desire from him.

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How can I retrieve all the SMS and MMS from my wife's phone for the past 1 1/2 years?

She is having an affair with someone

You could install a spy app on her device but it will only show what is on the device after the installation. Any text messages that have been deleted over the past 1 and a half years have been overwritten by now with new data. You could contact your cellphone service provider and request a hard copy of your call/texts if you are the Owner on a shared plan. It will not show the content of the SMS but will show the recipient contact details.

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I'm trying to figure out how to pair my phone with my child's phone for teen safe?

I want to monitor my child's text

As a parent, I use a FlexiSpy multi-device plan for all of my children's devices. I also have my Google Account as the master account on their devices which allows me to monitor what apps they install and what they are browsing for on YouTube. In addition, I also installed Google Chrome as their main browser. This allows me to see all of the internet histories for multiple devices.

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