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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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My boot menu is in Chinese language?

How can I change boot menu language for hard reset of my HTC desire 620g


You have to change your language through settings. To hard reset, your phone look for two Chinese characters with E-MMC either in upper or lower case and that means Wipe Data in Chinese. This should be listed around the 6 option once you have brought up the recovery boot menu.

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Thank you sir its written in Chinese?

Reset my Android, I'm trying to reset it but it's written in Chinese


Meme Choose these to factory restore your Chinese Android 50679.jpg

The option you need to click starts with two Chinese characters and is then followed by e MMC. The translation of this is 'wipe e MMC'. This is what you will use to hard reset your Android device. You can read more about it on this VisiHow page How do I get past wipe data and Factory Reset.

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How to figure out the Chinese menu?

The top says CWM-based Recovery v6.0.4.5, I don't see anywhere that has MMC. When the phone gets to the T-Mobile logo it's stuck. Chinese language recovery menu.


Click the top choice in Chinese and then look for e-MMC because that is what you will choose to wipe the data off the phone. If the phone is still stuck on the T-Mobile start up screen then bring it into a T-Mobile location so they can assess and correct your phone issue.

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Chinese malware unable to go from Stubborn Trojan killer?

Chinese malware unable to go from Stubborn Trojan killer

Stubborn Trojan Killer is a trusted app to remove malware, however, a suggestion would be to install Malwarebytes. I have personally had Malwarebytes find viruses my other antivirus app missed. For this reason, I have two antiVirus apps on my devices and run both to make sure I am fully protected.

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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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