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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Constant play fighting an talking about him?

Always hitting and playing fighting with this guy she calls pretty face (nick name)


They are probably just friends but if their playful behavior bothers you, it should be mentioned to her. You can't keep pushing this off to the side without resolving why you feel threatened. Because she always talks about him there may be something there that she does not want to admit. He may not be interested in her the way that she is with him. He may also be one of her closest friends but if she sees him more than you, it is time to be worried. Deal With Your Girlfriend's Male Friend is a VisiHow article that you should read for tips on how to figure out how to handle her male friend.

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I'm having a girlfriend problem because she seems as if she's not interested in me, but I'm with her though?

Well I have been with my girlfriend for 3 weeks. Also every time I ask her if we can hang out in school, she tells me she would love too but her friend has no one else to hang out with. Also she hates being a third wheel. Every time I ask her can "can I call you" she says she can't or she is busy doing something. Sometimes I see her hang out with other guys and it seems like she doesn't care about me. I sometimes feel like I'm not even with her because we never hold hands or kiss, we only hang out outside the school, which makes me feel as if she is embarrassed of me. Sorry for typing this long.. I have tried: I have talked to her about it. I have. I think it was caused by: I think she is only with me just to have a boyfriend and nothing else

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She is probably not ready for a serious relationship and you are. It sounds like you are casually dating and if you keep pressuring her, she may back off from hanging out with you. Take things slowly and see if the relationship progresses. Find friends and hobbies to occupy your time so that you are not obsessing about her. Love is complicated when we are young because we are still learning how to handle our emotional feelings. Often the person we are interested in does not know how to show their interest in us or has a different idea of what the relationship should be.

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She is always fighting with me about nonsense, what do I do?

I try to communicate the best way I can, when I am talking about personal feelings. I feel like it irritates her when I talk about my problems.. I have tried: Listening. I think it was caused by: Change

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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