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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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Must you know someone's address to have a warrant issued?


No, their information will be know in the area for the person who has the warrant out for their arrest, the police will have access to the persons address or last known address so that they can apprehend the person in question.

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No, the address is not needed. The only problem is that you, yourself can't issue a warrant for somebody. Now you could press charges on someone for abuse, stalking and various other things. But you can't just issue a warrant, that is something done by the court system to catch offenders.

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Can I contact the police and provide a location for someone with a warrant out for them?

If I make a visual with a confirmed location of someone with a warrant out for them ,can I flag down an officer and provide this info to get this thief off the streets.


Yes, you can report if you see and have the location of a person that has a warrant out for their arrest. Do not approach that person and wait for local law enforcement to confirm that they are sending an officer to the location.

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I am trying to find out where I can look up warrants for all states?

My husband has had contact with police in two different occasions and no warrants have come up...but the lawyer says he has a warrant...wouldn't the police arrest him if a warrant came up?


It depends on what the warrant is for. If there was a warrant for unpaid parking tickets, they may not arrest him. Arrest Warrant has an online database search for all states that you can use or visit the government pages of any states that he has resided or visited for a period of time to see if they have a warrant search.

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If the attorney informed you of the warrant they should be able to provide proof of that warrant.

Are you free to find out for me?

Arrest warrant, do I have one? if so please tell me why?

You can follow the steps in the VisiHow article on this page to find out if you have a warrant for your arrest.

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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest
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How in the world can I find out if I have a warrant without paying for it. Everyone says it is free then they want money?

I have tried so many sites and they all want money. Is nothing free any more. I think it is fraud cause they say its free

Call your local law enforcement. They can't arrest you over the phone so inquiring is minimal risk if you do have a warrant. That is also the best way to know for sure as databases online have to be updated and if your warrant was issued recently it may not show up in an online search.

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How can I find out if I had any charges filed against me?

I was recently pulled over after an accident. I had been drinking at the time, the police talked to me took my information, but did not even say I was under arrest or being charged for anything. Everything happened so quickly that I am not sure if I was charged with anything, how can I find out?

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If you were not taken to jail that evening, there probably is not an arrest warrant. What you can do is request a copy of the accident report for your insurance company and if a warrant was issued it will be noted on the report.

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To find out if I have any warrants or court proceedings?

Free warrant look ups for myself

There are not really any free sites but you can look up warrants on most local and federal .gov websites. You also can call the clerk of courts for your region and ask them to search your name in their database for any outstanding warrants or court appearances.

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He has an warrant issued for mistake of the jailers, how can we not let that be used against him?

Got released on a bond and it was an accidental release, why was a warrant issued? It was clearly the jailers mistake? How can it be dropped?. I have tried: He is in jail right now. I think it was caused by: Being released

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If he was not supposed to be released, the warrant was to get him back to jail to correct the release mistake. It should not count against him but you should hire an attorney to look further into a new possible hearing to keep the release as official and not a mistake. It will help your case if he did not resist or get caught doing any criminal acts for the brief time that he was released.

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How do I find out if I have a warrant without having to pay for membership, or even a trial period?

Trying to find out if I have a warrant, how can I find out without having to pay for a membership or trial period?. in cumberland county, nc, can you advise me?

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