Make a Romantic Valentine Dinner for Two Including Mood Setting Decorations and Music

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St. Valentine's Day stands out as the day reserved for lovers. The day smells of passion and romance, when every person in love wants to create the mood for an extra-special Valentine's date. If you're planning a whimsical dinner, perhaps there's no need to remind you about the colors and the themes. How do you set the stage to make a romantic Valentine's dinner for two, including mood setting decorations and music? This holiday, surprise your sweetheart by creating the perfect setting for a memorable Valentine's Day dinner for two.

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Valentine's Day is an exceptional day when you can go all out in expressing your love to your special someone. It's not a day that suddenly creeps up on you, so you have plenty of time to plan ahead. Whether you decide to create a magical forest in the middle of the living room, or call upon all the stars to twinkle above the dining table, there are lots of ideas you can use to pull off a wonderful soiree just for the two of you.

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How to Make a Romantic Valentine Dinner for Two

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    Decorate the Area.
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    There's no need to go for satin and velvet to spice up the place for your romantic dinner. Just give it some special touches to provide the "wow factor" from the moment your sweetheart enters the zone. Why not hang garlands and Christmas lights when they are least expected? You may be amazed at the fairy tale effect it lends to the atmosphere. Intertwine white Christmas lights with red and gold garland and drape them across a special corner you've chosen to be the dinner cove for the night.
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    Set the Mood.
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    The right mood can be ignited by the right lighting. Dim the lights to let romance fully shine. A cluster of pillar candles will emit the perfect glow, just enough to let you see what's on the table and in each other's eyes. Line up votive candles in windowsills, and on counters and other safe surfaces. Remove from view all romance-killers, such as utility bills, clutter, and dirty laundry.
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    Say it with Flowers.
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    There are many ways to express the language of love through flowers. Depending on your budget, you can buy a set of intricately arranged blooms or a lovely dozen long-stemmed roses. You may scatter red petals in the pathway leading to the dinner table. It's a cliche, but nevertheless, it always works and it's cheap. Ask florists if they have scrap flower petals that you can buy at half the price. You may also gather your potted plants around the area to create a little garden where love becomes the finest bloom of all.
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    Fill the Air with Music.
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    It's a nice touch to add to a romantic dinner for two. Make a playlist of classical or jazz pieces. Even if they are not your typical favorites, they are the perfect music to waft through the night. If you have a theme song or common preference, look for their instrumental version. Choose other mood-enhancing music to cultivate hushed conversation. There should be no other words to come out from both of you except those you whisper to each other's ears.
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    Dress up the Table.
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    Use a small table to make the dinner more intimate. It's also easier to move and decorate in a short period of time. If it's nice outside, set up the table in the garden or on the porch to provide you with a more romantic view. Cover the table with a beautiful red tablecloth or with any sheer fabric that you can tie with ribbons. While they can stand on their own, you may opt to mix and match red, pink, white, silver and gold for your color scheme. Place a dramatic centerpiece at the table, which can be a set in low vase, or a potted plant wrapped in themed fabric.
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    Use your Finest China and Silverware.
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    This is the day to make your loved one truly special by using your most precious collection of dinnerware. Don't ever consider using plastic or paper plates no matter how cute their heart designs are. For this occasion, you can purchase a set of tableware to create an elegant setting. Set linen napkins tucked with a beautiful flower in the holder.
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    Prepare a Special Dinner.
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    Nothing but your sweetheart's favorite dishes can be the fastest way to his heart. Of course, you need to prepare other light dishes to complete the Valentine's menu. If you're not a kitchen diva, you can secretly learn to cook some fancy dishes to surprise the beau. Or you may order carry out gourmet entrees and warm them in the oven until it is dinner time. Whatever you're serving, include aphrodisiacs, such as oysters that can be served fresh. It's important to keep track of time so that you'll not spend the evening running around the kitchen.
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    Dress for the Night.
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    You may be in your comfort zone, but this is definitely not the night to be wearing your tattered house clothes, apron, and flip flops. Show up at the dinner table as if you're stepping into a five-star hotel for a first date with your dashing Romeo. This is the night when you need to look your most romantic and smell your seductive best.
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    Make a Toast to your Relationship.
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    Champagne tops the list of Valentine's toasts, but don't discount a bottle of good sparkling wine to heat up some passion. Either can be served to compliment the romantic dinner. Use tall, delicate champagne flutes to clink before sipping the chilled, bubbling beverage. It's a great way to salute a relationship as iridescent as yours.
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    Bring the Meal to a Sweet Conclusion.
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    Today is not the day to watch your weight. You have an excuse to indulge in all the yummy goodies you've whipped up to end the meal on a sweet course. Again, if you're not good at baking, a quick visit to the bakery can yield you pastries, rich tarts, and designer cupcakes with swirl cream on top. Just add shaved chocolates and mint leaf to imprint your special touch.
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What happens after dinner depends on how you want to ultimately wrap up the night. You may dance to the music, or go out for a romantic movie. Depending on the mood you've created for the night, one thing can lead to another. If you've set up the bedroom hoping for a night of passion, don't waste your time preparing complicated dishes. Who'd want to make out with a full stomach? Stick to a simple and light Valentine's dinner.

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Tips, Tricks and Warning

  • If you're cooking the meal yourself, gather all the ingredients a day before to reduce the amount of stress on Valentine's Day.
  • If you want to make an impression and pass off the carry-out food you ordered as your own, cover all traces so that your little secret will not be found out.
  • Use glass or ceramic holders for all candles for safety and to protect your table ware from wax drips. Keep watch to make sure flames don't come in contact with flammable items.

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