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Know if Your Female Friend Is Falling for You

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My friend is upset, how can I refresh her mood?

My friend is upset, how can I refresh her mood?


Humor is the best remedy for someone who is experiencing a rough time. Here are some ways to cheer your friend up.

  • Listen to what may be causing their mood and try to input humor into the situation. Add a silver lining to their dark cloud.
  • Give them a hug. We feel security when someone wraps their arm around us. From birth, our mothers held us to nurture and a hug offers comfort in distressing moments.
  • Do a daily task for them. See if there is something you can do for them to alleviate daily pressure they are feeling. Making someone dinner can brighten their mood dramatically.
  • Take a walk. Fresh air and a change of surroundings sprinkled with some light exercise are mood brightening ingredients. This can also be the time that you have them explain to you what has been so upsetting.
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Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to offer to be there for them no matter what. There is a sense of empowerment when someone is by our side during a tough time.

What happens when my friend tells everybody in school that I like her?

She kept on asking me these questions and saying the name of the girl I like


Your friend was most likely teasing you and not realizing how their teasing could hurt you. You can keep that theme of teasing going and brush off the teasing. Making a big deal about it will out the fact that you really do like the girl. You also could use this time to approach the girl and try to see if she is also interested in you. Most likely the girl has heard about the teasing and if she is not interested in you, she will avoid you. In the future, be careful of what you tell this friend because she seems to be someone that can't keep secrets. We all have someone in our life that does not even realize that they are broadcasting to everyone our private details.

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I have a female friend, she told me she has a boyfriend but every time she calls me, visits me, cook for me, and watches a movie with me, I love her but I have not told her because I don't know if she loves me back?

I love my female friend, but I don't know if she loves me back.


Before you approach her with your feelings, make sure that you are okay with losing her friendship. If she is serious about her boyfriend she may back away from you once she learns that you have strong feelings other than friendship for her. Test the waters by talking about what it would be like if you were in a relationship together. This may open the conversation for you to feel comfortable to tell her that you have feelings for her. You also could tell her that you have feelings for her but do not want to come between her current relationship and would like to still remain friends. She does want to spend time with you alone so most likely she has feelings for you.

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How do I know if my workmate wants to be more than friends?

I am 51 and too old to muck around. I have a work colleague who cooks lunch for me a couple of times a week. We walk to the city each afternoon and go for a bigger walk on Friday night. She waits for me to go home on the bus and pats my arm and touches me more than seems friendly. She gets excited when I show her things I like and places she has not seen.. Her best friend told me she was just being friendly but this was 3 months ago. My female friend is from a different country and has a different skin color and religion and has a daughter.

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