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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Password lock on HTC WildFire and no internet connection?

The phone has no internet connection and is locked. Don't know the Google account but it wouldn't matter because the phone can't access the internet.


You will have to hard reset the HTC WildFire because you do not have WiFi enabled.

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    Remove the battery and after 30 seconds, reinsert.
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    Press and hold Volume - and Power.
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    Release once the Android men appear and then push Volume - again.
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    Use Volume - to navigate to the Factory Reset option and use Power to select and begin the process.
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Hello, I am catching hell trying to set up my LG G4 after reset?

After entering too many bad pins, the LG G4 reset and now it will not connect to the email account it was previously synced with and keeps sending me back to the beginning of the set up after I enter the password.

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Flash new Stock ROM to avoid this boot loop issue. Others have experienced your same problem and flashing Stock ROM solved their boot loop error.

My LG G4 won't accept my passwords for certain apps?

When I try to log into my Facebook or Ebay on my phone it says I have the wrong password. I try on my laptop and it accepts it. Why won't my phone recognize my passwords


Install Chrome on your PC and LG G4. Use the autofill option for both and sync your Google Account before you try to access Facebook or Ebay again. You can also try logging into these apps using your phone number and password and see if it works then.

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How to unlock PUK code on LG MS345?

Hi, my LG MS345 got locked with an update and I don't know how to fix it? Can you help me please.

The code 2945#*345# should work. You may have to remove the battery first and then unlock the code. If this does not work, then bring the phone into your cell service provider or the store where you purchase the phone. You can try flashing new Stock ROM to see if that can recover the phone.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Bro how can I unlock screen for Alcatel one touch mobile,I forgot?

Alcatel / FCC ID:RAD416 one touch 7040A

Check out this Youtube Tutorial on how to unlock the One Touch in under 1 minute. The video shows you how to hard reset the device.

Hi I'm trying to reset my LG p970?

Its locked, I can not access it. I have tried the password but I think my kid changed it or something. I have tried: Holding the on button and the volume down button and the G button at the same time

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