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Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet

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My boyfriend told his friend that I still miss her ex and love her, the thing is they don't have time to meet?

My boyfriend still in love with his ex while I am pregnant. I have tried: To talk to him about the message I saw. I think it was caused by: I don't know


Oh this is quite the can of worms. Since you saw the text in person there is no denying this for your boyfriend. Unfortunately now you and he need to consider that you are both bringing a child into the world that will bind you forever. Perhaps the thought of impending fatherhood is terrifying him and this was a knee jerk reaction text which he later regretted.

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No one can tell you what to do but I am going to give you an opinion to consider. Under no circumstances should anyone stay with someone just because of a child. They may think that staying together for the sake of the child is the best thing but in reality that child will grow up in a household where one or both parents are significantly unhappy. That child should not think that all love is like that. The other issue is that you have asked him to talk about the message yet still feel insecure in the relationship. For now, I suggest you give your boyfriend an out. Tell him that you think you both need time apart and that you give him your full blessing to move on and go back with his ex. One of two things will happen. He will stay and tell you that he loves you and wants this to work or he will run to his ex. Guess what? He would have probably done this in the long run anyway if he jumps at the chance of leaving. It is not easy to raise a child alone but better then always wondering what your boyfriend is doing with significant distrust. Trust is needed for a relationship to grow and flourish and without trusting him there is no point keeping him around even if you are having a baby. I am so sorry this is happening to you and that you have to deal with all this emotional turmoil during pregnancy. Remember that stress is dangerous in a pregnancy and you will want to distance yourself from this stress for the sake of the pregnancy.

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Eat healthy and drink enough fluids. Get a good amount of at least 8 hours of sleep. Take walks to relieve some of the stress. Perhaps consider counseling for the both of you before the baby arrives if you wish to stay together. It is best to get this all settled before the baby comes into your life. No baby has ever rescued a relationship. Instead although they are the greatest blessing, it can be quite the disruption to a relationship for the first several months until you and baby establish a routine.

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Long time friend and now I have feelings for him?

Hi.. Me and my guy are cool friends and best buddies. We share everything, 2 years ago he said his girlfriend left him, and is in a relationship with another guy, but after few months when I tried to contact him, he said his ex is back again and he started avoiding me.. Now he said he said he is in relationship with her but still texts and calls me out and even I'm better than her.. He doesn't want me to be my friend and he doesn't want sex either... But likes me. Has given me support and I know him for more than 9 years

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He just wants to be friends. That is it and that is all you should expect. If you have feelings for him then you need to distance yourself immediately. Just because he likes you does not mean that he will ever leave his girlfriend. And liking you as a friend is completely different than liking you because he wants a relationship with you. He is giving you mixed messages so end the cycle for him and take him out of your phone contacts and social media. Tell him that you are giving him space to be in his relationship.

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. Why does my boyfriend not show me if it an affection and why doesn't he want to be around me hold hands cuddle with me or anything?

. My boyfriend loves it says that he loves me but he doesn't do anything with me he doesn't help me clean house he doesn't help me cook he doesn't help me do anything he doesn't buy me anything he doesn't go anywhere he doesn't do anything with me but he says he loves me but he's always giving more affection towards his children with the other ex and he said she's not in the picture but the kids are and he's always calling his kids behind my back or talking to the kids or keep them secret or whatever he's doing he's not doing with me and I was just wondering why

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The kids come first. Even over you. Sorry. This is a reality that you have to accept if you want to be in a relationship with someone who has children from a previous relationship. It is wonderful that he is striving to be a good father to his children even when he is not there every day for them. He should not have to feel like he needs to hide communication with them. Instead what you should be doing is suggesting to do things with both him and his children together. This may make him feel more open to you. Right now you blocking his interaction with the children will make him distance himself from you. If you compromise and make an effort to get to know his children and give him the space that he needs to be a parent then your relationship will grow. You will be surprised at the night and day difference.

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However, you seem really unhappy with this relationship. Why are you staying if you do not want him to parent his children and you think that he does not want to interact with you? All you are doing is making yourself miserable. No one is perfect and there is no perfect relationship either. It is all about compromise and communication which seems to be seriously lacking in this relationship.

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