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Write a Letter of Good Wishes

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How do l write a letter to head of clients wishing him a Chinese new year?

Would like to send a Chinese new year wishes to top management of clients


Happy Year of the Monkey! I wish you all prosperity this year and for the years to come. Mention how your company can help them achieve prosperity.

How to write a letter in exams more effectively?

What pattern should be taken by a person for writing a letter?. I have tried: I write all my warmth and lovely sentiments in a letter. I think it was caused by: I don't think anything about this


In the search bar of the right hand corner of this page, type in Letters and read through the articles. This will show you several examples of letters. The body of the letter should have two to three paragraphs if you are writing to a friend. You can fill the letter with information that recently happened that you think the friend will have an interest in knowing. Whatever you write, make sure the letter stays on topic.

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Letters start with the person's name and greeting. You then move to the reason you are writing the letter in the first paragraph. The second paragraph can include details of the topic or the personal update information. The third paragraph should be a closing of good wishes for them. This is also where you would add anything that you would like to know about them regarding the initial topic.

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Write a Letter of Good Wishes

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