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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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My PC PPSSPP emulator says COULDN'T FIND EXECUTABLE FILE*while trying to load Tekken 6?

I have upgraded to 0.9.7, My PC is a gaming PC so I don't have any RAM graphic card or HDD SSD problems. Thank you for everything, even if you don't answer


I don't believe this has anything to do with your PC's hardware specs or the emulator version. The Tekken 6 ISO image file you have is probably bad or not backed up correctly.

Back up your PSP game to ISO using this guide

Or find a different source for the game backup file and try again.

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I have no graphic cards how can I play Tekken 6?

About graphics card

That I have not any graphic card and have to play Tekken 6


The PPSSPP emulator requires a graphics card that can handle openGL 2.0 to run. If you have a built in or shared video memory chip on your motherboard, the best you can hope for is a software rendering of openGL instead of hardware. Doing this will most likely give you laggy game play, but it's the best you can do without a supported graphics card.

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I want to run Tekken 6 on my Windows 8 PC?

I have already downloaded the Tekken.ISO of 816 MB. but am unable to run it.


Which emulator are you using trying to run the Tekken 6 ROM? All emulators will not be exactly the same as the original hardware. Game compatibility will need some work and not all games are supported. If you are using the PPSSPP emulator, try installing the latest version from the website here:

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You'll also need Microsoft's latest visual C++ run time files here:


For more details on compatibility issues with Tekken 6 ROM on this particular emulator, check out the PPSSPP topic forum here:


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Tekken 6 not playing on my HP pavillion dv7?

Tekken 6 not playing HP dv 7.how to run it properly

You have to make sure that your version of Tekken 6 is the right one and is compatible with your device. If it's not, this is usually the problem, it won't be able to detect the file properly and it will end up as a crash. Check online what are the different versions and download the one that suits your computer best.

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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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I cannot play PSP games on my PC why?

Please help me.what shall I do to be able to play them

You need to make sure that the emulator you use is compatible with your operating system. Most emulators work with Windows XP and 7 but would have difficulty working on Vista and Windows 8. You also have to check the requirements of the ppssppp emulator to make sure that it will work smoothly on your computer.

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How to play multiplayer in PPSSPP (PC) and PSP?

I don't know how to play multiplayer in PPSSPP and PSP please help

You can see in this Youtube Tuturial how to set up and play multiplayer on PPSSPP with a PC. This Youtube Tutorial shows you how to use the same Ad hoc server to play multiplayer on the PSP. It takes some extra steps of setup but if you want to play multiplayer it is worth it.

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How to run PSP in my computer to run the game Tekken 6?

In starting, when I was trying to open it, it shows some error after I downloaded a software to run it then it opens and this time it shows that PPSSPP is not working correctly.

How to run Tekken 6 perfectly tell me, I cannot run it?

The link to download PSP emulator

It is showing warning as boot.bin missing in the game?

My PPSSPP while loading Tekken tag showing could not find executable disc0: psp_game. boot.bin. How to clear this error?

The error means that the file has missing ISO. Get a new version and you will be able play the game.

Playing Tekken 6 on PPSSPP emulator PC vs PC LAN? or WLAN?

Playing Tekken 6 on PPSSPP emulator PC vs PC LAN? or WLAN?

The WLAN way seems to be preferred by many. Really it is dependent on the PC or system that you are using to play Tekken 6. You may have to try each version on your system and decide which way works best for you.

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How to fix black screen in Tekken 5 dark resurrection?

Sir I have downloaded Tekken dark resurrection for my Windows 7 PC, I do as it is given in the thread after downloading latest version PPSSPP but when I load the game the screen goes black please help me

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You can see in this Youtube Tutorial how to fix a black screen on game launch. This can occur with several games so bookmark the video for future issues with other games.

Where I may able to download Pokemon x and y? Where there is no survey and password to deal with?

I tired finding this Pokemon x and y file in the web. Actually there is the file on the web. The problem is there is a survey which is needed to finish first before accessing the file.

You are asking for pirated copy information which is against the community guidelines of VisiHow.

I have download an ISO but it turns into umd, what should I do, PPSSPP can't run umd?

I have download an ISO but it turns into umd, what should I do, PPSSPP can't run umd

When you load in the disk, exit out and an option will pop up on the screen to change the UMD. In the Emulation Settings, there is also an option to switch the UMD and you can try that as well.

I download GTA V, I try it so much but did not work?

Please what will I do

You used a corrupt file. The only thing to do is look for another version.

I get when I want to load the dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3, you can not find the executable file?

Help please my PSP version is 0.8.1

The ISO is corrupted. You will need a different copy with the correct ISO files.

I have run mortal combat houlin monks but it is telling that file could not found?

Why mortal combat houlin monks doesn't run in PPSSPP

Use the process mentioned above using Ad hoc to run Mortal Combat Houlin Monks. Like Tekken 6, the game requires some extra set up.

Error occurs when I load God of war 1 ISO?

When I load my God of war 1 game PPSSPP emulator, it gives an error of could not fix executable disc0

You have a corrupted file with God Of War. You will need another version with the correct ISO files or try to convert them using online software and see if that solves your problem.


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