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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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Must you know someone's address to have a warrant issued?


No, their information will be know in the area for the person who has the warrant out for their arrest, the police will have access to the persons address or last known address so that they can apprehend the person in question.

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No, the address is not needed. The only problem is that you, yourself can't issue a warrant for somebody. Now you could press charges on someone for abuse, stalking and various other things. But you can't just issue a warrant, that is something done by the court system to catch offenders.

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Can I contact the police and provide a location for someone with a warrant out for them?

If I make a visual with a confirmed location of someone with a warrant out for them ,can I flag down an officer and provide this info to get this thief off the streets.


Yes, you can report if you see and have the location of a person that has a warrant out for their arrest. Do not approach that person and wait for local law enforcement to confirm that they are sending an officer to the location.

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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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