Make an animated cartoon the easy way

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Cartoon animation is one of the best ways to make a visual presentation of the story you want to tell. You can be the director, and set the plot of your movie using the cartoon animation. The coolest features of animating cartoons are that you can pick the character you want, and its background places. You can direct the actions and emotions of your character and put a voice-over or text to speech voice to be more interactive with your viewers. Don't worry if you don't have any skills in creating a cartoon animation, because this tutorial was made for a newbie like you, and even someone with zero skills or expertise can do it. Yes, you heard it right. We don't need to use any expensive and hard-to-learn software programs to create a good cartoon animation because we are going to use a do-it-yourself, web-based application called GoAnimate. So let's get started.

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Web-based cartoons you can make yourself

  1. 1
    Register at GoAnimate.
    Go to their site and register. Note: You can use your existing Facebook or Gmail account to register. You can subscribe for free to test it out, but the trial has limited features. You can subscribe to their GoPlus plan for a very reasonable price of $18 for three months. You can compare every plan on their website at .
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  2. 2
    Choose your plan.
    After you have chosen your subscription, whether it's a free or not, you can actually start doing simple, easy and cool cartoon animations.
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  3. 3
    Start from scratch.
    From your account, click the "Make a video" button and start from scratch. If you have a free subscription, just choose any template you want and hit "Make Video". Please see the screenshots below.
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  4. 4
    Add your characters.
    You can choose different characters you want and you can also import your own character if you are a GoPlus member. To do this, just drag or click your character to your scene background.
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  5. 5
    Flip your character.
    Look at the screenshots below.
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  6. 6
    Add actions.
    This is one of the coolest parts of GoAnimate because it allows you to make your characters perform certain actions automatically. To do this, click your character and a menu will pop up with a lot of options for any action. To follow this, look at the instructions below.
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  7. 7
    Add a text to speech voice.
    If you don't have a portable microphone to do a voice-over, you can use the text to speech feature and choose your language and voice character. All you need to do is to type the words for them able to speak.
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  8. 8
    Change your scene background.
    By clicking your background tabs, a lot of backgrounds will appear, so you choose the best background to suit your presentation theme. Just click and drag to add your background.
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  9. 9
    Add music background.
    This is very simple, just follow the screenshots below.
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  10. 10
    Add a new scene.
    If you want to have multiple scenes in your cartoon animation, then from your workspace, click the black "Add scene" button. Just follow the screenshots below.
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Free alternatives to GoAnimate

  1. 1
    This is a great way to create simple cartoon animations without registration. Visit the website at To start, do the following steps below carefully and accurately. Images are also attached for a better understanding of what to do. Please, do look onto the mouse cursor when following the steps. It points the location of what to click.
    1. Select a Background and a Sky. As you can see the image below, there are two options, which is the Background and the Sky. To continue onto the next step, you must first pick your choice of background and sky. In this sample, I picked each of the first options for background and sky. You can combine each of the background options with each of the sky options. Experiment and see what suits your taste.
      Pick A Background
      Pick A Sky
    2. To continue, click on the clickable orange-colored Next option below.
      Click Next
    3. Select A Plot. After successfully doing the first 2 steps, you'll then be delivered to the next list of selection, which is the selection of Plot. There are 4 plots that you can select and these are Rendez-vous, Pick-Up, Chase, and Soliloquy. Note that there may be newer options in the future if the maker updated this animated cartoon maker. In this sample, I used the Rendez-vous sample.
      Pick A Plot
    4. To proceed, click the Next option on the lower part once again.
      Click Next Once Again
    5. On the next list of selection, there will be two options, which is the Character 1 and Character 2. You need to pick one for each of the options. In this sample, I used the first option for the character 1 and the third option for the character 2.
      First option for the Character 1
      Third option for the Character 2
    6. To continue, click the Next option for the third time.
      Click Next for the third time.
    7. After clicking Next, you will then be taken to the next list of selection. This time, you'll be creating a scene, and to make it possible, you need to put scripts or lines for the Character 1 and the Character 2. In this sample picture, I provided the lines with instructions so that you'll be able to understand fully what to do.
      Insert Some Texts.
    8. After providing the fields with texts, for the fourth time, to proceed, click the Next option again.
      Click Next for the fourth time
    9. Select A Background Music. Following the next step, you will be taken to another list of selection, and this time, you will be selecting a music theme for your scene, which you created earlier using the previous steps. In this sample, I picked Latin-Beat. You may also pick the No Music option if you do not want a background music for your animated cartoon scenes.
      Select A Background Music
    10. Lastly, there are three orange-colored options at the lower part, which is Back, Add New Scene and Finish Movie. To finish creating your animated cartoon, click the FINISH MOVIE option, but if you want to make some changes, to go back, click the BACK option. If you aren't satisfied with your current scene, to make a new scene, click the ADD NEW SCENE option.
      Finish Movie
    11. If you opted to finish the movie, you will then be taken to the final page in which you'll need to pick a Title Design, put your desired Movie Title and Director's Name. In this sample, I used the fourth option for the Title Design and putted my own idea for the Movie Title and my username for the Director's Name.
      Pick A Title Design, Insert Movie Title and Director's Name
      After this, click the orange-colored PREVIEW AND SEND MOVIE at the lower part.
    12. Voila! You now have your own animated cartoon created by Dvolver! Here's the finish product of the steps used in this tutorial together with the fields provided with instructions. Click the box beside the Yes option if you want to join DFilm Mailing list, or No, if you do not want to. After this, click Send.
      Send it To Family and Friends
      Congratulations on completing this tutorial! Enjoy your newly-made animated cartoon, and show it to your family and friends.
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  • Make sure that all the emails you inserted on the email's field is correct for your movie to be successfully sent. After 50 seconds, if the Sending prompt is still continuing, click Back and re-renter all of the email addresses.
  1. 1
    This is another free service that lets you create a custom avatar, add your own voice from your microphone or text to speech. It's very easy to use. Visit the website at here
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  2. 2
    Zimmer Twins.
    This is the closest free alternative to GoAnimate and it's totally free. But there are only two characters available to use. Try it here --
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • If you want a decent cartoon animation to go along with your business presentation, go to the GoAnimate website, and subscribe for a GoPro account.
  • If you are doing a cartoon animation for fun, subscribe to GoPlus or stick with the free plan.
  • Monetize your YouTube channel by creating cool and stunning cartoon movies.

Questions and Answers

GoAnimate alternatives?

The best alternative for GoAnimate is Dvolver. Dvolver is a free online website that allows you to create simple animations without any registration. To try and test it for your self if it suits your needs in creating an animation you can visit their website at

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Instead of using Go!Animate, you can check into things like Adobe After Effects, Xtranormal, Wideo, or maybe even Apple Motion.

See more questions like this: Free alternatives to GoAnimate

Best way to design cartoon animation?

The simple and best way to design cartoons is by using the GoAnimate cause it has a lots of features that is user friendly and have some simple tutorials and hints on how to create your very own animation.

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And if you are trying to create your own design, you can first try to look for some animations so you can gain some ideas from their presentation and then look for some quite good themes for your design and characters .

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The best way is not always the easiest way, so if you really want the best design tool for cartoon animations, you should try to learn how to use some professional animation software, such as Toon Boom, Anime Studio, Adobe Flash Professional and Creatoon.

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Toon Boom -‎

Anime Studio -

Adobe Flash Professional -

Creatoon -

How can I be able to post animations on YouTube cause I'm a YouTuber and I want to post animations?

Want it in HD please I like it in that form

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Is this a great way to start as a voice actor and animator?

Well I'm a big fan of shows like "Archer" and have much appeal towards the freestyle type of improve these voice actors display on the show. Making their conversations so seamlessly fluid. I wish to direct if not provide a voice towards any character.

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Whats the program that I can make the cartoon easily?

About how to make a cartoon easily on computer

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Yeah how much money will this cost?

I want to make a cartoon series easily but I don't know what I'm doing.

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Easy way to make an animated cartoon short?

I was going to just Google it more, but since this popped up I'll ask you just in case. This isn't for money or a business advertisement, just want to make a funny cartoon to make my friends laugh.

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How can I get my idea into a cartoon format?

I'm having trouble making a cartoon, basically I have the idea what I'm doing and I am wasting time I don't have watching tutorials and videos trying to work out how to do it. I am wanting to make a short cartoon of a shark walking down the street, eats a human and requires a medic team to perform 'foreign body removal' using magill forceps and a laryngoscope. I need to explain in text bubble's the skill of 'foreign body removal.' . I am a mature age student trying to get an assignment done, I have only a week to dedicate to this but at this rate I'll be handing in nothing at all. Can you help at all?. I have tried: Powtoon, bitstrips, tried downloading images to use on a story board but it's not how I want it and is a static image anyway. I think it was caused by: I'm not tech savvy and these apps don't seem to be built to create my vision, you can only use templates, characters they have which is limited unless you want to pay a truckload and even then they wouldn't probably have what I'm looking for.... did I say I've never used any of this before and am completely out of my depth

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I need to create my own avatar characters?

I need to create my own avatar characters

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