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Replace the SIM card of Samsung Galaxy S3

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My Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has no slot for a SIM card. How can I use it in Oman?


Sprint is a CDMA carrier in the United States. CDMA is a technology that does not use SIM cards to connect to a cellular network, instead relying on internal components that take the job of a SIM card to make sure that your phone can connect to the network. Unfortunately, not many countries outside of the United States still use CDMA for their carrier networks. They use a technology called GSM, which does require SIM cards for their phones to connect to their networks. Unfortunately, since your Samsung Galaxy S3 from Sprint does not have a slot for a SIM card, you may not be able to use it in Oman since you will not be able to get a SIM card from a carrier there to put into your phone. However, you can use certain Sprint phones in other countries by paying Sprint for its international plans. These plans are very expensive -- up to .99 per voice minute! -- but they allow you to use your own phone instead of purchasing an inexpensive one that is compatible with another country's network. Contact Sprint's customer service to set up an international plan for your Samsung Galaxy S3 so you can use your own phone when you visit Oman.

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Replace the SIM card of Samsung Galaxy S3

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