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Use the Notification and Quick Setting Panel on Samsung Galaxy S4

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What to do with all those notifications?

What do I do with those notifications that tell me there are numerous apps updates and they need my permission. Can I just Clear everything or do I have to look into all that? It seems very annoying. I usually just press clear, but now I'm wondering if that is the wrong idea.

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I usually do clear all those notifications too. But it is also good to look into those notifications because those notifications are not only those updates from your applications or games that are installed with your device but also notifications from your messaging applications and other social media that might be important.

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You can also see in those notifications what applications that you need to delete now because they are updating and through these updates, some files are added into your device making your device's memory being filled up and sooner or later, you will have a low memory.

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If you have the time, you still need to go over these notifications. But if you are busy, you can just clear them up to make room for newer notifications.

The drop-down panel at the top of my phone has disappeared?

The drop-down panel at the top of my Samsung Galaxy S4 has disappeared


Use one of the methods below.

  • If you use custom ROMs, you can either press the power button and disable "Expanded Desktop" by tapping on it.
  • In the Nova launcher, go to "Settings" > "Look and feel" and check "Show Notification Bar".
  • In Go Launcher, go to "preferences" > "screen settings" and check "the status bar".
  • Remove all of the extra accounts from the phone in "Apps" > "Settings" > "Accounts".
  • Root your phone and use Status Bar Restarter. Launch it and tap on the only button to open the notification panel.
  • Unroot your Samsung S4 by reflashing it;
  • Wipe cache partition. Go to the recovery mode by turning off your phone. Press and hold the power, home, and the volume-up buttons until you get into the recovery mode. Once you are on the recovery mode, navigate to "wipe cache partition" with the volume buttons. Press the power button to confirm the action. Then, press the power button to reboot your phone.
  • Hard-reset your phone. Warning: this will erase all of the data in the internal memory of your phone.
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Bluetooth icon at notification panel?

Bluetooth icon will turn Bluetooth OFF but not ON


Clear any saved Bluetooth connections. Toggle on and off again to see if that solves your problem. Otherwise go into the Recovery Mode as if you were doing a hard reset, but instead choose Clear Cache Partition. After the Lollipop update many users also had problems with their car Bluetooth systems recognizing the phone. If this is your issue then you have to contact the car Bluetooth manufacture to inquire if they will send you a patch kit for the car Bluetooth system.

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How to re-set app notification to On?

Hi, my S4 mini recently did an automatic system update of some sort - and now the ringtone has changed (no problem), the icons in the top bar have changed color (no problem), and my on-call rescue alert app no longer sends me notifications (BIG problem)

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When apps stop working after an update, go into Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition. Test the app after that to see if you are getting notifications. Go into the app settings and see if the notifications are disabled but if they are enabled and still nothing is happening then delete the app after you have cleared the cache from it. Re install and test again.

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Use the Notification and Quick Setting Panel on Samsung Galaxy S4
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My data connection on my phone is not working?

I just upgraded my cell plan to include data. I have followed all the instructions putting in the correct APN etc., but my phone doesn't seem to know it can connect to my network. I can't even see the mobile data icon in my notification panel

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When you set up an APN, you have to click Save then go back into the settings menu and tap the APN to enable it. After that, reboot the phone and see if the APN is connecting. You need to also go into Networks and turn on your Mobile Data manually the first time after the APN is properly set up. You did not mention what carrier you are using but T-Mobile and Straight Talk both have extra tweaks on their devices to get the APN to work properly. If all else fails, bring the phone into a carrier flagship store and ask that they set up the APN for you. The people working behind the counter know how to do this as they configure sold phones all day.

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Hi, how can I put the cellular data sign on my screen? S6?

How to put the data sign on home page

In your apps, go to the Galaxy App store and download QuickPanel Restore. Samsung launched it after the update cause so many to lose their notification panel. This is supported on most Galaxy devices that lost their icons during the Lollipop update.

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Problem on mobile data when I turn it on and it still won't appear?

Hi. I know this is a different model but they have the same features. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy SM-J100F. I clicked the mobile data icon on the notification panel but still an icon that would indicate I am now connected to mobile won't appear on my status bar. This only happened about 2 days ago. I haven't changed any of my settings or tinkered with it. I figured that even if I wouldn't have a data plan, an icon should still appear as it has been before. Please help. Thanks

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You probably received the Lollipop update two days ago. Follow the solutions in the answers above. You can possibly be able to download the Galaxy app mentioned if your device is supported from the Galaxy Play Store. Otherwise, you can use the Widgetsoid to customize or go into your home screen settings to set up the notification panel again.

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Icon disappears in notification bar on Samsung S4 mini?

My lady pill reminder app sends usually a reminder with an icon that stay at the top of the screen (like WhatsApp messages), but on my new Samsung S4 mini it just appears one second and then it is gone, which makes the whole pill reminder app useless.

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Uninstall the app after you have cleared the cache within the app menu. Then put your phone into Recovery Mode but instead of performing a hard reset, choose Wipe Cache Partition. Once your phone has rebooted, install your app again and set it up. Your app should now work again properly.

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Galaxy S4 won't download my pictures messages?

My picture message on my Galaxy S4 is not downloading and I do not see my data on my icon? I am having problems. I have tried: Turn off and on, restarting. I think it was caused by: I really do not know

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Go into your Network Settings and tap on APN. An update or something you did unintentionally may have disabled the APN. You should also go into network settings and see if you have a warning or shut off at a point of for example, 2 GB data. Also, even if you have unlimited data for a package, many carriers play the game of slowing down your data when you reach a certain point so it is virtually useless unless you are connected to WiFi. To avoid this, make sure your phone automatically connects to your save WiFi points of access.

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When I pull down the list of shortcut, icons do not appear. Is this normal for a brand new S6?

When I pull down the list of shortcut, icons do not appear. Is this normal for a brand new S6?

Yes, you have to swipe back up to remove the panel. If you would like to customize then click the square in the upper right hand corner and customize your list settings and notifications.

Mobile Network not found in Connection Settings Samsung Note5?

I'm not sure what's going on with my Samsung Note5. I recently did the update and noticed many changes. Some screens changed, some apps went missing and language keyboard was deleted and I had to reinstall. . Also I started getting notifications that the SIM card wasn't found and that the SIM card crashed forcing a restart on the phone. This also lead to an icon on the top right corner to appear, its a circle with a diagonal line. It's usually where the Network bars usually appears. . The latest issue is my phone is completely not connecting to the network and I can't find the mobile network tab in the settings. My Mobile network tab has disappeared from my settings and my phone isn't connecting to my network. Do you know How can I bring the option back to at least search network manually? The latest update was Version 7 and ever since the update all sorts of funny things started to happen. I have tried: Everything, I even tried looking for an app to find my network but couldn't find one

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I'm trying to find a way to restore it back to the earlier version but didn't know how. I think it was caused by: Possibly the update to Version 7. The phone is unlocked and I bought it from Kuwait and I'm currently in Canada, so I don't know if there's a difference in updates and if that messed it up even more. I've had the phone since 2015 and recently it has been acting up. Especially with randomly restarting because of the SIM

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