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Use the My Spy Cell Phone Spy App

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My boyfriend has an iPhone I got him but I don't want to take his phone or ask him for his iCloud password?

I really need to see if my boyfriend is cheating on me

If you don't ask for his iCloud password, there is no other way to be able to know it. The smartphones these days do not easily reveal these types of information. In fact, it would almost be impossible to get it, unless he uses a simple password such as his name and then birthday.

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If you are having any doubts if he is cheating, it may be best to just talk to him instead of stalking him like that. You will be able to strengthen your relationship through better communication.

Search the web history of a phone that is not in your possession?

If you can't access the phone you will have to use something like Auto Forward which remotely targets the phone and will give you browsing history as well as many other features.

I want some ways to spy on my husband's cell phone?

My life has become terrible with him. Please, I need help.

If you have physical access to your husband's phone, you can use the spy applications listed in the great VisiHow article below to spy on his phone calls, text messages, and other communications. However, if you don't have access to his device, you will need to use one of the spy applications in the list here:

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It should be noted, however, that these applications may or may not work for you -- they are not as reliable as their physically-installed counterparts. In addition, they may or may not be illegal. Before you use these applications, contact local law enforcement to learn about your area's laws regarding cell phone spying.

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If your life with your husband has become awful, you need to talk to him about it. Spying will not make you feel any better. Get the issue sorted out with him by telling him about what you're feeling. If it doesn't get better, or if he doesn't want to talk to you about it, you will need to leave him so you can get on with your own life. Nobody deserves to feel miserable in their relationships.

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I want to get my friends call history without her notice?

As I don't believe in my girlfriend so I want to know whom is my girlfriend calling and from whom is she receiving the calls

If there is not enough trust in a relationship there is no chance of that relationship surviving. You can monitor her calls with a spy app but the need to prove that she is telling the truth already spells doom for you both. You have had a conversation with her and she has told you what you need to know so you should give her the benefit of the doubt or move on.

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How can I see my girlfriend's texts without having her phone. It is an Android through Straight Talk?

How can I see my girlfriend's texts without having her phone. It is an Android through Straight Talk

As long as it is a smartphone you can use an app like Auto Forward with just inputting her phone number into the software.

My Fiance is a very intelligent guy, will he notice a difference on his phone?

I used an application to extract deleted text messages which after reading a few, broke my heart and instead of continuing to read the rest I decide to wait and see if he wanted to be fully honest with me and then I could compare later BUT he must have been alone with my computer because I can no longer retrieve those messages again.

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You may not have used a reputable app like mSpy or FlexiSpy. With reputable apps you can log into a control panel from any device and retrieve the SMS from his phone. Unfortunately, it seems that you have already read some texts that are damaging to your relationship. You should monitor him using an app for a few weeks and then decide whether you want to call off the wedding because even if he is honest in the conversation he still was not being true to your relationship. If you do not think you can trust him then there is no point getting married. Divorce is expensive and lifelong heartache and distrust can lead to a physical illness.

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I just wanted to see if a particular person is texting my husband?

Just need to see if he is cheating on me, this is my husband

If you can get his phone while he is sleeping it would be great because you will have more options of reputable spy apps to install on his phone. It the phone is password protected you will need to use an app like FlexiSpy Extreme or Auto Forward.

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I want to be able to receive my 16 year old SMS MMS and more?

I wanted to be able to find a free program where I can see all of her MMS, SMS phone calls etc without having to download an actual app to her phone is there some kind of app I can download that will send a text to her phone or call her phone and if opened or answered the app will download without her knowledge. I trusted her completely until I found out she was messaging and sending pictures to a person she has never met before in her life

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There are no reliable apps to monitor her phone the way you need without her knowing. Apps like mSpy run undetected and she will not even know you are monitoring her. Even deleted texts will still appear for you to see. Parenting a teenager is a push and pull on emotional trust. She has recently shown you that she does not have the street smarts to avoid talking to strangers on the internet. You should also have a conversation with her that any pics she sends can forever be broadcasted on the internet for the world to see and once she clicks "Send" she loses all control of that image.

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Can it be done without gaining physical access to his phone (I won't be able to download anything into his phone)?

Can it be done without gaining physical access to his phone (I won't be able to download anything into his phone)?

You will have to use an app like Auto Forward. This app is great for anyone that can't physically touch the phone or is in another location such as a long distance relationship.

I just wanted to read and see what apps were available?

Actually, I think I got my help by reading the full article. Thank you!

Thanks so much for the positive feedback of the VisiHow article!

To access the WhatsApp message of my girlfriend?

I want to access the WhatsApp message of my girlfriend as she is cheating with me

Any of the spy apps mentioned on this page and in the VisiHow article will be able to retrieve her WhatsApp data. You seem to be certain that she is cheating on you so be warned that seeing the proof can really cause havoc on your mind and emotions.

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Hi, basically I need to get into my soon-to-be Ex-wife Galaxy S4 via my iPhone 5?

I need to basically figure out either/both who and where she is meeting a man as I have dealt with infidelity for years and having missed birthdays and no-showed picking kids up because of this it will make certain I retain the children as well

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Infidelity in a marriage is not enough to get custody of your children. Also, any data you collect from a spy app will most likely not be admissible in court but your lawyer may be able to use it as leverage during mediation proceedings. All the spy apps mentioned on this page and in the VisiHow article can be viewed on your iPhone. The inattentiveness to her responsibilities such as picking up the children suggests that there is more than infidelity going on. You should ask for a full drug screen panel including alcohol in mediation. There are lots of people in relationships that never knew their partner had a substance abuse problem because their partner was a high functioning addict.

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I need to remotely access SMS contents?

My aunt believes her husband since four years is cheating on her. I have recently put a bug in his phone to track his GPS location, also have call logs and text messages, photos, etc. Now she wants to read the contents of the text messages.

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Without knowledge of what spy app you used, there should be a control panel interface that you can log into to see what messages there are and read them. Each spy app has a web page control panel interface if they are reputable.

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Checking girlfriends mobile emails on my laptop?

I know the email and password, I am worried that her phone will be alerted that I checked her mobile email from my laptop

There might not be an alert, especially if she has ever checked her email on your laptop or you are using the same internet connection. Usually you only get an alert if the email is accessed from another country. Since you have her email and password you could always say that you loaded up email and she was logged in already.

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My parents are snooping around and I need to know my rights?

I am 20 years old, my parents are now tracking all my messages on my phone, and I am just trying to make sure that my iMessages aren't traceable. Also need some legal advice, but I don't know if you can help me with that

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In your location, there may be laws that protect against monitoring however because you are their child and if you live in their home or are on their cell service provider plan any laws may be forfeit. If they believe you are in danger they can also argue that as a reason to monitor. If you press charges you may forever ruin your relationship with your parents as well as anything you are trying to hide may come out in the open during an investigation.

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What do I do about my situation?

Well, my situation is different. My boyfriend is tracking my phone for absolutely no reason. I have not given him a single reason to not trust me. He has given me reasons not to trust him. He turned my location services on my phone when I wasn't looking, and I don't think that he knows that I know he is tracking me. What do I do? I want to say something because he can see my location, but I cannot see his. It is extremely unfair and I do not know how to go about the conversation.

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Before you blame your boyfriend, each time that you may use a certain app or download a new one your location can be turned on by the app. For instance, my weather app turns on my location each time I check the weather through the app and I have to physically turn off the location when I exit the app because after an update of the app that feature was automatically checked. Turn off your location and see if he says anything. You say you have nothing to hide so if he brings it up you can reassure him that although you know he has insecurities you would never violate your relationship.

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How can I track the location and call and SMS logs of my boyfriend?

I want to make sure that he is loyal with me. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: He is previously a chick-boy

Just because he was a flirt before you got in a relationship does not mean that his is now cheating. If you need to get proof that he is not cheating you can use a spy app and many reputable ones are mentioned in this VisiHow article and on this page. First you should have a conversation with him about your fears. You may be surprised to learn that he was just searching for the right person and you happy to be that person.

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I cheated on my ex once and I was very drunk in July, been OK since, he started working and on the 8th this month he says he wants time apart, a girl has been messaging what do I do, how can I win him back?

I don't know his iPhone passcode so I don't know how can I check without going to prison. I have tried: Tried entering passcodes no go. I think it was caused by: I cheated on my boyfriend, big mistake. He wants time apart thinking of leaving, the girl he talks to

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