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Move a Sim Card Between Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Note 2 and iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5

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Temporarily needing to use Samsung Galaxy S2 because iPhone 5S got wet?

I have an older phone handy that I'd like to use while my iPhone is drying out and until I can get a replacement in (I have insurance, but the problem is the weekend). I know that iPhone 5S uses a smaller SIM card than my old Galaxy, so I'm not sure what the first step is for trying to temporarily use an older phone. Do I need to find one of my old SIM cards that I used when I had the Samsung (it's not in there right now)? Or do I need to take it to T-Mobile? Also, how do you tell T-Mobile "I want this phone to ring now instead of that phone when my number is called" Is that something the carrier has to do or can I do that by myself somehow?

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Only one SIM card can be active with the number that you own. You will have several options in this situation (note that you have to own the SIM card and present your ID when contacting T-Mobile):

  • asking T-Mobile to block the older card and reissue a new nano-SIM;
  • asking T-Mobile to block the older card, reissue a new nano-SIM, and buy an adapter for your nano-SIM card so that you will be able to insert it into Samsung Galaxy S2 later on;
  • taking the SIM card out of S2 and cutting it (follow our tutorial for that or just bring it to a phone store where it is possible to cut it).
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We recommend blocking the old SIM, issuing a nano-SIM, and using an adapter. This will ensure that the SIM card size is perfect for both phones, that you will have a nano-SIM with a micro- and normal-size adapter for any future phones, and that any carrier-related upgrades are provided to you with the new SIM card (for example, something like 4G that might have been not available for normal-size SIM cards in the past).

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Can I safely move the SIM card from my AT&T iPhone to my US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3?

I used to be with a different phone carrier and the phone that I used was a Samsung Galaxy S3 but I switched to AT&T and bought my first iPhone. I absolutely hate it!. My question is, can I safely move the SIM card from my iPhone to my Samsung Galaxy S3I without damaging the SIM card or phone.

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It will not work because AT&T phones operate on GSM while US Cellular phones operate on CDMA like Verizon.

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Will a SIM from a Samsung GT S5830i work in an iPhone 4 8GB?

Looking to get an iPhone but keep the £10 month SIM


Different SIM card sizes for this device. You will need to a new contract for the iPhone unfortunately. Where you currently are under contract may give you the same deal if you request.

Can I switch SIM cards from a Samsung S3 to an iPhone 5 without cutting? or does Verizon give you one?

Samsung S3 is completely broken and trashed, received iPhone today

If you are getting the phone directly from Verizon then it will have a SIM card locked to Verizon within the phone. It is standard when purchasing under contract with a cellphone carrier.

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Move a Sim Card Between Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Note 2 and iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
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I have a Galaxy S3 mini, will it transfer OK to the Android S5?

Will I be able to transfer the SIM card with the same service provider I have; AT&T. I have tried: Nothing I do not have the S5 yet

The devices do not have the same size of SIM installed. AT&T will provide you a new SIM if you have the S5 under contract with them.

My iPhone 5 just died and I wanted to transfer my number and data to my old Samsung S4?

MY iPhone 5 went through the wash and is dead, need to transfer my number and data to my Samsung S4 SIM. Both SIM cards are with the same carrier and I originally did this the opposite way when I got the iPhone

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As long as the SIM is not damaged then you can use it however, most data is not saved to the SIM. It goes on the SD card so that is what you would need to transfer. Even then you would have had to save data like apps and photos to the SD card previously.

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