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So you were on your iPhone browsing the net for some good deals on a buy and sell forums. After searching through a lot of pages, you saw a good deal. You took down the dealer's number and made an SMS inquiry. To go to Messages, you pressed Home button, and proceed with the Messages app only to find that you are missing a digit for the contact's number. You opened Safari back to check on it but was dismayed when you discovered that the mobile browser has restarted to zero. So you need to go to the site again and flip through the pages. Frustrating. We know. However, some may not know it, but iPhones with OS 4.0 and above have multi-tasking abilities. We have outlined below on how can you multi-task using your iPhone and go back to where you were on a specific application.

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To Multi-Task on iPhone

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    The secret to iPhone multi-tasking is double tapping on the Home button
    Double tapping the Home button will bring up the recently used applications.
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    You can scroll to the left or to the right for a view of the applications.
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    Tapping on any of the application will bring to the exact point where you left on the said application.
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There are times when you need to close some applications that are running. This is to free some memory on your iPhone to give more space for other processes. Go through the instructions below to close running applications. You should notice a change in your phone's responsiveness upon closing some applications.

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To Close Running Applications on iPhone

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    First, double tap your home button.
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    You can scroll to the left or to the right for a view of the applications.
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    Select the application you want to be closed.
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    Press and hold on the icon
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    Tap on the Delete button (Red circle with a minus sign)
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    Application should close to free some memory.
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Benefits of Multi Tasking

  • You can start off exactly from where you left. For example, if you were typing an email and got disturbed for a while, the multitasking functionality of iPhone will allow you to come back right away to where you have left off in terms of the message you are typing. You do not need to go through folders in order to find your message draft.
  • Switch to different application at ease. If for example you need to refer to another app, you can do this in just a few seconds. For example, if you are using Skype and you need to copy a sentence from one of your emails, you can simply swipe through your mail to copy and be able to return on Skype after a few seconds.
  • Saves you time from going over again. You do not need to do things again. For instance, if you are surfing a blog on Safari, you do not need to type the URL again in case you got disturbed for a while. Just scroll through the pending apps and you will be redirected directly to the page you are viewing.

Drawbacks of Multi Tasking

  • iPhone could get slow when many running applications remain open. It is ideal not to have more than 5 apps running at the same time. While it will continue to work no matter how much apps are open, you will notice a significant delay in reaction and sometimes it may even get stuck at some point.
  • Home Button could wear faster if repeatedly used. If you keep on double clicking the home button, the button itself may have to be replaced later on. If your phone is out of warranty already, you may find it difficult to look for replacement parts.
  • It may lead you to cause some errors on what you are working on. For example, you may end up pasting a wrong message to the wrong person or sending the email to another email address. While iPhone makes multitasking so much easier, it remains to be rather distracting to do it.


  • Multi-tasking won't drain your battery. This is a common misconception.
  • Use an application called Activator to extend the life of your Home Button

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