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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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My best friend told me she likes me, what do I do?

She told me she liked me today and I paused. I didn't know what to say I just stared at the paper she passed in class wondering what to write back so I just wrote on the paper "awww" which made it worse so she gave me the paper back saying more stuff so I said I like you too. (trying to get rid of the rest of this dialogue so don't mind the rest of these work

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The sign of a mere friendly affection can be caused by recollection of some of your positive moments together, which furthered a gust of emotions. However, it may be also her probing the grounds and seeing if it is possible to make a step forward; therefore, if you do not wish to get into a relationship, then all you need to do is state clearly without referring to the incident that you do like her a lot in a friendly way or as a friend; and you can do it in any conversation. If your affection is more than friendly towards her, then you can ask her whether she would ask a man like you out. If she responds positively, you can dare her in a jocular manner. If she accepts, then it may be a great way to see how you can move on with the relationship.

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I am confused whether my friend likes me as I do or not?

He is my senior and we know each other since last 3 years I like him since I am talking to him but I don't know his view about me. He cares for me, supports me in every situation, but as he belongs to a Gujarati family he is not very confident to tell that he likes me or not. But I sometimes feel that he likes me. Maybe I am wrong. Please help me to sort this.. I have tried: I tried to know he likes me or not via our messages and chat as we belong to different states but that could not help.I tried to give him clues that I like him so much but I don't know whether he understood or not.. I think it was caused by: This problem is because he is a shy person and belongs to a Gujarati family as he knows his family will not be ready for me maybe this is the reason behind this. But whenever I pretend to avoid him or ignore him he became cautious and concern about me.

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He does like you but whether it is as a friend or girlfriend, seems to be your issue. Whenever you do not respond to him, he becomes concerned so this means that he cares about your general wellbeing. It also means that he is seeking out your company on a regular basis. You need to be honest with him about how you are interested in him. Not through hints but actual forthright actions. Tell him that you would like a future with him. You have said he is shy and someone like that could be missing all the other hints you have dropped in the past. If you are concerned that you may lose the friendship you have with him, let him know that although you would like things to be more romantic between the both of you, the most important thing is having him in your life. There are some geographic issues to this possible relationship because you live in different States. Be prepared to have to uproot your life for this relationship to work out. You may have to be the stronger one for awhile because he is shy but do not be afraid to make the move.

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I think my friend likes me. She has been acting different lately, what does this mean?

Well, I feel like she has been different lately. She is a lot nicer and when I say things I like and she hates she agrees with me anyways. When I call her she acts shy and awkward. When I make jokes she always laughs and tells me I'm funny. She never acted like this before.. I have tried: I've talked with my other friends and discussed how to figure it out.. I think it was caused by: My personality maybe. I don't know, I've changed a lot, so maybe she likes me now.

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This largely depends on your age bracket. She may just suddenly have matured and is feeling confident. Instead of talking to your other friends, speak with her directly. You may want to start the conversation with how much it means to have her in your life. This will relax her and help to make the conversation less awkward. If you have feelings for her tell her about those before asking about her feelings towards you. Do not be afraid of her reaction. This is your friend so the worst that could happen is she tells you that she just wants to remain friends.

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I am confused if he really likes me or just considers me a good friend?

We are currently doing our post-graduation. I met him 4 months ago. Since then we have become very close friends. We spend most of our time with each other. We study together all the time. His voice changes when he talks to me. As in, he becomes much more gentle and caring when he is talking to me. We share our stories with each other all the time. Recently, I also felt that sometimes we would just end up standing really close to each other. However, a few weeks ago he met another girl. The girl ended up telling him that she likes him. And he usually starts discussing her. All this confuses me a lot. Sometimes I feel that he likes her but at other times I feel that he likes me.

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The other girl could just be a second best since he thinks you only want to be friends. You really like him so it is important for you to tell him before he gets further entangled in this new girl. When you do tell him your feelings, make sure to clarify that you are not just saying this because he is talking to another girl. Otherwise, it will just appear that you are jealous and only reacting because of the other girl. Your friendship may fall apart but would you want to spend the next year listening to how great this girl is? One way to approach the conversation is to tell him that you appreciate his friendship but are starting to have feelings for him. Let him know that you have to work through those and listening about how his new girl enriches his life confuses and hurts you. Be prepared for the possibility that he may end the friendship but that is better than you beating yourself up for not telling him how you feel.

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The lady am dating is the small sister to Anna my best friend but since Anna broke up with max her boyfriend she is making moves, she wants me around her, if my girlfriend calls she gives me the phone in a jealous tone and during meetings at parties, she comes I cuddle her in ma arms recently she feels she would have dated me instead. what do I do n I don't want to lose them both. I can't get clues to my problem. these are two sisters full of drama

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