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Turn On and Off the Samsung Galaxy S4

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 turns on briefly, and then the screen freezes and it turns off, how do I fix this?

Then it will automatically turn back on. I think the power button is stuck.


Based on your description, it seems that this is a hardware problem. In this case, your phone may require service, but before bringing your phone to Samsung repair center please do the steps on "Unroot Your Samsung Galaxy S4" in this wiki Unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 by Flashing Official Firmware. If the problem persists after doing that, Please bring your phone to Samsung repair center.

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My S4 turns on loads up then turns off?

My S4 turns on loads up then turns off.


This sounds as if it is a software issue that has occurred on your device. This usually happens when you have either downloaded something that is causing the issue or it can be a simple software issue within the device itself. In order to be able to erase the error you would need to perform a Hard Reset on your device by using the steps below:

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-Power Off your device

-Hold the power + Volume up + home button

-Release these buttons when you reach the boot menu

-After reaching the boot menu use the volume keys to highlight the Factory Reset/wipe data option

-Press the power button to make the selection

-After making the selection confirm the reset

-After your phone is finished resetting use the volume keys to highlight the reboot device option

-Press the power button to begin rebooting the device

I ran kingo root on my friends Galaxy S4 tablet successfully but it locked up so I held the off button now it goes to start brings up the Samsung logo and shuts down. The tablet was charged to 60% please help as my friend is losing it and mad at me

Help please! Kingo root and I killed my friends Galaxy S4. I have tried: Everything but soft reset safe mode etc. He will call me when home. I think it was caused by: Me.doh


Put the phone into download mode by holding Volume Down and the Power button. Then flash ODIN OS back onto the device. It was not Kingo Root that bricked your phone but probably instead a corrupted hardware issue. If the device is under warranty, your friend could bring it into the store where he purchased the device or his carrier and request they try to reflash it.

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My battery got critically low and phone powered off, now it's in #MANUAL MODE#?

My phone powered off due to critical low battery. I plugged it in and tried to turn it back on..it says "Android system recovery ". It then asks me to select either "reboot system now", "apply update from ADB", "apply update from external storage", "wipe data/factory reset", "wipe cache partition", "apply update from cache". There is a little green Android lying on his back in the middle of the screen with his chest open with a red triangle that has an exclamation point on the red triangle. Below the green dude it says "no command". . At the very bottom of the Left hand screen it says (in yellow font). "#MANUAL MODE#". "--Appling Multi-CSC...". "Applied the CSC-code : TFN". "Successfully applied multi-CSC.". . when I push the power button to select "reboot system now" the screen goes black then the Samsung logo comes on the screen with very small BLUE words at the top of the screen that says "recovery booting" for a few seconds and then this WHOLE CYCLE REPEATS......"Android system recovery". It then asks me to select "reboot system now", "apply update from ADB", "apply update from external storage", "wipe data/factory reset", "wipe cache partition", "apply update from cache". Please help ASAP...I have PRECIOUS stuff on this phone.

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Install Kies on the PC and connect your phone to the PC. Try to utilize the Emergency Recovery Tool in Kies. Since the battery was so low, charge it to above 80% before attempting the recovery options with Kies. Your phone may just come back to life after you charge it also. The Emergency Recovery could wipe away any data that was not backed up. At this point, you should install new Stock OS on the device since this happened when the battery was low.

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Turn On and Off the Samsung Galaxy S4
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It switches off after showing the Samsung logo for 2 to 3 seconds?

When I switch on my phone it switches off automatically after displaying the Samsung logo for 2 to 3 seconds. The device is not even switching ON when I try it using the power button. Even the boot menu is not displayed.

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The most common cause of this symptom is that the ON/OFF button is stuck. Sometimes tapping the button gently on a hard surface may free it up but in most cases it will be required to be replaced. Some people have managed to remove the button from the motherboard and started the phone by holding the home button and plugging in the charger then selecting reboot from the menu.

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Why is my Samsung Tablet 4 shutting down and doesn't restart for a while?

For example, I would be on twitter and the device will restart as if I pressed restart and repeatedly show the Samsung Galaxy S4 page and then restart to the page again repeatedly and then turns back on after about a minute or two

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Does this only happen when you are on Twitter? If so, uninstall the app and see if you are still experiencing the issue. You may also want to install the latest firmware on the device. Connect to Kies and see if you have any available updates.

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My Galaxy S4 GM919 won't boot up, not even the first Galaxy screen, stays black?

My phone fell in water, I took it apart and cleaned it with 99% alcohol, then dried it with a heat gun. It flashes, turns black, makes the T-Mobile sound then stays black. Afterwards it just flashes, I can see the blue light, the screen flashes white again and the bottom menu buttons flash on. Then it continues this cycle until the battery dies.

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You fried something when you used the heat gun and rubbing alcohol. Not sure where you got the idea from but using a heat gun on a device is not recommended as a drying method. Silica or rice would have been a safer option. Your LCD or motherboard is damaged and will need to be replaced.

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Did I break my Samsung 10.1 Note?

Well I clicked on permanent unroot in the SuperSU then went and did Reset from the settings so my Note is formatted, then it just keeps going on and off, and it shows the logo then goes off and does the same.

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Something in the unrooting process has gone wrong, so you have to reflash your device. Head over to this tutorial and for the first step, download your own firmware for your country and carrier off this Web site.

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Repeatedly locks on white screen with the world logo?

S4 keeps going to white screen with 'blue sphere/world' logo. Logo spins much more slowly than normal, and often stops. Difficult to get to home screen. Plugged in but battery is not charging much (I think the screen is rapidly draining the battery). Phone worked fine all day with little battery usage. I have not downloaded any apps in weeks. I have turned off and on, and turned off, taken out the battery, and held on button down for 3+ minutes to discharge any capacitors. I have tried: See my first message. I think it was caused by: No idea see original message

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Check the bottom pin connection on the phone. You can use either a toothpick or pin to wiggle it into place. Your battery may be the culprit and one way to test is to purchase a new one or go to a phone repair store and ask to test out a battery. This also can happen when the charger fails. Those from the factory box chargers are not lifetime. Many burn out in just over a year.

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It won't turn on. If I plug the charger, the red LED light doesn't appear also?

It won't turn on, but when I removed the battery and returned it, the logo will appear for about 2 seconds then disappear, then its off again.. I have tried: Changing the battery. I exchange it with another S4 user. my battery worked on his phone and when I used his battery, same problem.. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. When I plugged it to the charger it was still 20% but when I returned after 15mins the LED red light was dead.

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Use your friend's battery again but this time, hard reset the device and install new Stock firmware on the device. You can get it from Sammobile or Kies. Once you have installed the firmware onto the device completely, put it into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition. It sounds like you have corrupted software that is causing the issue. While you are at it, check your power button to make sure it is not stuck in. You can open the backing of the phone and also spray some compressed air in the phone to remove any dust or debris.

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My LG 3 showed a bright green screen then powered down?

My phone was not fully charged. In fact, the phone needed to be charged up. I looked at my phone and there was a bright green tint on the screen then the phone powered down. There was some very tiny "writing" on the face and I couldn't read what it said.. . help! I have some VERY IMPORTANT documents for an upcoming court case on this phone which haven't been backed up yet. Must I do a factory reset - and if so, won't it delete everything:? How can I save it the screen shots that I took ??. . Thanks for all your help!. . sheila

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Install LG's PC Suite on your PC. Then connect your device and see if you can back up photos and other files. You may have just completely confused your phone for lack of a better description. Some devices go into a Power Saving Mode when they are low on battery. Connect your phone to a charger and wait until it is at 80% or higher before you attempt to turn it on to connect to the PC Suite.

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