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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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Me and this girl like each other but I stuffed up bad?

She likes me and I like her but I've stuffed up twice saying accidentally I'd like to lose my virginity by the time I'm 18. I'm 17 now , how do I fix this


You created a situation that she may not be comfortable with. Making statements like that tell the girl that she may not be able to help you fulfill your goal and you may pressure her or cheat if you do not get what you want. You should never impose a goal on losing your virginity. As a teenager, there can be peer pressure from friends to do things that you may not be ready for just yet. As a general rule, you should know that losing your virginity does not make you a man or an adult. What actually makes you a man is knowing when you are ready for life changing situations and responsibility and be ready to face consequences of actions.

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Speak to the girl and let her know that you were foolish for imposing an age on this goal but that you like her and when you both are ready, if you are ever ready in this relationship, you can discuss it then. Realize that with sexual contact comes the risk of pregnancy or contracting a venereal disease. It also can destroy a young relationship. Let her know that you are not going to pressure her and that you are not with her just to complete your goal but that you genuinely like her.

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What do I do when my girl is mad at me cause she didn't make a team?

I need some help! my girlfriend is mad because she didn't make a team and I said something stupid and she is mad at me


Where you messed up is not fulfilling the emotional support she needed. You should have just commiserated with her and offered to help her possibly make the team with the next trials. Emotionally she just needed you to say it is okay and not list the mistakes she may have made.

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Offer your emotional support and work on encouraging her instead of discouraging her with critiques. Figure out a way to uplift her spirits and do not bring up the fact that she did not make the team unless she brings it up. When she brings it up, think before you speak.

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Should I call my girl or wait out?

I have been with my girl for three years and we have a baby together, we are presently living with family, She with her sister and I live with my mom, she is mad at me because I'm acting real clingy and hit her with a ton of questions every time we talk. I really want to call her, or should I wait till she calls?. I have tried: I hate our situation and hit her with a ton of questions, what you doing, were have you been, why, etc. I think it was caused by: Our living arrangements and my insecurity

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Be honest about your insecurity. When you start with your emotions and how you feel that she may cheat or that your living arrangements are not in your control, she may receive you better than just firing off several questions about what she has been doing. When we feel that situations are out of our control we can overcompensate.

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You share a child together so in the future ask about how the child is and what their day was like. Make a plan with her to eventually co-exist in the same household. This way when you feel insecure you can focus on moving up the time table instead of trying to monitor your girlfriend 24/7.

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Just start dating a new girl and she is traveling to Malaysia, today I need a good note from you?

Give me good paragraph, I can send it to here

My Dearest,

Though we have just met, I will miss not seeing your beautiful smile while you are in Malaysia. I hope that your visit is magical and that you can come back revitalized. I look forward to hearing all about your journey and Malaysia when you return. May you learn something exciting and new each day that you are there!

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Counting down to your return,

Your Name

Send Sweet Messages to Your Girlfriend is a VisiHow article that lists cute messages to send to your girlfriend. You can send one a day to her while she is away to let her know that you are thinking about her. Start planning a fund date for when she returns and make is special.

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