Know if Your Girlfriend Is Angry and Disappointed in You

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Relationships, in general, are difficult, but one of the hardest aspects of maintaining a healthy one is knowing when your significant other is angry or disappointed. When you don't know that your girlfriend is upset, if she hides her emotions and bottles them up until she can't take it anymore, you may get the surprise of your life when she suddenly breaks up with you. She may take the complete opposite route and express her anger shortly after you do something that upsets her. It would bode well for you if you are sensitive to when your girlfriend is upset with you. You'll be able to help her when she's upset so you can prevent anything drastic from happening -- like a breakup. The steps below will list signs you can look for in your girlfriend to determine whether she is actually angry with you -- and the things you can do to fix the problem.

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    The Silent Treatment.
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    One way you can tell if your girlfriend is upset with you is by how talkative she is. If she typically talk a lot and suddenly goes quiet, there is a good possibility that something's wrong. If you're afraid that her silence is a result of a mistake you've made, you need to ask her about it -- you need to know what it is you did that made her upset so it doesn't happen again. Sit her down and ask her what's wrong, what you can do to fix the situation, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Tell her that you care -- it will mean a lot to her!
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    The Glare.
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    This is another sign that your girlfriend is angry at, or disappointed in you. A glare is the most obvious thing your girlfriend can do to express her frustration with you. If you catch her glaring at you, you'll need to sit her down and talk to her about whatever the issue might be. Relationships are all about communication and compromise, and discussing the issue at hand with her, will make it clear to her that you care about how she feels, and you want the relationship to continue.
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    Strange Behavior.
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    If you are at her place and she is doing things to keep herself busy for the sake of being busy, or if she is flat out ignoring you as you try to spend time with her, she may be angry at or disappointed in you. While she's doing whatever she's doing to keep herself busy, go up to her and hug her from behind. Ask her what's wrong. Talk about the issue, so she knows that you care about her happiness and, more importantly, her. Showing initiative to fix the problem -- and showing that you know when she's upset -- will let her know that you care, and the problem will likely be resolved quickly.
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Identify What Can Make Your Girlfriend Angry Or Disappointed

While every girl is different, there are a number of key things that no one wants from a relationship. If you're worried about doing something that could ruin your relationship, make sure you're not doing any of the following things that might make her angry, or cause her disappointment:

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  • No Means No. If she asks you not to do something, you'd better stop. It's annoying to tell someone to stop doing something that upsets you -- only for them to continue doing it. Keep that in mind that some guys think it's cute to continue doing something after the girl says to stop, but in reality, things can get really annoying really quickly for her. It's not only cute in kindergarten.
  • Embarrassing her in public is another tactic some guys use to be cute, when in reality, most girls will not be appreciative of the joke. If anything, ask her if it's okay to embarrass her in public, but this will probably upset her for just thinking it. It's better to be safe than sorry when dealing with your relationship.
  • Being overly obsessive about your girlfriend's life will make her upset. It's cute and totally okay to check in every so often to see how she is, but when you text or call her every hour to know where she is and what she's doing, she will be disappointed that you aren't giving her space.
  • Bossing her around on dates and in her everyday life will make her angry. Your girlfriend is her own human being, and she wants to do things of her own volition; when you make decisions for her, you're suppressing her right to be herself, and she will likely leave you for someone who will let her live her life.
  • Flirting with another girl in front of her will definitely anger her. You can easily understand that one; just imagine if she flirted with another guy in front of you! You'd certainly feel upset, as will she if you ever do it.

Understanding Your Girlfriend And Her Attitude

In any relationship, both parties need to understand what makes the other upset or happy or anywhere in between. You need to know each other's emotional boundaries. Your girlfriend is a human being, and she wants, needs, and there are things that upset her. You need to be aware of all of these things in order to have a successful and happy relationship. In addition, there will inevitably be differences between the two of you that could cause anger, disappointment, or genuine frustration for either or both of you. Maybe she really likes to go to the theatre to watch a movie, but you would rather stay home and watch your favorite television show. Or maybe you spend an exorbitant amount of time looking for the right tie to go with your suit, but she just wants you to pick one and get on with the rest of the day. There are three things that tend to make a relationship difficult from the onset. One of you is neat, and the other is messy. One of you goes to bed early, and the other is a night owl. One of you is very social, and loves parties, while the other is more of an introvert, and would rather stay home. Both large and small differences like these can create problems, but just remember that you are both your own person and there will be differences. The key, however, is accepting those differences and loving each other in spite of them, or better, because of them.

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Your girlfriend's attitude is something you need to be aware of. Knowing when she's angry at or disappointed in you will allow you to circumvent a breakup, take care of the issue, and continue a happy and healthy relationship with her.

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Questions and Answers

If your girlfriend disappoints you, what should you do without hurting her feelings?

Firstly, make sure you've taken the time to cool down. If you're still overly upset, the talk could turn into an argument and make things worse. Talk to her and tell her what disappointed you, and tell her why it disappointed you. If you let her know your feelings about whatever happened, she will take it to heart and try to fix it for the future. She really does care about you -- she's in a relationship with you, after all.

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Do women come back if they're disappointed in you?

It depends on your attitude. Women who are disappointed in their boyfriends usually have a concrete reason why they are disappointed.

  • Their boyfriends act bossy or arrogantly.
  • Their boyfriends have possessive and obsessive behaviors.
  • Their boyfriends have another girl or there is a third party involved.

If you want to make your girlfriend reconsider your relationship and come back to you, you need first to know what the exact reason was for her disappointment in you. If you're restrictive or possessive, give your girlfriend enough space and time to do her personal things. She is a human being, and sometimes, people just want to be left alone. If you tell her what to do and have become the boss of her life, take a step back and think about how much you'd hate it if she did that to you -- and then stop doing it. Show her you care about her and the relationship by taking the initiative to fix the problem; if she still cares about you and appreciates the fact that you're trying to fix things, she'll likely come back.

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Is my girlfriend losing interest in me?

I noticed a couple of months ago that my girlfriend and I started arguing. We didn't really argue before, but for some reason, it keeps happening. We argue mostly about little things. Lately, she hasn't been as talkative. Also, our intimate life is dwindling away. She says that she is getting burnt out on it and that it's her. I'm just worried about our relationship. I'm just worried all the time that we will do less and less stuff together and stop hanging out and going on dates and eventually we won't even talk. Please help.

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Offer her support to ease the reason she feels burnt out. Let her know that you are there to help her in any way you can, and make sure this is the only issue. Sometimes when we are using the "it's not you, it's me" excuse, what it really means is we do not know how or want to discuss what is really bothering us, or we don't want to hurt your feelings. Offer to run some of her errands, or do her laundry for her. Little things can make a difference and relieve some of the stress that she is feeling. It will also help her to see that you are there to be supportive of her and that she needs you in her life.

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My girlfriend is angry with me what should I do?

I am talking to her on Facebook, suddenly she said don't talk to me

Go back into your Facebook history with her and see if you said something or shared a post that she could misunderstand. Messaging can be misinterpreted because you can't judge a person's tone and inflection in a written statement. Apologize to her for any misunderstanding and ask her to give details of what you did that made her angry, so you can avoid making that mistake again.

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My lady/fiancé reads my messages but keeps silent. Is it over? Or Does she need time?

My fiancé got upset last week and removed her ring. She was upset for not letting her go home alone after our dinner last week. I thought she got upset because I gave her some money as our future financial savings. She didn't explain but just started walking towards the metro train station. I followed along and on and off the metro, there were people just watching me plead to her for an explanation and her being angry and quiet. She finally spoke and told me that I am over-protective, just like her ex, and that she thinks I am a psycho and have embarrassed her. I told her last Tuesday morning, that to prove I am not a stalker or a psycho or overly protective, I would not message or call her for a week, which I did. Now I have messaged her since Saturday, apologizing for any mistakes and misunderstanding. She reads the messages but doesn't respond. I even asked if it is OK for me to call, but she didn't respond.

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It sounds to me that her mind is made up. I would move on. However, if you do want to persist, then I think you should first consider why she felt this way. You were simply moving too fast, and in combination with a prior controlling relationship, she got scared she was getting into another controlling relationship. So to fix this situation you may need to give her a month or two and then "happen" to bump into her. Ask her out to lunch (not dinner) and keep things light. This time, move much slower than you think you should. Hopefully, she will be open to this, but as I said at the start, it may be too late. Sorry, I am just being honest. Either way, make sure that in future relationships you are careful not to go too fast and scare your partner away. The money probably really scared her.

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Addressing the suggestion that you 'happen' to bump into her - I believe this is encouraging the very behavior that she has an issue with - your controlling nature. It also promotes stalking, something that anyone with problems regarding their girlfriend's privacy and emotional boundaries should not be doing. Just my two sense.

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Why does my girlfriend gets angry sometimes while talking with me in front of other guys?

She speaks nicely with me, but sometimes she behaves unusually with me, not a kind of angry. I have tried: Tried to talk with her but I kept silent. I think it was caused by: Maybe she doesn't like other guys; she knows they are bad

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She may feel threatened and is acting more aggressive as a coping mechanism. Try for a while to avoid situations socially with other people and see if she feels more comfortable and relaxed. Ask her what is making her act that way around other guys and come up with a solution together.

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My Girlfriend is angry with me because I tried to help her with a task. Why?

My girlfriend got angry with me because I asked if she and her friends would like to come over to cool down, and she felt like I was being too controlling and wouldn't back off, I was just trying to help after all. Later she said she wanted to break up due to me being angry all the time, I'm never angry, I'm disappointed. I'm not sure how to make it up to her. Please help I don't want to lose her. I have tried: I've tried apologizing, moving around the situation to make sure she is happy. I think it was caused by: Being too controlling.

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You have apologized and now you need to prove that you actually will change your behavior. Everyone perceives a situation differently. You have stated that you were not angry all the time however she has expressed that she feels that you are angry all the time. Respect her feelings and tell her that you validate her feelings and want to work on what she perceives as anger so that you can react differently. Something as simple is uttering a swear word in a conversation can be seen as anger by someone else. Even though there was no anger in what you may have said she heard or saw something that translated to her as anger. I'm not actually sure if you knew what you apologized to her for, and if you aren't sure, she will know it.

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How to make my girlfriend mood fine?

My girlfriend is angry at me because of chat-room of admins at Facebook, she told me don't go and message but I did and they are insulting my girlfriend, that is why she not talking to me and telling me to go away, please give me suggestions. I have tried: I have tried to talk to her and even I promised her will not do again the things she doesn't like. I think it was caused by: because I did not listen to her and she was insulted by admins

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She feels that you did not stand up for her. However, she needs to realize that going to the admins on Facebook groups only make matters worse. She felt bullied and should have just left the group or reported the situation to Facebook directly.

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To resolve your situation, show her that you do actually have her back in bad situations. Make a list of the times that you have defended or protected her and present the list to her. Tell her that you do in fact have her best interest at heart and want to protect her from all her worries and threats. In the future, if she is being bullied online the best course of action is to report to the authorities and the actual social media app monitors.

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My girlfriend won't join me to watch a movie?

I have a friend here, and she's not responding to me. This is an LDR. I have tried: Asking her to join, obviously. I think it was caused by: I only started dating her today, like an hour ago

Okay, you just started dating. Like literally two seconds ago. Just because she is not hanging on Skype or the phone while you watch a movie with a friend is not the end of the world. In reality, I probably would have told you I would pass on that as well because I would expect you to want to spend one on one quality time with me. No one wants to be the third wheel and she would have been in this situation.

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I always treat my girlfriend very nicely, but she is always irritated at me for every small reason, how to get her back?

I always treat my girlfriend very nice but she is always irritated at me for every small reason. Today when I told her I want equal treatment from you as the way I treat you, she has got real angry and saying she hates me. Actually, I have got quite ill and started to look bad so she now says she isn't physically attracted to me but she loved me for my behavior. What to do? How do I get her back? I have tried: Tried singing for her, sketching her sketches �" everything. We are actually in a log distance relationship, but all she says is she can't wait anymore for me to start looking good and she just wants to leave me.

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Drop her like a lead balloon. If she can't be with you because you have started to look less because of illness, it means this is not a girl that you want in your life. Her loss. Seriously. It may suck at first to be on your own but you deserve someone who loves you for you and not your looks. Not to mention, long distance relationships rarely work unless someone relocates within the first year of the relationship.

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See more questions like this: My girlfriend is very short tempered even on small little things?

How to find if my girlfriend really loves me?

I want to know if my girlfriend really loves me. I have tried: I have tried to love her with all my heart. I think it was caused by: She doesn't give me her Facebook password

Just because she doesn't give you her Facebook password, doesn't mean that she cares less for you. If you think this way than you have insecurities that need to be addressed so you can be in a healthy relationship. Passwords are extremely private and you can't blame her for not wanting to hand it off to you. Also, if you broke up you would have her social media password that is probably also the same password she uses for other websites.

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Tell her you are sorry for basing her love of you on a password. Let her know that you are working on overcoming your insecurities and want to be the man that she deserves.

How to make things work and see if he really loves you?

How would I know if he is really trying to show he cares and loves me

Make a list of things you notice that he does for you. Does he call or text you daily several times? Does he try to spend some of his free time each week with you? Does he monetarily provide for you in any capacity? All of these are signs that someone cares for you. Take notes of what he does do for you. People show their love in different ways. Just because he does not show it the way that you do, does not mean that he does not love you.

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My (female) fiancé is just ignoring my calls?

Why is my female fiancé ignoring my calls? The reason she gives is, she always puts her mobile in silent and I asked why? She says just like that and she replies; it is her habit, what should I do? Is she interested or not? Same thing for texting, replying very late. I have tried: Tried calling and sending emails. I think it was caused by: She is ignoring my phone calls.

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If you are engaged, it may be time to pay a visit to her. If this is a sudden change of behavior then something may be going on with her that she is not telling you. She also may be distancing herself from you but does not know how to tell you that she does not want to get married.

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If you are long distance, sometimes people get fed sitting by the phone or computer waiting to hear from their significant other. It is time for you to both start making plans to get this marriage and living together arranged in a time frame you can both agree to.

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Girlfriend too busy once again, nice couple weeks, others pushes me out makes excuses and our intimacy completely changed two years ago after 7 plus always strong

Middle aged HF Alcoholic girlfriend full time teacher and getting masters degree on line has been has not been a good friend past too weeks simply by too busy now, she has been in masters program since July, yet, things took a huge change when she allowed her ex husband (10 years since divorced) to move in help with boy, bills etc. she says) fine, I did not have much say. Anyway, she doesn't call me like she was, have not seen her in weeks and when I told her I was frustrated when she didn't call me on way home from work as she said she would last Friday and she was unreachable, she claimed she went home, went to sleep. Point is, I tell her how I feel and she always gets defensive, says I am bringing her down or blaming her. Her attitude once again is pushing me away, no empathy, my feelings are an attack on her which is BS. 10 years I have known her and off and on behavior once again ! Excuses, too busy, like he is her friend to talk to now, she never gets jealous or concerned about me, I think she has narcissist behavior

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You need to walk away from the trainwreck of a relationship. She is doing you a huge favor by pushing you away. Take her up on that and run! Alcoholism often promotes self-preservation above all other feelings. Add to that, she needed help with her son so asked her ex-husband to move in with her and not you. This means that she does not see a future with you. Six months from now, you will be happy that you left and better off emotionally.

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We just got a baby girl and now my girl doesn't talk to me anymore?

She has been giving me the silent treatment for 2 weeks and tried asking her what was wrong and she said that she's frustrated. we just moved in a few months ago and she says that this relationship thing is frustrating and when I pressed she doesn't give me detailed answers.

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After having a baby, women have a significant hormonal rollercoaster. She could also be experiencing post partum depression to a degree. Add in the changes of moving and new baby and she is probably overwhelmed. You can help her right now by showing that you are emotionally there for her. In addition, you should also offer to help with the baby or household chores for a bit. Show her that you work best as a team together.

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Distance in our relationship which is increasing day by day, nothing is like before, can I fix this problem?

Suddenly, since a few days ago, my girlfriend has been acting weird in irregular intervals, for example, sometimes she becomes excessively romantic and the next moment she becomes sad and starts ignoring me and saying:- Bye, good night, and all those things and if I ask her the reason she always says that everything is fine nothing has happened. What should I do please help, please, please help. I have tried: I tried to ask her many times that what is wrong or is there anything that I did wrong with her. I many times tried to be cute mostly every time to make her happy. I think it was caused by: I am not sure of what is the cause but dance she said that she lost herself and her confidence and that old girl which she was before but now she is changed I think I text her too much or ask too much time from her side so that we can talk always

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Build up her confidence back. Assure her that you think she is the best thing that ever happened to you. Don't just mention how she looks, instead, compliment her wit and intelligence. If she is working long hours or studying in school, mention how proud you are of her for reaching towards higher life goals.

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My girlfriend left me, she hardly responds to my calls and no longer responds to my messages or talk to me?

What's the problem? My girlfriend is done with me, she hardly responds to my calls and no longer responds to my messages or talk to me. I have tried: Texting her. I think it was caused by: I borrowed money from her and so far I've paid only half, and I told her I will pay her soon, but she just hung up

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Money is one of the top reasons that relationships fail. What did you borrow this money for? This could be one of the reasons that she is done with you if the reason is for personal enjoyment and not a bill. The only thing you can do to try to win her back is to pay her off as soon as possible. She still may not respond to you, but at least you will know that you filled your obligations towards her.

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My girlfriend hates me because her family pressure her to study, by saying: you do nothing in life, that is why she broke up with me?

My girlfriend broke up with me every month or every 15 days because her family pressure to study. Her family always depressed her with if you do not study you do nothing in life. That is why she broke up with me but she loves me so much much she I always said I am happy because you in my life she feel sorry for doing stupid things like breakup but at this time she breakup with me and I do some mistakes I planned her and I chat her my sister phone that I left my home and she cry for me so much but she no this is me after this she said I hate you but she one day I talk her friend her friend send my all messages to her she angry with me and her friend why you doing this no one in world to trust why you trust everyone so quickly she care for me and this day we decide we take time 1 month to decide what we want but I said her one day to kiss de she said stop it and angry and frustrated and after one day she said I don't want time to think I just want separation but I said her I message her 29 and she block me she come to my colony she think I not see her but I saw her and at 28 night she unblock me but I don't mag her and 30 night she block me again and I have my friend fake ID I want to feel jealous to her my friend comment on my photos I love you but she knows my ID she checked and read my messages that her girl is my friend and message me why you doing this I don't care what you doing in life .and after this I message her and she try that I hate her and I leave her alone she is depressed because her family pressure .she send me wrong things I don't love you go to hell and I love my ex more than you that is why after this I also said her go to hell and many bad things but I apologized to her sorry for all that and after some conversation I said I leaving your life but just tell me I you think you should call me or message me don't hesitate and message me she said OK if I think I message you and I just message her she said go don't irritate me otherwise ill block you and I said wait for ill be back in your life she not reply but I just tell I lie you wait for me she said OK ill wait happy now go what I do I love her so much please help me. I have tried: I tried to leave her for 2 to 3 months. I think it was caused by: Because her family pressure that you want job every 2 day her mother or brother remember her to you want to take job

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You and she are on different paths in life right now. This does not mean that you will never end up together. For now, message her that you understand the pressure she feels to study and work. Explain that you will be happy to wait for her to settle into this new life but would like a chance to eventually share her new future with her. That is all that you can do. There is no point in playing games with her emotions to try to make her jealous. Your previous attempts have sorely misfired to disaster. Just be honest with her from now on. Give her emotional supporting text messages but do not expect any back. Send two a day such as one in the morning and before bed.

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I have kissed and hugged after thois she could not speak to me at all even I have ask soory?

I have kissed she laughed later while eating I have kissed one more time later I have catches her body. My situation is very bad how to make her to love me. I have tried: I had told so many times sorry and I gave one time gift. I think it was caused by: Because I have kissed and and catches her body she don'tell anything for me don't reply

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