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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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My Polaroid Tablet is locked. It is up to a screen where it has the email and password?

It said there were too many pattern attempts. So we have to enter the email and password for Gmail. But we do not have WiFi connected or an email account.


When your Tablet asks you for your Gmail username and password this is s prompt that you can use in order to help gain entry to your device without having to perform a Hard Reset with the absence of your pattern unlock password.

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In order to enter your Gmail information, you are going to need to have the internet connection so that you can have your Gmail information checked online for you to open up your device.

Without having internet connection you are going to need to perform a Hard Reset on the device by performing the following steps:

1. turn device off

2. press and hold power + volume key

3. Use volume keys to highlight Factory Reset

4. press the power button to make the selection

5. your device will fully Factory Reset

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Does the device need to be fully charged before attempting the factory reset?

This is a Polaroid 4G tablet. The pattern is forgotten and the email/password is not being accepted. I saw the video to reset but was wondering about the fully charged part. Thanks.. I have tried: I have not tried yet. I see others posting that their device froze up, so I was wondering about the fully charged question.. I think it was caused by: This thing asks too many questions...

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You want at least 80% charge when you attempt a factory reset. Many people only attempt once the device is fully charged because if something goes wrong, you want the time to fix it before the battery dies.

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I am locked out of my Polaroid, and it does not tell me to put an email or anything and also it has internet how can I reset it?

I keep putting what I think is my password, but it is not and I did it about 30 times and locks it for 30 seconds and it doesn't ask me my email nor password.


Hard reset the Polaroid tablet. If you can't access the Recovery Mode which seems to be a problem with these tablets, then flash new Stock ROM. Check the sticker on the back of the tablet to flash the specific ROM you need.

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I do what is in the comments, but it's not continuing the process, what should I do?

What should I do to make my Tablet work again?

If you have hard reset your tablet and that still did not solve your problem, your last option is to find the Stock ROM for your device and install it on the tablet. This should restore the tablet to factory settings.

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The above questions are from the following wiki...
Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Someone changed my son's tablet password, its locked and we can get in. We tried to reset it with the power button and volume button but volume up button is not working. He doesn't have an email address on it either. how can w reset the password?

How to unlock 7

Polaroid table if volume key is broke and no email address on tablet?. I have tried: The reset button on the back of tablet, power button and volume button hold for 5 seconds. I think it was caused by: Another child reset my son's password and he doesn't know it

Use the link in the above answers to get the specific Stock ROM for that tablet and then you will be able to recover the tablet. In the future, always enable a Google Account even if it is a dummy one that you keep signed out. This will allow you to access the device. If you ever used Google Play to download apps onto the tablet, you should at least try that email and password to see if you can gain access because that would associate with the Google Account.

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Forgot parental control password?

Hi, I have a Polaroid 7" kids tablet and forgot the parental control password and cannot access setting. Can you help?

Use "kidsafe" to override your Parental Control password. You can then go in and change it but this time write it down so that you can remember.

Polaroid S10 tablet, reset due to forgotten pattern password?

Need to reset but it does not open up with the Factory menu when I hold down the Power and the Volume+.

You will have to go to [www.southerntelecom.com/polaroidsupport Southern Telecom] and search for your specific tablet under Updates. Once you have found your tablet in the list you can install the firmware again.

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I don't have an email password thing?

I need help unlocking my Polaroid Tablet and I don't have the email check thing I don't have the forgotten password at the bottom.

As suggested above you will have to install new firmware as there is no hard reset option for the Polaroid tablets. You can find the necessary Southern Telecom links above.

I have Android Tablet. I've tried my best to unlock it, but I didn't.. can you help me?

When I turn on the Tablet it shows security password. I have forgotten that..

After attempting several times, you should be able to click forgot password or get an option to log in with your Google Account. If you see neither of these then you will have to hard reset the tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet (locked with numeric password)?

My brother passed away three weeks ago. I would like to gain access to his Tablet, but it is locked with a numeric code. I looked through the solutions on the website, but I can't find one that works for us.

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Have you heard of anyone who may be able to bypass the password?

The only way to completely bypass is with his Google Account. You can try to guess or use Google Accounts Recovery to see if they can at least send you a new password although those chances are slim. Look through his belongings to see if he left the password in his wallet for instance.

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I can't connect to the internet with mobile data because my SIM is locked?

I can't connect to the internet with mobile data because my SIM is locked, I need the code to unlock it.

There is no code. Hard reset the device and flash new firmware if you are still getting the password request.

My phone got locked because of children?

It is asking for my Gmail which I don't know.

Your Google Account is what you use to log into to Google Play or YouTube usually. Use the Google Accounts Recovery to access your email so that hopefully, you can retrieve it without having to hard reset.

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Is there a reset button, or way too hard reboot it?

Model is Polaroid kids tablet 3. The tablet is turned ON, and the touchscreen is unresponsive. It is unable to be unlocked when swiping. Holding down the volume and power button does not do anything. I need to know if there is a reset button or a way to remove the battery to Hard Reset it.

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There should be a little pinhole in the back. It does a soft reset. Try that first, then try to install the new firmware update from the links for Southern Telecom in the above answers. If the touch screen is completely unresponsive there may be a bigger hardware issue but you will not fully know until you try the first two options.

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My tablet won't reboot it hangs?

When started it just show Polaroid without opening anything.

Install new firmware to solve the boot loop situation.

10" Polaroid won't finish booting up?

Tried Factory Reset/Power+volume but it still just rotates.

It needs the new firmware update installed. You can find it for your specific tablet in the Southern Telecom links.

I have a message that says unfortunately, the process Android.process.acore has stopped?

How do I factory reset my Polaroid tablet or is there another way

When you see a message like this, first use the pinhole in the back to soft reset the device. If that does not work, then go to the Southern Telecom website and install the Stock ROM update for your specific device.

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Do you know how to fix it. My Polaroid tablet is on but won't stop loading?

My Polaroid tablet is on but won't stop loading

Install the new firmware update to get out of the unending boot loop.

Hi there, my touchscreen isn't working?

My Polaroid tablet is working fine but the touch stopped working and I don't know how to cut it off without its touch, can you help me?

Try a soft reset and then a firmware update. If your touchscreen still does not work then it is most likely a hardware issue.

Hey Daniel, I have the same problem?

My Polaroid tablet has been locked out! It is asking for my email and password which I do not remember since this tablet is really old! and I just found it in my closet, is there any way to factory reset it? Thanks!

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