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Handsome means more than just how you look. You must maintain, improve and highlight all of your best features.

There are qualities you must possess. And habits you must execute. So don't despair if you are not yet the ideal person that you want to become. You should try to do your best to become that ideal person, or at least to enhance and to improve the person that you are.

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Characteristics and Attitude

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    Have Confidence.
    If you are confident, you won't need to worry if you feel that you are ugly, but you have the conviction that you can stand out from the rest. That is the attitude of a handsome guy. If you have nice haircut, you can flaunt it. You don't have worries if others criticize it because you believe it is the best haircut - decent looking and appealing. Confidence can be displayed naturally when it flows from within. You don't have to make yourself hard up to build that confidence. Just act the way you like, and you will expose what is great in you. You must show, through your gestures, that you feel handsome, but just don't overdo it. You will find your abilities, and determine where to limit your confidence to not look arrogant. Your being confident must appear that you are real and not trying to put on an act. Confidence is easy to achieve, by not harming others and yourself. Confidence provides you the potential to build other good characteristics, where you discover what is great in you.
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    To stand up straight is a mark of pride.
    Do not hunch, since it is not nice to look at. And it may give you back problems. It also does not appear that you are confident with that kind of posture. Sit up straight.
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    Smiles start a good day.
    Smiling makes you look confident, outgoing, and happy. It also indicates that you are friendly and approachable - that you are comfortable with yourself. And you look mature. And it will seem that whatever challenges you undergo, you have the character to face them all.
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    Gentlemen, be courteous.
    If you respect others' rights, and you deal well with them then you are the right guy. You don't have to be harsh. Don't be assertive in ways that it are not appropriate. Your manners should be polished.
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How You Style Yourself

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    Good clothes are not just for the women and fashion designers.
    They are also judged on a man. So don't wear clothes that look as if you're only dressed because you have to be. Rather, you want to look neat, updated, decent, and like you know how to take care of yourself. The way you clothe yourself reflects your characteristics. Wearing small clothes that don't fit you is a big no-no. And if an occasion requires you to wear certain clothes, you must follow. Also, your clothes must be appropriate for your age. If you are young, you must not wear clothes that are for the senescence age, but you can wear those that are retro - styles that were hip before, then became outdated, and have returned to being trendy.
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    If you don't know how to dress well, then consult a stylist.
    If you don't have good taste in choosing clothes, refer to ideas in magazines or check out what other guys are wearing to know what is hip, and be creative. Girls also notice how a guy dresses, so you want to give them a good view.
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    Clothes with nice prints can be worn to reflect your interests.
    You may also use shades and other accessories to look better. And so that you don't look haggard.
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    Keep your fingernails and hands neat and sanitized.
    Your fingernails must not be dirty, and you need to trim them. If you have dirty fingernails, the girls will be turned off, and if you try to hold a girls' hand, it looks gruesome. Also, do not bite your fingernails.
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    Clear skin.
    Your face is what is usually seen first, so you must try to keep yourself pimple and rash free. To maintain good skin, you must wash your face with water and cleanser. If you have a long mustache and beard, trim it because it is not nice to look at. It looks dirty and you appear irresponsible. And it covers your face, so how can they decide if you are handsome? Hygiene is the best solution to cure and prevent skin diseases.
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    Clean teeth and good breath.
    If you have fresh breath, it indicates that you are brushing your teeth regularly. It is not necessary that they be perfectly white. Fresh breathe also indicates that you are probably not a smoker.
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  4. 4
    Clean and neat hair.
    If you want to style your hair, then it is okay, but what is most important is that you clean your hair. It must be odor free, and should be trimmed well. If the haircut is not in fashion, like if it is longer in the back, then it is awkward. You hair should generally be short.
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    Smell good.
    It is not necessary that you have the scent of cologne on your body. What is necessary is that you don't smell bad. It reflects that you maintain good hygiene, that you take a bath regularly, and that if you seem dirty, you take a bath immediately before others have to notify you.
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    Eat well.
    You must have balanced diet. You must maintain a good weight. If you are overweight, it can bring on illnesses and complications. If you are healthy, you will find it easier to keep a fair complexion, prevent cavities, and enjoy the other benefits of staying fit.
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  • Initiate the first gestures if you like a girl, or else maybe nothing will happen. Most girls will not just assume that you like them.
  • Speak clearly. This will show that you are interested and make you more attractive to the girl.

Questions and Answers

How to look handsome and confident if you have low self-esteem?

Having a low self-esteem can greatly affect on how you look handsome and confident. The very first thing for you to do is to improve your self-esteem. This can be done through the following:

1. Reprogram Your Mind.

  • One reason why most of us have low self-esteem is that we are belittling ourselves or we are comparing ourselves to other. The best way to reprogram our mind is to simply discard those negative thoughts and focus on thinking that you can do better than them or you are more handsome than them.
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2. Dress Appropriately.

  • Having a nice pair of shoes or a newly bought jeans can also boost our self-esteem simply because people dressed neatly are often praised by other people making them feel more handsome and confident.

3. Act Appropriately.

  • This is one of the most important factor in improving your self-esteem. Acting appropriately and with respect to other people will gain you new friends boosting your self-esteem.

The above tips will greatly help you increase your self-esteem making you feel more handsome and confident.

How can I became more handsome and style icon?

I know I am handsome but I want to become more handsome but problem is I am suffering a pimples and that makes me uncomfortable

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