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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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Missed calls are not showing up on my phone icon?

Galaxy S4 my missed calls are not showing on my phone icon. How do I get it back


This issue is usually caused by a Samsung Galaxy S4's user's decision to upgrade to Lollipop. The new update's default settings only show text messages at the bottom of the home screen and omit the count of missed calls entirely. To add the notification go to Settings and tap on Sound and Display. Next, tap on Sounds and Notifications and then tap Notifications. Select "while locked" and then select "Show all content." Return to your home screen. If notifications still don't show up (you can test this by phoning yourself with another phone) then reboot the phone.

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The above solution also works for Galaxy S4's that have lost the Missed Calls notification on their home screen.

How do I get missed call indication on Samsung S4?

Hi, I have been avoiding the system update with fears of something may go wrong, but I activated it by mistake. Now I do not get missed call indications on the phone icon on my home screen. I did what was explained on your website including the reboot, but still no indication of missed call showing on the phone icon. I would appreciate if you can help.. I have tried: Did what was explained on the site.. I think it was caused by: Upgrading to the new operation system.

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Follow the above answer for configuring your Sound and Notifications options to ALL and not just text messages etc. You will further want to go into Applications Manager and select BadgeProvider. Clear the cache and data from that application. Then put your S4 into Recovery Mode. Choose Wipe Cache Partition. Test once the phone restarts to see if missed calls are displayed.

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What can I do for this problem, missed call not showing in Lenovo k50240?

Missed call not showing in Lenovo k50240


This is a new feature of Lollipop 5.0. Use an app like Nova Launcher if you can't configure your Sound and Notification settings to display missed calls.

Hi. Android Call Log is not storing or displaying recent missed/incoming/outcoming calls?

I'm trying to fix my moms phone. It is an Android model sgh-I257M Android version 4.4.2. Her call log is inaccurate. Does not show all missed calls or store any of the daily calls. Do you have an idea to fix?

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In Applications Manager, select Phone. Clear the cache and data for that app. There seems to be a cache conflict causing the issue. Then go into the Phone app settings and see if she configured it to not save logs. Also, apps like CCleaner or CleanMaster will delete old logs if you select the option. She may have a conflict with one of those apps.

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