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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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Locked out of Note5, how to reset password or bypass?

Need to get back into device and forgot screen password


After 5 attempts of the wrong password, an option will appear to click Forgot Password/Pattern. When you select this you can then use your Google Account. If you are using the correct Google Account and it is not working this will be because you have 2 Step Verification enabled. To correct that is a simple fix. Login to your Google Account on the PC and under My Account and Security is the 2 Step Verification section. A simple uncheck will disable the system. Reboot to sync your phone and wait for it to finish the process and then try again using your Google Account.

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With the Note5, even a hard reset will not remove your Google Account. If you have forgotten the account then use Google Accounts Recovery to regain your credentials. There are ways to bypass the Google Account after a hard reset but it is easier to get your Google Account back in order. This Youtube Tutorial shows you how to bypass Google on a Galaxy Device using SideSync.

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How can I reset my personal l PASSCODE?

I forgot my personal passcode on my phone how can I reset it **


There is no way to reset your passcode if you have forgotten it unless you go through Samsung Find My Mobile or use your Google Account to sign into the phone and then from there disable the lock and go back into Settings to select Clear Credentials. This should delete the passcode but you will also want to put your phone into Recovery Mode and select Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache. This would completely delete any security data but not delete pictures, images etc. Do not reset your passcode through Google because your device will be suspended for 72 hours as an anti-theft measure.

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How can I reset the password on my Samsung device?

My swipe stopped working and I'm now unable to access my phone


As long as your data is enabled and you linked a Samsung Account on the phone, you will be able to remotely unlock the phone through Samsung's Find My Mobile. If your swipe is not working because your screen is not responsive, you may want to back up the device and perform a hard reset to see if that helps. Also, take off the back of the phone and remove the battery. Run your fingers in a pressing yet firm motion over the back of the phone. This can sometimes put a cable connection back into place.

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I have locked myself out of my Samsung Galaxy S5 on last attempt before all gets wiped out help?

Can I get in without losing all data. I have tried: I tried to get in from an unblock pin from my account and did not work. I think it was caused by: I forgot my pin

You should have seen the prompt by now to use your Google Account. At this point, use Samsung's Find My Mobile to remotely unlock the device. You can change your pin through Samsung Find My Mobile but it sometimes takes several attempts before it works. Reboot your phone each time to see if Samsung syncs the new password before you try again.

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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner
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We forgot the password to get into our S5, is there any way to get back into the phone without doing a full hard reset and losing all the information?

We forgot the password to get into our S5, is there any way to get back into the phone without doing a full hard reset and losing all the information?

You can use your Google Account or Samsung's Find My Mobile. Both options will allow you to access the device as long as your data or WiFi is enabled. Without that, you will have to hard reset the device because Google or Samsung will have no way to communicate with your device to remotely unlock it.

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Can't seem to remember the password to my Samsung Note5. My phone isn't registered on Samsung either. Please, how do I unlock it?

I restarted my phone and as required, I have to use the password instead of the usual fingerprint. But then I have entered my password several times and didn't work. I have even been asked to try again in 30 minutes. Please help. My phone is not registered with Samsung, neither do I have the find my phone app account.

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