Know if a Guy Already Had a Girlfriend

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Figuring out whether a guy has a girlfriend without letting him know that's what you're trying to do can be tricky. If a guy is a "player", he would not want to be bypassed in his own game. Some guys are great with keeping illicit affairs secret while others find pleasure in bragging about their game plan. You wouldn't want to get entangled in a game that is obviously manipulative and conceited. Knowing if a guy already has a girlfriend is definitely one of the first things you must be certain of before entering any relationship.

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It's also obviously something you may want to do before getting seriously involved with anyone. After all, you wouldn't want to be the third wheel or the spare tire; so-to-speak. No woman would ever want to share her man with another let alone get romantically involved with a guy that is already taken - that would be depressing, pathetic, and not to mention; awkward.

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Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to check to see if a guy has a girlfriend or not before allowing him further into your life.


Tips to Find Out if a Guy Already Has a Girlfriend

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    Look him up online.
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    If there is one thing beneficial about the modern virtual framework, that would be the speedy and easy way of doing things and finding people. Searching about a guy online definitely lands on step one of the master plan. One of the first and most direct things you can do to see whether a guy has a girlfriend is just by putting his name into Google or other search engines and seeing what comes up. All of the information you need will be lined up in a roster of search results depending on the specific keywords used. You can also check social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on information about him and his whereabouts and social connections. Be careful about some sites though that might inform people you're searching for them. So if you're logged in at that time, you must be wary of these things if you don't want him to discover that you are playing detective and getting privy on his personal matters. Social media sites like Facebook will often provide the social status of members and you can check right then and there to see if it says "Single", "In a Relationship", "It's Complicated", or "Married"; among others. If Facebook indicated that he is "Single" then that is a good sign that he may not really have a girlfriend and is free to get involved with anyone. However, this does not guarantee that it a verifiable fact as there are some privacy options on social media sites that can be customized which allow certain posts or information to be kept hidden to some people.
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    Observe how he relates to girls.
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    Watch carefully how he interacts with other girls. For example, is he freely flirting with girls in general or do girls flirt with him? If a girl approaches him and obviously toys with him, does he get awkward and uncomfortable? or does he enjoy the attention, welcome the gesture, and get involved with the whole flirting game? There's usually a huge difference between a guy who has a girlfriend and one who doesn't in terms of how they react or interact with other girls. The more flirty and out in the open he is with other girls, the more likely it is that he's not involved with anyone. If he's making physical contact with other girls often, this is also a sign that he is free and open to mingling and dating. However, there are always exceptions to the rule as some guys are just naturally more physically affectionate than others. You can casually ask around in cliques as most men have a robust reputation of either being "just friendly" or being a "multitasking player".
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    Become his friend.
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    Try to be friends with him first before anything else. The best way to know what is in between his ears or whatever he is up to is to be his pal. Get into his social circle and you will automatically be in the loop of his whereabouts and activities. You can chat him up this way and see what he is really like before giving away how you really feel. The more you interact with him as a friend, the more opportunities you'll have to see whether he has a girlfriend or not; and if he is in fact a boyfriend material. If he does have girlfriend, he will likely mention it at some point or another. You will also know more information if he is in a relationship or not from other friends. If you're lucky, you will also get some tidbits on his past relationships. It's always best to start a relationship by being friends. In fact, friendship is conceived to be the ideal foundation of any committed relationship. Who knows, he may even ask you out first before you even tell him that you like him.
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    Talk to his friends.
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    Become friends with his friends (even enemies). There are loads of information that you can get from both sides of the coin. This is a good way to get more information about him without giving away anything. If he has a girlfriend, they will most likely mention it at some point. You can direct the conversation strategically in that direction to get the information you need, possibly by starting to talk about someone else's love life in the group, and then gradually easing the conversation towards the guy you are interested in. The best way to get people to open up and trust you with their private issues is by initiating the conversation regarding relationships. You can tell them of your current status or even past flames to make them feel comfortable about the whole thing. Talking about relationships or dating are one of the sure-fire ways to win new friends especially if you guys do it over pizza and some drinks. The only way to get the truth from people is to convey genuineness. You do not only get chunks of information about the guy you are interested in but also attract more friends in the process.
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    Talk to him directly.
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    Some men feel inhibited when talking to women and would not divulge information about their relationships. There are men too who feel that details of their private life which includes their romantic relationships are supposed to be kept exactly that way - private. For some obvious reason, there are guys who pretend to be single when in fact they are in relationships. However, for most guys, if you make a genuine effort to build friendship with them then it would be easier to know everything that you need. Starting conversations with light and impersonal topics would be a suitable icebreaker to get to know each other's opinion or take on general topics such as the weather, sports, or different hobbies. It would be on your advantage if you know details on his favorite sport or team(if he plays basketball or football), pastime or any cause or organization that he supports. Does he like dogs or does he support a particular group for a cause. If you can, you might be interested in getting involved with similar activities or even joining one of his organizations. Being friends with him would make it easier (without being privy or feeling awkward) talking to him about your past relationships and your own personal views or even rules in committed relationships. If you do this, then he may become more likely to talk to you about his own relationships. Your conversation could go smoothly over a cup of coffee or your favorite card game. Watch out if he always steers the conversation away from this topic or whether he seems jealous when you talk about other guys you've dated. Who knows, the attraction might be mutual all along.
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