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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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My hair does not have density, I want hair density?

I have used normal coconut hair oil. Now my hair is does not have density, also very very soft. I want hair density


Oils aren't going to do as much for volumizing your hair as styling it will. Adding layers, or blow drying your hair in a way that emphasizes volume, will do much more for you. Talk to your stylist for her recommendation for how to add volume to your 'do.

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Facing excessive hair loss, how to control?

Facing excessive hair loss sir


You need to determine what the reason is for the hair loss. Hormones, diet, genetics, auto immune disorders, and many other factors can cause excessive hair loss. If you are dieting you may not be getting enough proper nutrition for example. There are a few things you can do to combat the hair loss while you find out what the reason is. Speak with your physician about the hair loss as soon as you can.

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I have excessive hair fall, and my hair roots are very weak?

You've suggested that I should not mix herbs together, so please suggest which oil I should apply for problems like excessive hair fall, even my roots are weak


Improper diet, stress, fungus, and hair products can all cause weak hair roots. Oils are different than herbs. You will want to choose one that does not add extra weight to your hair so use a dry oil such as Argan Oil. Use Castor Oil to Stop Male Receding Hairline is a VisiHow article about using Castor Oil as a nightly hair treatment. This will help your roots and encourage better hair growth.

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Hair fall from the roots! hair fall after being diagnosed and treated with typhoid has been less?

I have thick hair but I don't know they have stopped growing and I trim them every 2-3 months. I oil my hair once a month. I put coconut oil only. What should I do to have a good healthy hair. Before I got typhoid my hair was good n healthy but now its been 6-7 years, its less than half the growth I had

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Typhoid and the treatment for it can cause hair loss but usually, 6 months after the illness the hair begins to grow back. You have had hair loss for over 6 years so this points to the fact that you may have a different underlying issue. Ask your physician for a hormonal panel test as well as have your thyroid checked. Change your diet to eat high protein and foods high in Vitamin C. Consider taking a Silica supplement daily or at least Biotin to help with your hair loss.

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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home
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I have thyroid problem. I have severe hair loss. How to stop hair fall and grow my hair?

I want my hair to grow thicker, severe hair loss is there.. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Thyroid

With a thyroid disorder, people experience hair loss because of blood sugar, hormonal imbalances and much more. To regain your hair you need to treat these individually.

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I have severe hair fall for the last 2 years?

My hair is silky. I am seeing severe hair fall. Can you suggest any shampoo and oil to prevent hair loss.. I have tried: Mandhar thailam. I think it was caused by: I take shampoo twice a week.

Choose a Good Shampoo to Stop and Reverse Hair Loss is a VisiHow article with several suggestions. Please consider the other remedies for hair loss mentioned on this page. There are many options to start treating your hair loss other than just shampoo.

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