Lose Weight with Pomegranate
On The Pomegranate Juice Cleanse vs By Drinking Pomegranate Smoothies vs As A Diet Food That Promotes Weight Loss

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Pomegranate seeds can help you lose weight.


Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Eating Pomegranate

Pomegranate seeds are also botanically known as arils.

The pomegranate is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory weight loss food that looks like a large apple with tough leathery skin. The sweet glittery fruit inside are technically the seeds of the fruit and they are called arils. Each seed contains a tiny bitter black or white pip that is also edible. The fruit is very juicy and fibrous and contains large amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants, qualifying it as a weight loss super fruit.

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Depending on where you live in the world, pomegranates may not be widely available. They are common in tropical climates, the Middle East and Africa. Nowadays pomegranates are found seasonally in many high-end supermarkets. If not found there, you can find the whole raw fruit in an Asian or Oriental supermarket, or in the local organic market, of health food stores.

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Eating a pomegranate encourages weight loss because:

  • It is a fruit that is very high in antioxidants, including punicalagin and punicalin, which rehabilitates cells in every way and this in turn helps all systems of the body to function properly
  • The antioxidants in pomegranates have a softening effect on hard tissues and organs, allowing them to be cleared of waste and detoxified in a quicker manner
  • Pomegranates are very high in Vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory and toning effect on all organs, muscles, and tissues and helps you feel good so you can exercise without pain
  • They have the ability lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and prevent arteries from becoming stiff so that your cells accomplish respiration faster and your metabolism works better to convert carbohydrates into fuel instead of fat
  • A single medium sized fruit usually contains about a half a cup of seeds and contains between 73 and 85 calories, which means that it is an ideal diet food that offers a lot of nutrition to the body but very few calories
  • One single medium pomegranate contains only 9 calories from fat and 1 gram of total fat, defining it as a nearly fat-free treat
  • It is very rich in potassium at 205 mg per half a cup of arils, which helps reduce bloating and reduce the harmful effects of eating a high sodium diet
  • It is a natural diuretic that flushes waste from the body, helping your body to appear thinner
  • Pomegranates also contain a small amount of protein, which makes it a bit more filling than other diet superfruits
  • They also contain calcium and iron, two minerals that help the thyroid and pancreas to do it's job of keeping the body working as efficiently as possible to convert food into fuel, instead of fat
  • The fruit is an excellent source of fiber that helps clean fat and toxins out your intestines and arteries and naturally lowers cholesterol levels
  • If your bloating or cravings are caused by the presence of parasites in your lower intestines then pomegranate can help eliminate them so you can lose mucus caused by infections and absorb nutrients through your intestinal walls properly again
  • The antioxidants in pomegranate juice improves your breathing, making it easier for you to exercise for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued
  • Pomegranates make you feel energetic because they contain a bit more sugar than other fruits but this natural is balanced off nicely by a high fiber content that prevents it from being a high glycemic food that can disturb blood sugar levels

Method 1: On The Pomegranate Juice Cleanse

Juicing a pomegranate allows you to enjoy its antioxidants and nutrients at their optimum freshness level.

A pomegranate juice fast requires that you only drink freshly made juice for three days. It is preferable that the juice is made from pomegranate arils that are macerated in your own juicer. It is not recommended that you do this fast any longer than the prescribed three days, as the pomegranate is a bit sweeter than most diet fruits. If you are diabetic or if you are suffering from any type of chronic health condition you need to check with a doctor before you go on a fast of any kind, especially when it comes to a fruit like the pomegranate, which contains 12 grams of natural fructose in each half cup of arils.

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You are allowed to drink any type of tea (green tea, black tea) and water for three days that you are on this fast. You can drink any type of water that you like including sparkling, distilled or pure spring water. You can expect to lose up to ten pounds on this fast, which is based on depriving yourself of all calories by eating absolutely nothing solid for three whole days. The diuretic effect and high fiber content of the pomegranate juice will definitely help you to shed the waste fast.

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  1. 1
    Check with your physician to make sure that you are healthy enough to do a fast.
    If you are diabetic or if you are suffering from any type of chronic health condition you need to check with a doctor before you go on a fast of any kind, especially when it comes to a fruit like a pomegranate, which contains 12 grams of natural fructose in each half cup of arils. You should also check with your doctor about this fast if you are taking blood pressure medication, as pomegranate juice has been known to interfere with it.
    Always check with your doctor before going on any type of fast, especially if you are older, pregnant or on certain medications.
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  2. 2
    You can either make your own pomegranate juice in a juicer or you can purchase a high-quality organic pomegranate juice from the health food store.
    It can be much more convenient to buy the bottled juice because juicing pomegranates can be quite messy and the vivid crimson red juice can stain counters. Just be sure to read the labels of the pomegranate juice you are buying to make sure that it does not contain any added sugar.
    Making your own pomegranate juice is best because it is fresher.
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  3. 3
    Make sure that you have time off from work or any strenuous activity for the three days that you are planning to do this fast.
    Anyone who embarks on a fast usually feels tired on the first day, but more energetic on the second and third day. However, even though you may feel like working you should note that this is a very powerful detoxification diet that can also cause some purging of the intestines, gas, nausea and the need to empty your bladder often. Many people also suffer from confusion, nausea, sweating and cramps while fasting, especially if their bodies were quite toxic, to begin with this. You should also cancel all visits to the gym as your body will not be ingesting enough calories in a day to support activities such as jogging, lifting weight or biking fast for long distances. The most activity that you should expect to do on this fast is a half hour to an hour long walk every day for the three-day duration.
    Relaxing and doing nothing is best when you are on a juice fast.
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  4. 4
    For breakfast every day, drink an ten to 12-ounce glass of pure, sugar-free organic pomegranate juice, a big glass of ice water and a cup of hot green or black tea.
    You may not add anything to the tea except for a dash of Stevia powder or Stevia liquid. It is best to sip on pomegranate juice slowly, to avoid any spikes in blood sugar. Drinking the pomegranate juice on ice can also help slow down the impact of the natural fruit sugars hitting your bloodstream.
    Drink pomegranate juice on ice to reduce the glycemic effect from sugars in the juice.
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  5. 5
    For a mid-morning snack, drink another eight-ounce of pomegranate juice along with a big glass of water.
    To make the mid-morning beverage more interesting you can serve it on the rocks or blend it with ice to make a frosty drink. You can also dilute with the water to weaken the taste if you like. A dash of lemon or lime juice can also make the taste of the water or the pomegranate juice a bit more flavorful.
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  6. 6
    For lunch, drink another glass of pomegranate juice with another big glass of water.
    To change the flavor slightly again, try adding a dash of citrus juice or add a dash of cinnamon along with the stevia to the pomegranate juice gives it a different taste.
    Adding citrus to pomegranate juice gives it a different flavor.
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  7. 7
    For a mid-afternoon snack, drink an eight-ounce glass of pomegranate juice.
    You can add some Zing, Stevia or Truvia crystals to the juice and whirl it around in the blender to make it a bit foamy. This adds a bit of textural variety to the drink.
    Make your pomegranate juice a bit foamier by whirling it with stevia or Truvia in the blender.
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  8. 8
    For supper drink another eight-ounce glass of pomegranate juice with a cup of hot black tea and an eight to ten-ounce glass of water.
    Teas like English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Orange Pekoe, hibiscus, chamomile, rose hip and lavender go especially well with the tarter flavor of the pomegranate juice.
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  9. 9
    For an evening snack, drink eight ounces of pomegranate juice mixed with a splash of sparkling water .
    If you like, you can also add crushed mint to the beverage give the drink a sharper, interesting taste.
    Add sparkling water to your pomegranate juice to make it taste more interesting.
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  10. 10
    Be sure to get enough rest while you are on any type of fast.
    Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep during the night and nap often during each of the three days of the fast so that your body can focus on healing and detoxification process.
    Be sure to get enough rest while you are on this fast.
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  11. 11
    Repeat all of the steps for meals and snacks above for the following two days.
    You can fix up the beverages in different ways and have them in a different order than described above. Make sure that you are taking trips to the bathroom regularly to help cleanse your kidneys.
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  12. 12
    End the fast on the fourth morning by eating softer foods that are gentle on the stomach such as soups, pudding, oatmeal, bananas, and salads.
    You can then resume eating your regular diet on the following (fifth) day since you began the pomegranate juice fast.
    Making your juices as attractive as possible can help you stay on this diet.
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  13. 13
    You could do this fast once a month, but you can expect to lose less weight the second, third and fourth times that you do it.
    To keep the weight off for good it is important that you eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle or else you will gain it all back quickly.
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Method 2: By Drinking Pomegranate Smoothies

Pomegranates help you lose weight from abdomen and waist.

Here are the many different ways to include pomegranate seeds in your daily diet so that you can lose weight by either using the food as a replacement for a snack or meal that is much higher in calories. There are also ideas here for using it as an ingredient in everyday recipes so that you can take advantage of the pomegranates nutrients and antioxidants that assist with weight loss.

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  1. 1
    Eat a cup of pomegranate seeds, the same way you would a bowl full of nuts or seeds, for a snack.
    One cup of pomegranate seeds is between 120 and 150 calories, depending on the size of the seeds.
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  2. 2
    Replace a full meal or a snack with pomegranate fruit slushy.
    Simply whirl together a cup of pomegranate seeds with a cup and a half of ice and add a dash of liquid stevia or a tablespoon of raw organic honey to make it a bit sweeter. You can also throw in a few sprigs of mint or a bit of lemon juice or lime juice to make the flavor of the pomegranates even more vibrant.
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  3. 3
    Drink pomegranate fruit infused water.
    Stir a half a cup of pomegranate seeds into a glass of spring, distilled or sparkling water and stir. You can also add tangerines, raspberries blueberries, lemon slices and a handful of mint to make it even more flavorful. If you use an infusion pitcher to make this, you can make enough to last you an entire day by filling a pitcher with ice and muddling the ingredients together.
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  4. 4
    Drink iced tea flavored with a ¼ cup of pomegranate seeds.
    You can mix the seeds with black tea, orange pekoe, white tea or green tea in a big glass pitcher filled with ice cubes. You can also sweeten this tea with a bit of liquid or powdered Stevia or a tablespoon of honey if you like. Add water to the pitcher if necessary and let the mixture chill in the refrigerator for an hour before serving so that the ingredients can brew together. This drink is a powerful diuretic that helps to cleanse the fat the accumulates between the internal organs in the abdominal area.
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  5. 5
    Add pomegranate seeds to any salad.
    They go especially well with blue cheese, gorgonzola, leafy greens, red onions, walnuts, and tangerines.
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  6. 6
    Make a sweet and salty pomegranate salad dressing.
    You can also blend pomegranates with red wine vinegar and olive oil to make a sophisticated, healthy dressing that tastes good on both salads and roasted vegetables.
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  7. 7
    Make a gelatin desert with pomegranates suspended in it.
    Add one packet of Knox gelatin to a half cup of hot water mixed with ¼ cup of your favorite juice (lime, lemon, orange, pomegranate or cranberry are good choices) and heat the mixture until the gelatin is dissolved. Blend the gelatin with pomegranate fruit and chill in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Gelatin is good for the bones and helps relieve the joint pain. You can also add other fruit to the gelatin such as tangerine segments, strawberries or blueberries to make it even more interesting. In a pinch, you could also use commercial flavored gelatin to make pomegranate Jello, but be aware that some of these mixes have a high sugar, artificial sweetener, and sodium content.
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  8. 8
    Make a creamy pomegranate and banana ice cream, for dessert.
    Mix together ½ cup of pure spring water, a ½ a cup of raw organic honey, a tablespoon of organic vanilla, a tablespoon of Truvia and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in a saucepan. Simmer the honey syrup until all f the ingredients have dissolved together. Blend together two cups of pomegranate seeds and two bananas in a blender and then add this to the mixture to the pot. Let it cook on low it for another ten minutes and then let the mixture cool. Use a hand blender to mix it all together right in the pot. Pour it into a container and freeze it for at least four hours or until it has the texture of a sorbet. For a slightly creamier texture, try adding a bit of coconut milk, rice milk or almond milk to the mixture, before you pour it into a container to freeze it.
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  9. 9
    For a low-fat alcoholic cocktail, make a Pomegranate Cosmopolitan.
    Add two tablespoons of unsweetened pomegranate juice, and one jigger of Cointreau to two jiggers of vodka to a chilled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously, pour into a cocktail glass (straight or on the rocks) and serve with a big slice of lime and a couple of pomegranate seeds as a garnish.
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Tips and Tricks

Choose a juice with no added sugar if you are going to buy it bottled instead of juicing it yourself at home.

  • To remove the seeds from a whole pomegranate, cut the crown off and then cut it into quartered sections before placing them in a bowl of water, and then turning the fruit inside remove the seeds whole from the leather of the peel
  • Avoid buying pomegranate juice that is sweetened with sugar, as that adds calories and carbs to your meal.
  • When you are on a calorie restricted or detoxification diet, it is really helpful to scrub your body down with a loofah or rough washcloth to get rid of the odors and extra sweat that is often associated with the detoxification process
  • Freezing bananas, berries or fruit before you add them to a blender can help make your smoothie and sorbets taste a bit sweeter and also make the mixture a bit thicker in texture
  • Pomegranate smoothies can be made ahead of time and frozen, and then remade into frosty drinks by crushing them again in the blender.
  • If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.
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