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Bags are definitely one of women's most passionate addictions. In the world of bags, there are a number of brand names worth checking out. Among the most popular high-end brand names that you hear are Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, and Hermes. Coach is considered a luxury brand as well, although it is comparatively cheaper than the others, but still a lot more expensive than ordinary bags.

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Beware! There are a lot of counterfeit products out there, and logically, their target is to imitate the luxury bags previously mentioned, including Coach. Some of them are such good imitations, that it's often difficult to distinguish a fake bag from an authentic one.

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Keep reading to learn how to recognize a fake ' faux' phony - knockoff of the real thing. Don't get caught purchasing a Coach online, or from an unreliable vendor, thinking you're getting an excellent deal, when in reality, you are being deceived by someone engaging in the illegal business of counterfeiting. Below are some indications your cherished Coach bag might be fake.

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Steps on How to Detect a Fake Coach Bag

Check the Inside of the Bag First

  1. 1
    Look for the Logo
    Logos of authentic Coach bags or purses are found close to the top of the zipper. Logo patches are also made from genuine leather. If you notice the material is synthetic leather or something else, or there is no logo at all, then it is most likely fake.
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    Check on the Coach Creed Patch
    Coach Logo
    This is a patch containing a brief statement about some of the characteristics of the Coach bag, along with the serial number at the bottom part. If this seems to be just stamped or inked, let go of it. It's a fake. Bear in mind, however, that Coach bags manufactured in the 1960s did not have serial numbers. It was only in the 70s that Coach started putting serial numbers in their bags. Therefore, if you are buying a vintage piece dating before the 70s, you cannot judge the authenticity of the product based on the creed patch.
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    Check where the bag was manufactured
    If you see a "Made in China" tag, do not immediately assume it is fake. Some Coach bags are actually made in China, but Coach originated in the USA.
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Checking the Bag from the Outside

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    Be mindful of the CC pattern
    It should always have two vertical and two horizontal C patterns and not just one. Should you just see one, it's fake. A crooked pattern is also a sign that it's not authentic. Authentic Coach bags have patterns that are always perfect in their horizontal and vertical alignment.
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    Check the material
    If the bag being sold to you is made of canvas or any material that looks and feels like synthetic leather, do not buy it. Coach bags are classified under luxury bags mainly because of excellent craftsmanship and materials used. Anything that looks substandard, including the stitching, indicates that it is most likely a fake.
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    Examine the zipper
    The majority of authentic Coach bags have genuine leather zipper pulls. Also, Coach zippers usually bear the letters "YKK" - a known manufacturer of high quality zippers.
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Questions and Answers

How to make sure the coach bag I am going to buy does not have a fake serial number?

If the serial number on the bottom part of the bag seems to be stamped or inked, then it's probably a fake.

See more questions like this: Is my coach bag authentic, B0793-10620 is the serial number on one and the other is A2J-6234?

What is the easiest way to spot a fake coach purse?

To spot a fake Coach, look for the following:

  • The Price - if it's way cheaper than it should be (especially if it's new) it's probably a fake.
  • The Bag Quality - check the seams and stitching. They should be even and clean. A real one has little wear to it. The bag should also be sturdy.
  • The C-Pattern - make sure there are no breaks in the pattern (even in pockets and the seams). If it looks more like a G instead of a C it's fake.
  • Labels - a real one has a serial number inside, usually embossed in leather on a patch, although bags made before 1970 won't have a serial number at all.
  • Dust Bag - authentic bags have the dust bag that comes with the bag. The dust bag is dark chocolate brown with red drawstrings. It also says (in all caps) "COACH EST.1941"
  • Zipper- coach only uses YKK zippers. If yours doesn't use one, it's a fake.
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Is there a pattern or significance to the numbers on a coach creed label?

I just purchased a coach bag on Ebay, and I am trying to authenticate it. What is the best way to do this

On the Coach Creed label, a real Coach bag will start with a letter like "A" for the month and year it was manufactured and have numbers with no spaces between the, and then "-" and possibly an F - which is the factory code following the letter or 4 to 5 numbers without the F after the dash. If there are spaces between the numbers, the bag is not real.

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Is my purse authentic coach purse or not?

It has YKK on zipper but does not have stamp with a serial number

The zippers just have YKK. This VisiHow article will give you more information on how to authenticate your bag, aside from just the zipper.

There is nothing stamped on the inside of my bag.

On the inside of my Coach bag, there is nothing stamped. I also have a wallet with nothing stamped on the inside. On the bag, the coach C pattern lines up. I bought the wallet and bag at a yard sale, with the tags still on them and a Coach card on the inside. Is it real or fake?

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There should be the Coach Creed which is a patch of leather on the inside with the serial code of the bag. If the handles have plastic wrapping on them, the bag is not real.

Is my coach bag real or fake please help?

I bought a coach bag at a goodwill. Paid only $34 I can't tell if it's real. I have tried: Online Q/A and coach web page. I think it was caused by: I don't know

I have gotten real designer bags at Goodwill. You can't depend on the second hand store authenticating your bag but if the markings and other identifiers are as this VisiHow article says they are supposed to be, the bag is real. Celebrate!

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Is there any charge for this service?

Is there any charge because I am retired and unable to pay. I bought a rather large bag at my local goodwill and it smells so good like I know leather should smell. It is heavy leather and the zipper works great. What age could it be? There is a creed inside but no number just says 1941.

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Some older bags just have a four-digit code like 1941. Your bag could, in fact, be real. Especially the dust bags mentioned in this VisiHow article.

Is it real?


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You will most likely be able to tell if it is real by the serial numbers. If it has, for example, D7H45 �" it's a fake. Coach does not put two letters in a sequence.

Hello, I'm trying to determine if this coach bag I bought is real.

I purchased it from a thrift store for 70.00. The serial number is D1361-F23918. Please help!!!

That, most likely is a real bag! The D and F are correctly positioned in the serial sequence.

I have a Coach purse and everything looks authentic except there is no leather logo patch inside the bag. Does that mean it's a fake?

It has YKK on the zipper, the stitching is on point and so are the C designs, but I'm worried about it not having patch logo inside.

Some Coach bags do not have the leather creed inside such as the cross body version Coach bag.

The top inside zipper runs off its tracks and comes off this meant to be like this?

Hi . The zipper that closes my handbag doesn't have anything to stop it from. completely coming off ..when I rezip it.. have to put the end of the zip myself in the actual zipper, seems to to take time and doesn't seem right. is this right. . Thanks Jan. I have tried: Didn't have to try anything...just wondering if the zip coming of f the track is right. I think it was caused by: Think it is meant to be like this but can't verify ..

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No. YE-57-0589 not sure if it is a knock off or real?

Also all hardware has COACH on it

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