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Make Handmade Vegetable Soap

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Can I use liquid glycerin versus block glycerine in this recipe?

Hello, to make the recipe on this VisiHow page for organic homemade vegetable glycerin soap the first step asks you to "Take 16 ounces of vegetable glycerine, and put it in a large microwave-safe bowl." The next step is to "melt" it. Can I use the liquid sold in a gallon jug versus the block?. Thanks. I have tried: I'm a new soap maker.. I think it was caused by: Asking this question as a precaution.

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16 ounces in volume or liquid is 2 cups. If you use the liquid version you can heat up the liquid but skip the melting process.

My molds are not hardening after two hours?

Why won't my soap mixture harden after two hours? I used vegetable glycerin in liquid form, heated it in the microwave and added some coconut oil to the molds as well. I dyed the mixture with natural herbs instead of mica and now the molds are still liquid after two hours. What did I do wrong??. I have tried: I moved the molds to a cooler place in the house and I covered them with aluminum foil.. I think it was caused by: I am thinking maybe the fact that I didn't add mica but I am not sure.

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Make Handmade Vegetable Soap

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