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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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My girlfriend is mad at me so I want to send her a sweet message?


Your girlfriend can be mad at you for different things but take it as a chance to sweep her off her feet all over again. Here are some sweet messages that you can send to your girlfriend:

  • You can stay mad at me forever but I will never get tired of asking for your forgiveness. I love you so much baby and I'm really sorry for hurting you. Can we start all over again? Please?
  • I know you are mad at me right now. But, I can't stand the thought of ever losing you - not one second. I'm really sorry for hurting you. I never intend to do that. I can never ever bear to see you mad at me. I love you so much. Please forgive me.
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My girlfriend was talking to me about marriage and I said too soon for that, she is mad and decided not to be with me anymore, Help me please?

Thank you


She loves me so much, she wants us to be friends, but she still get jealous when I like other girls pictures and talk to other girls. Would you please help me with that? I really do love her so much. But now she says bye because she gets so jealous. She does not even text me now.

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Unfortunately there is very little you can do about a person who suffers from jealousy except maybe give her the emotional security that she is craving by not liking other woman's pictures on social media. If you love her so much this is the extra effort you must make to keep her. Realize too that emotions like jealousy are often hardwired into a person's psychological make up.

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For her to be so exasperated with your behavior that she felt she had to terminate the relationship means that you did not take her complaints about liking other woman's photos seriously. She obviously wants an exclusive relationship with you but you did not exhibit the singular focus on just her she was looking for.

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If she won't text you back, try calling her. You could also try showing up at a place you know she might be and attempt to have a heart-to-heart talk with her where you promise not to annoy her by liking the pictures of other women. Yet another option would be to try and arrange a meeting with her through one of her friends.

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Meeting with her will not guarantee that your relationship will turn out well in the end as she is not likely to change and you are not likely to change any time soon either. Sometimes it is better to acknowledge that the two of you are just not compatible and that it is time to move on.

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How to make my girlfriend chill?

I replied to her text earlier in like 4 minutes then the rest I replied instantly, now she is mad because of that 4 minutes


Most likely your girlfriend is upset about something else and you taking 4 minutes to text her back is just a smoke screen for what she is really mad about. Find out by asking her if everything is alright. Show her emotional support and explain that you are sorry it took so long to respond back to her text message but you want to make sure there is nothing else going on as well.

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What to do to have my girlfriend back when she is finally tired of loving me?

She just told me, she is tired of me and she doesn't want me anymore. Should I seek my love elsewhere and let her be

It's probably a good idea to leave her alone and find love elsewhere. This is because she has chosen to tell you that she does not want to see you anymore. If you send her a lot of sweet, loving texts or call her at this point you will look needy, insecure and possibly like you don't understand the word no. You are best to sit down and honestly evaluate any flaws that you have that may have provoked this situation and caused a break up and work on them so that you do not repeat the same pattern with the next girlfriend. Also if your ex sees you working on yourself, she may come back to you.

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It is also important to keep in mind that you may not be a bad boyfriend or have any flaws whatsoever. Sometimes a lover breaks up with another for no reason at all and it is a person's prerogative to change their mind about a relationship without owing an explanation.

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I need help writing something for my girlfriend so she starts talking to me again?

About a week ago I played a horrible trick on my girlfriend. A few days later, she wrote me a text forgiving me for lying to her and that she cared for me. Now I need to write something that would ask for another chance. I want to see her and continue having the good times like those we did have while we were dating. I don't want to send emotional and needy in the letter. Can you help me. Thank you in advance

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You need to show emotion in your letter. If you really want her back, you have to write about everything you feel for her and how much you need her in your life. Bring up those good times you had and offer to make more good times in the future. Apologize again for the trick you played on her and thank her for the forgiveness she gave you already.

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My girlfriend and I had a fight and she has not been home in a week?

She keeps saying that she needs time, I gave her the time, but I text a couple of times a day to let her know I have not forgotten about her. She refuses to talk to me saying that she is too upset to talk. Last two days I received a text from her, but she reiterates she's upset and does not want to talk. Today I got a strange text saying what's with the prank calls? Was that her way of trying to communicate with me?

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Maybe she is getting hang up calls and thinks it is you. One week is not an eternity, and depending on what you did, she may need even longer before she can even begin to forgive you. Make sure that you are texting her how much she means to you etc. Do not ask when she is coming home but instead shower her with love so that she wants to come home.

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I want a forgiving song for my girlfriend?

I have kissed another girl and she will not hear anything I say.

To your girlfriend, that kiss was cheating. Try to think about a song that means something to the both of you. Think about what was playing in the car on your first date or a song you have both liked in the past. Send that to her with a message stating that you heard this song and it made you realize that she is the "one".

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How can my girlfriend understand when I speak the true?

My girlfriend always don't understand whenever I say the truth, and it hurts me a lot

Consider your approach to telling the truth. If your girlfriend is getting offended then perhaps you are stating the truth in a way that has her defensive. If she asks you a question you may have to recite facts that validate your claim.

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How can my friend get his girlfriend to quit being mad at him because he changed his profile picture with his best-friend?

So I have a friend that his girlfriend is mad at him, cause his best-friend changed his Kik profile picture. He was touching his best-friends thigh. And his girlfriend saw it and got mad.

This is why so many guys have non descriptive profile pics on social media. She needs to feel secure in their relationship. It is hard to say what is really bothering her but he needs to ask her what he is doing that has her so insecure that a picture would make her so upset.

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My girl's mom is mad at me, what do I need to do?

I hurt my girl and she told her mom

In addition to apologizing to your girlfriend, you need to apologize to her mother for hurting her daughter. Write them both letters and make sure to emphasize how you understand that you were wrong in what you did and it will not occur again. Offer to take her mother for coffee so that she can ask you anything to make sure you are right for her daughter.

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How should I patch up with my girlfriend?

I was a bit angry on my girlfriend few days back. She got irritated and now she doesn't want to talk with me anymore. She says that she needs some space, so since few days I didn't call or message her. But then also she doesn't even contact me. She says that she has mood swings and not in the mood to patch up.

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Send her a text message on how you understand she is angry and hurt right now and you are waiting patiently for when she is ready to contact you back. Do not force contact with her until she is ready to respond to you.

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My girlfriend was angry with me because of two reasons i.e. I looked at her sisters and I had phoned her mother sisters home and told them that I am her boyfriend and her mother and mother sister knows it, and 3rd is I kissed her when she was angry in front of her sister

She love me but afraid of his family relationships and from her mother and parents

You took away the initial privacy that is often needed in the beginning of a relationship. Family is wonderful but sometimes announcing a relationship can cause teasing and stress. Ask your girlfriend how she wants for you to act around her family and respect those boundaries.

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I traveled without informing her?

Now I really have no idea what she thinks about me anymore, I've been able to call her.. I have tried: I had my friend to call her and tell her

Why did you travel somewhere without telling your girlfriend? That answer would be what I would start off with in an apology. If she won't answer the phone then send the apology in an email or text message.

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My girlfriend is upset with me, she says; you are nothing to me and I hate you. she gives me a lot of chances but she ignores me?

So how can get my girlfriend to forgive me, I am so upset and crying every time, but she ignores me

It is tough to move forward in a relationship if one person is keeping the other in the past. Check out this article on how to get your girlfriend to start thinking forgiveness.

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How to convince her since I screwed her for the first time?

She's in love with me since 5 months & proposed to another guy & I screwed her for the first time, but she still loves me

If you want her back, you need to show her how you are the better choice for her. If she loves you back, she will respond the way you want her to. Convincing her should involve you writing her a love letter and asking her for a chance to date her for one month before she makes her final decision.

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She's not in her mood to talk to me?

What will I do? What are the things that I will do to make her mood comeback?. I have tried: I tried calling her. I tried little jokes, but it won't work. I think it was caused by: My actions are inappropriate

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Give her time and space. Message her that you were wrong and are taking time to reflect in your behavior. Once she is ready, she will respond back to you.

Are you actually online to discuss?

I got into a misunderstanding with a woman I am seeing. She has mentioned a handful of times before that we are not in a relationship. However, she has mentioned to people that she is seeing me, she has actually sketched and painted a portrait of me for me, she has been hot and cold with me and perhaps some of it is a result of me 'respecting' her requests for us not to get too emotionally involved with each other. Anyways, despite setting boundaries for our relationship, she would propose 'hypothetical' situations, "what if I wanted to be exclusive with you?" "what if I said I feel more for you now, how would you feel?" and "I haven't been seeing anybody since meeting you and I don't feel like it either."

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However, I feel like every time she felt a need to remind me that we aren't dating, it was stemming from a compulsion to reject an emotionally inclined status just now for the both of us. I do know she cares for me a lot.

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Now recently, she had another one of those discussions with me. However, my friends shared with me that they noticed her on a social dating app. This didn't bother me and lead me into judging her morals and character. I think it is perfectly fine for men and women to be independent on an match making apps. What I meant by saying this to her though was that hearing of her action to set up an account with the site lead me to believe she is actually serious about what she's been saying and hence, I spent a couple days refraining from contacting her as much as I think about her. Sadly, I think the connotation and negative aura around the word, 'tinder' blew up in my face like swooshing landmines and I do not know how to fix this.

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She was hinting to you that she wanted to be in a serious relationship with you. If she seemed flippant it was to protect her from embarrassment if you did not feel the same. There is no reason for you to be angry about the dating site profile because you gave her no reason to remove or suspend the account. You have feelings for her and now is the time to tell her you want a serious relationship. It is good that you took a few days to see how you felt about her because that means your intentions are true and you are not feeling forced into a relationship.

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Hi. Thanks for asking. Anyway, how do I say sorry to my friend?

I never contacted him since 2012, because we lost our communication. And then when I get back to my old Facebook account, he just keeps on ignoring my messages. No replies from him until now.. What do I need to do and what to say just get him back? Please help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. He just keeps on ignoring every time I sent a message.

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You have not spoken to this person within five years. They may be ignoring the messages because they don't know if it is really you or may not recognize you. They also could think that you have been hacked since you have not used the Facebook account in a very long time. Go on their Facebook profile and see if they have contact details of some sort posted. You can also post directly on a picture something like "Nice to see your face again!".

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If this person is the opposite gender, they may not be responding because of no interest or they are in a relationship and do not want to open a door to the past.

Hei I have a girlfriend and we live in a different places and she always angry with her friend I want make her happy?

How can I make her happy and makes me love so much . I want to be happy with a classic texts

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