Make Holidays Memorable Even on Short Budget

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    Take away your focus on the value of gifts and focus on thoughtfulness.
    It may be a cliché, but keep in mind that holidays are not about being able to buy and receive expensive gifts. In fact, gift giving is not done for the sake of showing off that you can buy something pricey. Remember that what's more important is the thought that goes with gifts. You may just be giving a very simple gift, but you really thought about it and were creative enough in coming up with the idea. For example, you may think of giving a very simple pair of kitchen gloves because you remember that your friend is always complaining that her nails crack when she spends a long time washing dishes. The gift itself is simple, but the concern and care that goes with the idea is priceless. If you focus on these types of things, you will enjoy your holiday even when you don't have much to spend.
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    Think of unique activities that you can do with your friends.
    Forget about playing computer games or sitting on the couch watching the most popular movie of the season. You have to think of really unique activities that you probably won't do on ordinary days. This way, the memory of the holidays will be different and that will make it all the more memorable.
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    Meet with the people that you are too busy to meet during ordinary days.
    Holidays are indeed the best time to catch up with people that you've ignored for some time because of your busy schedule. For example, you may want to visit your favorite teacher who has contributed a lot to you as a person or your previous boss whom you miss a lot already but do not have to see each other on a regular basis. While it is a normal tendency to still spend the holidays with people that you see regularly, adding this kind of variation will make it truly memorable for years. Catch up on some good old stories and share to each other what's going on in your lives and you will realize how much your horizon is expanding once again.
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