Monitor Bandwidth per User Mac Address on Dd-Wrt

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If you have a DD-WRT router like me and are perplexed by your unexpected bandwidth usage, then this wiki should help you out. We will show you how to see your usage peaks & non-peaks by MAC address.

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    Follow the instructions ON THIS PAGE.
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    I used the /tmp instruction since I don't have any fancy jffs (whatever that is).
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    I used putty.exe to telnet in on port 23 as root and my router password.
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    Add the crontab entries to /tmp/cron.d by making a file and adding the entries given
    I don't know if this helps but you can also enter the crontab in the GUI under Administration > Management about halfway down the page in the "cron" section. I mention this because I would think changes here might persist after a reboot. This needs to be tested. Feel free to modify this wiki to add these results.
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    I ran all the commands manually to generate the usage.htm file the first time myself.
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    Then I was able to view the first report at
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    Since I am doing all this under the /tmp folder if I reboot the router all data will be lost
    So don't reboot unless you have to.
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    If you do reboot, you will need to re-install by following these instructions again.
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Questions and Answers

I have an E2000 and I am a Windows user. Is there another product that I can use to monitor bandwidth by mac address that is user friendly?

I have a gang of WiFi and LAN gadgets drawing bandwidth but when only one or two is being used, I still experience serious draw from gadgets that aren't being used and I would like to narrow it down. Do you know of a good app?

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