Know if a Girl Has a Boyfriend

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Are you way too shy for your own good? Guessing whether or not a girl has a boyfriend will get you nowhere. Have you been wondering if that cute girl is already in a relationship? How would you know if she is dating someone else? Stop wondering and get some real answers! There are ways you can know if a girl has a boyfriend, and in some cases, you won't even need to ask the girl directly. If you are too embarrassed to ask her, read on!

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How do I know if she has a boyfriend?

Look at her Social Accounts

What can be a more subtle way to know if a girl has a boyfriend than looking at her social accounts? There are tons, so it will do you good to look first on Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus (why not?) and other social media. Most girls have social accounts anyway and a lot of them do like flaunting their boys (if they have one). Girls are naturally showy, so if you see lots of "I love you hon!" and "Thank you for loving me," and "That was a nice dinner/movie," etc. (the list is endless), this gives you a clear indication of whether she already has any romantic affiliation.

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Ask her Friends

This may seem like a simple tip, but sometimes friends know more things about their friends than the friends know about themselves, so ask them if she's already seeing someone else.

  1. 1
    Talk to her best friend.
    Trust me on this: If there's someone else aside from her who knows, it will be her best friend. Tip: If you ever manage to make the girl's best friend as your friend as well, you can then ask for any information about her, or she can even help you with your advances if the girl has no boyfriend.
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  2. 2
    Ask someone in her class.
    If you are still in school, where everyone knows that romantic news spreads like a wildfire, you can just ask someone in her class if their classmate (the girl) has a boyfriend or is seeing someone.
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Talk to Her

Why not? If you have the nerve, then, by all means, ask her yourself. However, this may not be the best choice for you if you are trying to be subtle. To compensate, approach her and start up a conversation (doesn't matter what the subject is) and drop hints regarding people in both your lives. For example, say to her, "Hi, I think I saw you in the cafeteria with someone". From here you can probably get an answer like, "Oh? Yeah, he's (insert name), he's (insert relationship)." If she does supply you with a name and a relationship, you may instantly know if the girl is already with someone else.

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  1. 1
    Notice her actions/gestures while talking to you regarding the person.
    If she's fiddling with her cell phone while talking to you, grinning sweetly as she answers it, then it can be a clear indication that she has a guy (especially if she excuses herself just to answer a call or text).
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  2. 2
    If she refuses to reciprocate your advances (simple flirting), it could be an indication that she's with someone else already, as many girls will not be comfortable flirting with anyone other than their boyfriends.
    If she does this, you better discontinue your attempts and back off. (You wouldn't want to look like a jerk, right?)
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Take Note of her Clothing

Most guys don't know this but a girl's way of dressing can actually give hints regarding her availability. More often than not, girl's clothing styles change depending on their status.

  1. 1
    If the girl is wearing a provocative dress and sporting a lush look (make-up, new curls, newly manicured nails) it could be an indication that she is still available.
    This may not be true in all cases, but girls do like to show off their "package" (if you may) to a potential guy. Notice for yourself if you don't believe this.
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  2. 2
    On the contrary, girls with boyfriends tend to dress more appropriately/simply, as they need not use any provocative dress.
    Also, people in a relationship naturally opt more for comfortable clothing than showy garb. This doesn't mean that she won't have any make-up or won't wear nice clothes, but it will likely be simple.
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Situational Solutions

You might be thinking, "I don't have time for these steps!" Well, your reaction is justified. If you want to take the easy road, you have to be ready to face your fears and possibly carry the burden of failure. These scenarios will (most of the time) help you to find out if a girl has a boyfriend right away.

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  1. 1
    Ask for her number.
    If she has a boyfriend, she won't give you a number (normally). If she does, pretend that you don't get the number and repeat it back to her, but intentionally make a random number wrong. If she says its right (when it's wrong) then it's a made up number. This can indicate that she already has a boyfriend.
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  2. 2
    Or think about this:
    Don't ask her if she already has a boyfriend. Don't ask her out; don't even ask for her number. Just sit there, do nothing, be bummed out, and resolve yourself to thinking about if she could have been "the one" for you ...FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
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  3. 3
    Ask her out.
    I mean ask her out in a "not-so date" kind of way; for example, ask her to go with you to eat fast food. Girls with boyfriends naturally don't go with another guy in fear that her boyfriend might see her together with him.
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  4. 4
    Ice cream trick.
    Ask her like this, "Would your boyfriend be angry if I took you out for ice cream?" If she has one, she may say, "Yeah, he would be totally angry." If she doesn't, however, then she may giggle and say, "I don't have a boyfriend, jerk!" (Yay!) Then you can come back with, "Well, do you like ice cream then?"
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • As you flirt, it can become clear if she's reciprocating. If she's a decent person, then she'll be upfront about having a boyfriend.
  • A girl may say she has a boyfriend because it makes her feel or come across to others as desirable and popular.
  • A girl might say she has a boyfriend to discourage a guy if she isn't interested in him.
  • Some women say they have a boyfriend even if they don't. The real problem is, they may not even know why.
  • The first rule of courtship? Confidence.
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Questions and Answers

How do I know if my classmate has a boyfriend?

The best way that I say to find out if a person has a girlfriend/boyfriend is to simply ask them if they do or not. You do not need to blatantly come out and ask but you can start a conversation, then while the conversation gets going you can ask them the big question.

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I want to talk to her and propose to her, so how should I do that, need simple tips?

Actually I am looking for her since 6months, first she was ignoring me then when I talked to her in 2 months, she told me that she is not interested, then again I called and she said it is not only you, it is any boy I am not interested, but after that also I started waiting for her to contact me and she started putting makeup that's all, so tell me is she interested in me

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Sorry but it sounds like she is not interested in dating you. Move on and find someone that is interested in you. Sometimes we can get hung up on the challenge instead of the person. She has stated that she is not interested in seeing any boy so respect those wishes.

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I like one girl but I don't know that she have a boyfriend or not?

Sometimes, I think she likes me, and sometimes I think she doesn't like me, I cannot understand her? I have tried: I have talked with her friend and found out that she has a boyfriend but some of her friends told me she doesn't have any boyfriend, I am totally confused. I think it was caused by: I don't know but I cannot approach to her until I confirm that she does not have a boyfriend.

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If You come to know that she told you that she has a boyfriend when she doesn't have one, this means she is not interested in you. You can probably ask "would your boyfriend mind if I take you out for ice cream" in a friendly tone if she is like mmm I think so then it means she has one but if she's like I don't have one, jerk. Then yay! You know it.

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I have a crush on a girl. she works with me in the office. I want to know if she has a boyfriend?

She is talking with me very friendly. She asks me to come with her to guitar class also and she asks me to give her movies. She shares her details with me, but her Facebook profile shows a relationship, but no photos of it. I think she matches me, what should I do?

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Take her up on her offer to go to her guitar class. The more you hang out with her outside of work the better you can determine is she is interested in more than just friendship as a co worker. Approach this carefully as you work with this person and no employer likes personal relationship drama in the workplace. Ask her out for a drink after a guitar class or on a Friday night. If you know what movies she is interested in then invite her to watch one with you on the weekend. The more time you spend with her the better you will be able to determine if she is dating someone else.

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I have a crush on someone who is two years elder than me, and have never talked to me?

How can I know if she has a boyfriend? If not, how can I make her fall in love with me. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: What problem?

Start a conversation with her. This is the best way to get her to notice you. You can't make someone fall in love with you but if you show interest in her likes and dislikes as well as stay pleasant around her then she will be more receptive.

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Hi, I like a girl but I am fat boy but today she was with a boy, I just want to know that she has a boyfriend or not?

Find out if a girl has a boyfriend or not

Do not degrade yourself about your appearance. Girls like a guy with confidence. Although you saw her spending time with another boy, it could be that he is just a friend or family member. Invite her out or find reasons to talk with her more than your normally would. The more she gets to know you, she will be far more comfortable hanging out with you.

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I want to know whether a girl loves me or not?

I love a girl, she often talks to me as she is interested in me, but denies me sometimes. I think she might have a boyfriend. I have tried: I've tried talking to her more often, make myself seem interesting to her

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Be careful to not be put into the friendzone. If you speak with her often but have not formally asked her out on a date then you are in danger of being considered just a friend. Sometimes signals get crossed and she may not realize that you are actually interested in dating her unless you ask her out on a date.

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See more questions like this: How would I know if a girl loves a guy. Also what are some of the things that a guy should do for a girl to know that the guy loves her?

I am in love so deep with a girl, but I don't know if she likes me?

I have met a girl but I don't know if she have someone, I have seen her every morning in the school and she have seen me too. One day I see her with some of her friends and she was talking with her friend, they saw me and they smiled and one day I saw her on street, I went to her and talked. 4 months before she said to me I don't have a boyfriend but at night I went to her to give her a gift for her birthday. It was that day, I stopped her and talked, I didn't know it was her birthday, then she was coming home and I waited for her but she saw me and didn't talk, it was raining, she went somewhere. Went there and talked to her friend to see if it was me then a neighbor of her came and she went, I was nervous and I think I hurt her a little bit, then I told her I was in love with her, but then she told me she is love with another boy since 2014. Then 2 weeks later, I wrote something for her and went to her apartment. I saw her coming home with some friends, and I started talking to her and gave her the gift.

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She has told you that she has feelings for someone else. If only we could have a world where everyone felt the same way that we felt about them. To her, you are just an acquaintance. Although she told you several months ago that she did not have a boyfriend, something changed and you missed your opportunity. You have expressed your deep feelings for her so the only thing you can do is move on. This is unfortunate that she does not feel the same way for you but at least you know that you did all that you could to win her over. For now except the possibility of friendship with her.

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Want to know if she loves me or not? I am totally confused?

I purposed to her, she rejected but I confirmed she is single. We both stopped talking with each other after I proposed to her and then after a picnic, I asked her for her phone number, and she gave it. I think she likes me but my friends say I deserve a better girl. She just doesn't talk much to me. I ask her she answers immediately and she discusses with friends how I proposed to her. She rejected me, will she accept me now? Can you just give some easy tips

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She sounds like a girl that had to know a guy better first. You can start by texting her a Good morning message. Maybe invite her to hang out with you and your friends. Offer that she bring her friends along as well. Maybe to a popular movie or game night. The best way you can get her attention is to show your interest without being pushy.

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I have a crush on girl who studies in my coaching class. I have been watching her for five months. I want to talk to her but don't know how?

She is a little kind of silent type of person. Once I asked her for notes, she said don't have one. Generally she never looks at any guy in the class. But after asking her for the notes sometimes she gives me many type of reactions which looks odd to me, like trying to show she is studying when she sits around me.Talking, laughing to her friends with pointing her face towards me, but not exactly looking at me.etc. What does this all mean? I don't know please help! I don't know whether she has a boyfriend or not. I just want to know what this type of a girl thinks? I have tried: I have done only one thing, asking her for the notes and nothing. When she said she doesn't have, I tried not to keep in touch with her. I started to go coaching classes early so that she doesn't notice me at all for many days. In these days I found that she is trying to find me not directly but using her friends to look at me I think. When I sat in the last bench. Her friend is searching for someone looking back, and when she comes to class she directly looks at me from crowded class of about 500 students. How can she know where am I sitting? If any other boy came to class and goes to the place where I used to sit, she looks at him a moment and turns her face when she finds that was not me. After few days I again started to sit at my place that is around her. Now she began to do most of things that I told you earlier like trying to show that she is studying. I think it was caused by: I don't understand this question, what are you trying to ask?

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